Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What Happens in the House, Stays on the Internet. Forever. #BB19

OK, Christmas has been the HoH for at least five months now, and Mark and Matt are on the block for eviction this Thursday.  From the moment Mark's butt sat down in the nomination chair during Monday's PoV ceremony, it has been widely understood that he will be leaving the house to join the Jury this weekend.

Production saw this boring situation coming down the tracks and implemented the Tree of Temptation in hopes of stirring up some drama, but that's been a bust, since only Mark has felt the need to pluck an apple from the tree.  And that apple wasn't one that could save him, like a 2nd PoV or the ability to kill two eviction votes.

Everyone is bored to tears in that house, and many of the fans aren't far behind.  I can usually find something that interests me in the house, but it all depends on who is left in the house to watch.  Sometimes that is what kills the pleasure for me---whether it's losing a house guest that I like watching, or keeping a house guest that I loathe watching.

On Tuesday, the house guests were herded inside the house to be locked down for the next series of competitions.  This signals an elaborate HoH competition set, which might be an endurance.  The camera lingered on the closed shade over the sliding door, so I waited to see something juicy, but nothing juicy happened.  (In the past there have been camera leaks where we see the crew scurry around, but not today.)

And the cupboards are bare already, several days ahead of the usual storage replenishment schedule.  Jason wanted to make a sandwich, and make some pickled eggs, but they had none on hand to work with.  This caused some bitching and moaning about Production's shopping methods.  They wish that they could just get one of those big boxes with hundreds of eggs in it.

Jason:  If they did that, I don't think anyone would complain!

(Oh yes they would....)

Jason is having to eat Triscuits and cottage cheese, because he can't find anything else to eat. Kevin wanted to make some egg sandwiches, but Jason delivered the bad news.

Triscuits are one of my favorite snacks, actually.  I used to eat them for dinner sometimes with some sharp cheddar cheese and a glass of red wine.  But since I gave up all dairy products I usually just eat them with hummus.  If you get the reduced-fat variety you can even have 15 or so crackers with a quarter cup of hummus for under 300 calories, so it's a good lunch, too.

Crunchy and salty snacks are the ones I go for just about every time.

There was another Big Brother player who liked to dip her Triscuits in cottage cheese, too.  This particular BB17 post also features some prime Audrey drama, sprinkled with some Austin annoyance, as well.  BB17 was such a good season, full of memorable yet maddening characters.

I don't know what this was all about, but we don't see too many extreme Matt closeups unless he is licking his lips or touching his mustache.

On BBAD the inmates were getting punchy already, with two more days inside to get through before beginning the next phase of the game.  These two are unavoidable in that house---you either see them or hear them just about every moment of the day that they are locked inside.

I realize that I tell a lot of Jason and Kevin stories here, but they are the ones who have interesting stories to tell us, which is a clear result of their age and experience.  But Raven NEVER tells any interesting personal stories unless they are boasts of how sick or damaged her body is, the horrible misfortunes of her various relatives, and also stories that are clearly false (such as being groomed for the US Olympics Team).  It all seems like a big act, with each situation demanding a different sort of accent.

I know there are people out there online who have posted evidence of how Raven has directly imitated others right in front of them.  I'm not even sure she realizes how inauthentic she is.  I've never even heard one true-sounding anecdote about what she did in high school, or even college. I've heard her mention her best friend "Christian" but that's about it.  Everything is always "ME ME ME ME ME".

And her clothes are so tight now that I don't know how she can move around freely.  She gains her weight in the right places, though, I'll give her that.  If I gain five pounds it goes straight to my belly, so that is why I have to keep a tight lid on my calorie intake.

For a few days now, Paul has been talking about the skin inside his mouth, and what might be wrong with it, because it is not healing and is somewhat rough and scaley.  Josh told him that he had a "dirty stomach", and he repeats that same comment now.  Christmas told Paul that he has been eating too much crap, and needs to eat clean for a few days to clear it up, but apparently that is not happening.

Paul is rather manic about it, showing everyone and asking if he might have cancer.  Kevin noticed the tattoo inside Paul's mouth, which apparently says "K love" or something like that. Paul has also had an infected nose ring for weeks now, so maybe he's just dirty.  Or wiping his face with the bath towels that Matt folded ON THE FLOOR.

