Saturday, August 5, 2017

Who Has More of Nothing? ME! #BB19

On Friday, the live feeds were down for over nine hours for the Temptation Competition.  We knew it would be a long one, because everybody played except Josh and Christmas, I think.  The majority side of the house wanted to lower the odds that either Cody or Jessica would win Safety.  They also wanted someone from their group to lose the competition, so that one of the PoV player picks would be held by them, again decreasing the odds for Jessica and Cody.  They wanted the loser of the competition to be a strong player, too, to increase the odds of winning the PoV.

But plans don't always work in the Big Brother house.



So, now Cody is safe, and Jessica is guaranteed to play for PoV.  We will see on Sunday's CBS episode that Jessica threw the competition.  And Paul was already telling people that "they" (Production) wanted Cody to win the competition.  Sure Paul, whatever you say.  The competition is the "haunted house" competition from BBOTT, as suspected, but this time the players had to gather some sort of "letters" and put them in a box to win.

Nominations needed to be made quickly, so that Production could start collecting footage for the Sunday night episode----they have A LOT of editing to do and need to get it done quickly.  Josh planned to nominate Mark and Elena, and everyone scurried around trying to have meetings to prepare for this event (Josh) or to try and stop it from happening (Paul).

Josh called Elena up to the HoH to meet with her, and this was a Shit Show from the very start.  Elena knew this was a Big Moment, so she dramatically removed her denim jacket so that Josh would remember that she has huge knockers.

Josh:  You look very nice tonight Elena.

(We all see your tits, hon.  We all know.)

Elena jumped right into it, saying she is aware that she is going up as a pawn.  She has a tone, and an attitude, and appears to be using the Scolding Technique with Josh.

Josh:  You are a strong competitor, mentally and physically, so we need you to play for PoV.

Elena's not buying that, and says over and over and over that Josh's stated reasons for nominating her don't add up, but she's happy to be a team player, of course.

Elena: I think you want me to prove that I'm not working with Jessica and Cody, but logically if you think I am the best competitor in here, you are wrong. According to the math, I have not competed the best.

At some point Elena said that both Paul and Alex are better at comps than she is, and Josh says let's get Paul up here to talk, then.

For some reason Elena put her jacket back on, and continues to badger Josh in a very annoying, shrill tone of voice.

Elena:  I quit my job to come here!  I want to work in entertainment!

Josh:  I was a pawn, too, but I had complete trust when Paul asked me to do it, and hopefully I had the votes.

Elena: You just said hopefully...

Josh tried to speak, but Elena rudely cut him off.

Elena:  I am going home to NOTHING!  Me being here is EXPOSURE!  Hopefully someone will see me on here and want to hire me!

(Elena honey, there are poles in every strip club in Dallas where your talents and your makeup skills will be much appreciated.)

Elena:  But if you nominate me, I will handle it with grace and tact.   Is this YOUR HoH Josh?  Or is it Paul's?

Josh:  Elena, it will be either you or Paul up there as a pawn.  Let's go get him up here to talk.

Clearly the BBAD viewers think Paul is running Josh's HoH, from the results of Orwell's poll.  But they would be very wrong, because Paul is not aware of Josh's plan to give Elena the boot this week.   If there are still three people on the block for eviction, there will be eight voters, with Josh breaking the tie if necessary.



So that should be enough.  But of course Thursday's live show is at least a month away, in BB time.

This scene went on and on and on.  I pity the poor Production employee who had to log the details of this conversation, because Elena was a DAMN SHREW.  And her goal should be to sweet talk Josh out of nominating her, or to start working for votes if she is on the block.  Instead, she became someone who is virtually INTOLERABLE.  This will be a very long week for all of us.

I actually liked Elena, but you really learn about people when you see them in a stressful situation (or when they hold power).  Elena can just take her tits and leave as far as I'm concerned.  Mark certainly has his flaws, but Elena is not good enough for him.  Elena can just take a damn seat on the block and stay there, if you poll me about it.

Josh called Paul into the room and Paul was very interested in snacking on whatever small food items are stored on top of that credenza.  Was it nuts?  Sour Patch Kids?  M & M's?

Suddenly it was time for the Nomination Ceremony, and BBAD switched over to an old CBS episode, and then house guest intro videos were shown for a bit.  So it was a long nomination ceremony.

When BBAD finally returned, we saw Elena going through her same sad "no job, no entertainment career" routine with Paul.  Paul is assuring her that she is safe this week, and that she's just a pawn.

(I really, really, REALLY hope this week's action BLINDSIDES Paul as well as Elena.  Because I think there are a few house guests who will target him or work with someone who will.)

And Jessica WENT OFF on Josh, even though she wasn't nominated by Josh---she was already on the block!  And she already gets to play in the PoV because she lost the Temptation Competition.  I guess she was mad about Elena and Mark going on the block, but she also brought up Josh taunting her during the HoH competition on the anniversary of her father's death.

Josh was admirable tonight, staying cool under pressure with Elena, and now Jessica.  Kevin tried to jump in and help, but Jessica wasn't ready to calm down.

And in the HoH, Raven started going off on a TANGENT about Jessica and her shitty attitude.  It sounds like Jessica interrupted Josh's nomination speech, which could explain why it took so long to film.

How DARE Jessica call Raven weak or complain about anything, really, after everything that Raven Walton has been through.

The cameras closed in on Jason's face as Raven recited a litany of reasons why she is the biggest loser here, not Jessica.  Believe it or not, here are Raven's bold statements.  Brace yourself, readers.

*  You said I hid the cat ears, but guess who's Mama was in the hospital having surgery and could die?  ME!
*   Guess who's cousin shot himself?  ME!
*   Guess who's aunt passed away from cancer?  ME!
*   Guess who's uncle passed away form cancer? ME!
*   Guess who's Grandma might not freakin' remember me when we get out?  ME!
*   So if you want to go there and play the Sympathy Card, we can do that.

Jason just wants to MAKE IT STOP.

And Christmas and Matt had a front row seat for Raven's performance, too.  Is Matt ashamed of himself yet?

And FYI, Paul has been mocking some sex noises that apparently someone heard Cody make....some sort of gurgling noises.  And the entire group laughs about it, including Raven and Matt, who regularly participate in BJ's in the bed next to Cody and Jessica.  I tweeted some disgusting footage the other day of Raven clearly going to town on Matt but you'll have to find that on Twitter.  The info here is nasty enough, I think.  Big Brother is a family show, ya'll.

(But one more nasty tidbit, while we're here:  Apparently Jessica grabbed Cody's dick during the live show, and Production called her out for it.  This didn't happen when the house guests were on live camera shots, but it could have....)

I'll just say it....I think Raven might be in for a rougher post-season ride than Danielle Murphree.  And for those of you who experienced BB14,  you know how bad that was.   I'm gong to catch a buzz later on and watch that Raven performance again and laugh my ass off.  If they can't show that on the CBS show, it needs to go on the finale party blooper gag reel, along with Jessica's dick grab.


The house guests were locked in the HoH room as usual to await the big non-event of the Have Not nominations.  Usually the slop bucket is overflowing with the sludgy mess, but not today.

Mark has already been a Have Not for three weeks of the season, and just finished a two-week run at midnight.  He begged Josh not to make him a Have Not this week, but after he left the room Josh laughed and said he would be happy to send Mark right back to the Have Not room.

But it turned out there will be no Have Nots this week, only Elena who lost her Have Not gamble last week.  She'll be all alone in there.  I honestly think Production was worried for Mark's health, and everyone else's safety.

And check out how fly Kevin is back there.  I have some topics to discuss about him but I don't have time today.  Maybe tomorrow, Kevin.

Josh was disappointed.  He wanted to send Mark and Jessica to the Have Not room, and maybe Matt who agreed in advance to go so he can do some spying on the Have Not conversations.  Josh knows that Cody doesn't mind eating slop, but he knows that Jessica hates it.

Elena got humped in a Matt - Jessica sandwich to celebrate.  Jessica is very happy to be free this week.

Everyone wants to know what is covered up with electrical tape on Cody's dog tags.  Is it his address?  His social security number?  If you know, please tell us.

This will be controversial, but I think Raven looks better here than she does all made up.

Mark enjoyed a nice long hot shower in the HoH room, and used the nail clipper for what seemed like HOURS.

Someone on Reddit found some of Mark's pre-and post workout pictures.  What a transformation!

I've heard Mark talk about being in bodybuilding competitions---I think the picture on the right is when he must have been "cutting up" right before an event.


On Friday morning the group was still rehashing details from the live show.  Sometimes it takes them a few days to process everything that happened, and they often need help remembering just who said what, and when.  I've heard house guests say that they don't remember what they said to Julie, because they were in a semi-blackout state due to the stress.

Jason heard Josh give "Shannon" a shout out at the end of the show, after he won HoH.  If you don't know, "the Shannon" is what Jason calls his little dance move he does where he rolls his torso around, usually after getting picked to play the PoV or some other momentous game moment.  I'm guessing Whistle-Nut does "the Shannon" frequently in his act, too.  Jason explained one time that he learned that move from a girl who used to work in the JC Penney hair salon with his wife Holly.  It was Shannon's signature dance move so Jason likes to give her credit for it.

Josh:  I don't know if anyone heard it, because Julie started talking to us.

Jason:  Well, I heard it!  And I'll bet Shannon will hear it too.  That girl is borderline batshit crazy...

(Paging Robyn Kass......sounds like there are more where Jason came from....)

Jason used to have a "bullriding vest" that had a sticker on the shoulder that said "Fuck You, You Fuckin' Fuck".  The jacket was made of denim with brown leather in the "protective areas".

Jason:  That jacket was badass, but someone either stole it out of my truck, or maybe it blew out of the window somewhere.

Jason said he had a lasso rope that he liked to use, but it was stolen and replaced with a "grass rope" lasso.  The grass rope lasso was actually more expensive than the one he had been using, which had broken in some spots that Jason had "built up" with some sort of epoxy and other materials that I can't even begin to recall.

Jessica: Jason, I don't even know what you're talking about half the time, but it all sounds great.

The house guests often talk about visiting Jason in Iowa.  Jessica says she can't wait to meet Holly, Jason's wife.

Jessica: Is she a bad ass?

Jason:  Yeah, she's a bad ass.  People just talk to her, not me half the time, because she's the one who knows what is going on.


Jason:  When ya'll come and visit, you'll be driving and say "when are we getting there", and I'll say, "we are there, in Iowa".

Jason had a gig lined up earlier this year in a neighboring town that was expecting a lot of visitors for the weekend due to some event.  He has a friend that does barbecue, so they planned to set up a barbecue tent in an open lot and also have his inlaw's family band set up on a stage to play.  (the "Rumbley Brothers" maybe?).   Jason was going to bring Ole and give rides to the kids and let them take pictures with Whistle-Nut and the guys would split the money earned.

But then the town found out that Whistle-Nut was coming, so they made it into a huge event for him as a special guest, and even made a huge paper mache bust of Ole's head to decorate Main Street.   Jason didn't sound thrilled about all of this.

Kevin:  What, you came here instead of going?

Jason:  No, I went.  But we ended up not making anything, because we didn't get to sell food and stuff.

Christmas indicated that if Jason was working with "her people" they could have negotiated a flat fee for his appearance.  Jason thinks those type of events are all in the past for him....they got him this far but from now on he will optimize his earnings potential.

Ole is 11 years old, and Jason thinks they have five more "good years" together on the circuit, "if he's lucky".  He knows another clown who works with monkeys and dogs, but he is constantly acquiring and training new monkeys and dogs so that his act can go on indefinitely.

(I would like to know how Ole communicates with Jason.  For example, when I come home after being away for a few hours, my dog acts like I just came home from the war, jumping and kissing, barely able to contain herself.  Does a bull greet you like that?  Does a bull give you kisses and enjoy having his ears scratched?  If I was in the house, I would make it my business to know all of this and more.)

Jason also said some people are "scotch as fuck", which apparently means they don't want to pay you after you complete your end of the bargain.  Maybe Scottish people will be offended by that----I have no idea, really.

Someone asked Jason what size his hat is and he said it was a size 7.  I think Cody was surprised that it wasn't bigger, and Christmas made a comment about the size of Jason's penis being the same as his hat.

Christmas:  I have a good dick-dar most of the time. I've been wrong though a few times, and said, maybe we can hang out after all.

(I'm guessing Christmas just took her medication, because she made a few comments that might have gotten her slapped by Holly outside the house.  Just saying.)

Jason was jumping around like a madman and Alex asked him if he just ate sugar.

Jason: I think it was the Coca-Cola!

Christmas has kind of fallen off the radar around there.  I think everyone just assumes they can take her out of the game whenever they get a chance.  She always makes comments about wanting everyone to know that she can still compete at a high level.   This is always on her mind when she is cleared now to participate in a competition.

I thought this was a bad idea, reminding the other house guests that she can be a physical threat, but I figured out that she is really talking about her Instagram followers.  She wants her fan base to know that Christmas Abbot is still a badass, because that is her bread and butter at home. I've heard her say that she is trying to set herself up with "passive income" so that she can take time off when the timing is right to have a baby.  (If you don't know, this would be income from book sales, or nutritional supplements----basically any income that you don't have to actively work for, like investment income, rental income, etc.)

Someone on Reddit was reading some sort of old article online about Big Brother, and saw an ad for Christmas's diet plan.  I don't know what this "weird old trick" is, but I heard Christmas describe her typical breakfast just last week.  She likes to have two eggs, half an apple and some peanut butter, which is exactly what you see in the advertisement below.

Why can't my blog get a Christmas Abbot pop-up ad, dammit?  My readers want to know how to cut down on belly fat, right?  I feel shunned right now, to be honest.

FYI, if you click on her ad and buy something, that is passive income for Christmas.  Posters on Reddit say that her diet is just like the Zone Diet, but if it works, it works.  (The Zone Diet is the one that Jennifer Anniston was on when everyone was freaking out about how skinny she was, back in her Friends days.)  The South Beach Diet is just like The Zone, tooo.  And the Atkins diet is just like the Keto Diet.


Allison tried to tell us what was up in that house in the hours leading up to the live feed kickoff, way back in June, which was at least two years ago.

Allison Grodner has been doing this Big Brother thing almost as long as I have, so she knew that these story lines would be captivating.  This is when I broke up with Matt, if you really want to know.  His stock plummeted when I saw Raven clawing at his chest like that, and I knew that Allison was trying to signal something.  Something like disgust, probably.  Cody certainly looks disgusted here.


  1. If those are his Marine Corps dog tags, they are likely taped over because Marine Corps tags include the Social Security number. They also include gas mask size and blood type. The information carried on dog tags varies from branch to branch.

    More on dog tags in the United States military here:

  2. Now that pot is legal in Cali, could that be why they are all wearing sun glasses and why Mark took hours using the nail clipper?

    1. No, because I heard them all talk about going to Paul's house to toke up before the Finale.

      I think Paul and Christmas might be the biggest potheads in the house, but it takes one to know one. Elena's dad is a big pot smoker, too, believe it or not.

  3. my parents, who were of a generation that is just about extinct, talked about the Scotch aspect of being cheap and or not wanting to pay what they owed. So, if anything, it is an old stereotype that has more life in it than I would have realized. Mark, Mark, Mark.... he is really something, I just find him mesmerizing, of course not as a BB player, but otherwise, hot damn. and I thank you again, Feed watcher for such a great recap.

    1. Thank you Dusty, for your years of loyal readership.

      We have seen meany meatheads over the years, but Mark is a new breed....

  4. OMG, you have to go to #BB19, Aug 4th, look for a tweet fm BBMyri...Who posted from Reddit a color spreadsheet someone created, tracking Matt's shirts by day--morning, afternoon, night--since feeds started. Hilarious!

  5. Dog tags include name, social security #, date of birth, and blood type. I was in the military.

    1. I guess it makes sense to cover all of that up, then.

      Thank you for your service.

  6. I've also known military people who taped their dog tags to keep them from clinking together and making noise. They would be pretty loud with the mic right there.

  7. I agree with taping them because of the mic and personal info.
    I was also listening to a podcast that found an article that had done some digging on Cody's background. The article mentioned that Cody's brother died in combat and that it's possible the dog tags are his brothers.
    Feedwatcher, what's your twitter handle?

  8. "Does a bull give you kisses and enjoy having his ears scratched?"

    I grew up with cattle, and some of them really liked being scratched between the horns, not so much behind the ears. Other good scratching places on cattle is the tail head and their necks. Some would even rest their head on my shoulder while I scratched their neck.

  9. Welo, I'll claw at my husband's chest,but not in public, and in a teasing kind of way. We have our things we do like that.

    Jason seems oike a nice guy. But the whole rhodeo thing... I read an article that explains that to get thebull to bounce and all, the saddle has to be tied to its balls and it squeezes them. That kihd of puts me off. Then again, I eat meat. So I guess that makes me a hypocrite. Hypocrites aren't we all. Though some of us own up to it, some people in that house (name is a bird's species) does not. Good on Cody for winning, take them out Cody, take Paul out!

  10. Nothing is tied around the balls. Ever.

  11. Hey, are you THE Frank who is taking care of Ole?


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