Kevin tossed something to Paul and he caught it.  That's cause for celebration at this point, apparently.  I saw Paul act so rudely towards Kevin yesterday that it made my heart hurt, and can never forgive Paul for it.  There was a group in the Lounge telling stories (after Kevin's prison story) and Paul was telling one of his very loud, long stories about how he and "his boys" were in Europe or something.  Alex came in the room and Kevin started asking her if she heard the morning wakeup song and what she thought about it.  It was The Door's "LA Woman" and Kevin thought Alex probably liked it, since she lives in LA.

I guess Paul stopped talking abruptly, and then said in a VERY HARSH tone:  Well Kevin, I'm not just going to talk over you.

There was uncomfortable silence.  And tension.  And then I think Kevin made some apologetic noises and Paul launched back into his stupid story that involved how tough and cool Paul is.  Kevin made comments at the end of the story to indicate he understood the story, but I could tell he would rather have told Paul to shut the fuck up, or get up and leave the room.  It was very mean and inappropriate of Paul, not to mention disrespectful and cruel.

They all discussed Cody, and Jason did an imitation of Cody that involved slamming things around the kitchen and then storming off to the Have Not room, with his jaw set in a very Cody-like way.  Everyone complemented Jason on his portrayal before launching into a group discussion of the authenticity of the Jody Showmance, which they don't have high hopes for at this point.

Jason:  She'll probably bring her new boyfriend to the party after the show ends.

Josh:  No, I think she'll entertain it for a few months after we leave here.

Matt:  I think Jessica's friends were like, "WHAT" about her dating him.

(Matt's friends used to say the same thing about him.  I am phrasing it that way because he might not have those friends anymore.  Just a guess.)

In the middle of the Cody-bashing, Mark walked in the kitchen and miserably got some slop to eat.  He's going to the Jury to meet Cody, but no one seemed to think about that, nor the very strong possibility that Cody, Elena and Mark may vote in a block to award the Big Prize to somebody.

Josh and Mark arm-wrestled, but they had to call Josh out before they even started because of his stance, which was not regulation.

Mark grinned during the battle, and Josh grimaced, rubbing his arm after it slammed down on the kitchen counter.

It's not a public shaming to lose to Big Mark though.  It's almost worthy of a prize for just trying, actually.  I mean, look at those guns.

Christmas got up early for a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, and was finally rewarded with a boot that unbuckles in two places, I think.  She can take it off briefly twice each day for showering and other activities, but she has to sleep in it.

It is much lighter and she says she feels free, wearing it, so I guess it's all relative.  It's the next step in her recovery, and from what she's said, she's right on track.

Matt is apparently known for his sports trivia, and Alex tried to stump him by asking who the third string quarterback for some team was.  Matt knew the name immediately and everyone was impressed.

Paul: How do you know so much about sports, dude?

Matt:  I told's what I do.  Sixty percent of my life I'm just watching sports.

Matt:  Let me put it this way....I had seven Fantasy Football teams last year, so I keep pretty close track on things.  The NFL Draft is my favorite day----I watch every minute of it, all day long.  I follow college sports, and then keep watching the players on the pro teams so I know all about them.

Matt has a friend who knows more than he does though.  You can just point at any pro football player and his friend can name the college they went to.  It's amazing, he says.  Paul wondered if Matt could get a job that would leverage some of Matt's skills, but Matt didn't seem to care much about that.

(How did Matt get so muscular, if he watches sports so much?  And eats crap constantly the way he does?  And I rarely see Matt work out AT ALL, and only then just for one short exercise, like tricep dips on the furniture or something.)

And Alex might be getting too comfortable in there.

Alex:  Has Jessica watched Big Brother before?  If so, she should have known were are all going to BAMBOOZLE her with the vote to evict Ramses!  That's Big Brother, dude!

The cameras quickly flashed to the the faces sitting there listening, slack jawed at Alex's glee over blindsiding Jessica.  It's certainly okay for Alex to feel that way, but crowing about it when you're already viewed as a threat is not a good idea.  But we all know Alex has A LOT of growing up to do, don't we?

Jason thinks this tattoo is Asian for "life", apparently.  He got it after Holly's father died.  Holly's brother is one of Jason's best friends and was very upset about his father, so Jason went on a road trip with him as part of the grieving process.

Jason:  I was with him and he got a tattoo, so I got one too, right off the wall.  I told the guy that if it didn't say life, I was going to come back and kick his ass.

Alex:  That's not life, dude.  It's not even Asian characters.  What did Holly say when you came home with that on your arm?

Jason:  I don't know.  We probably just had sex.  Obviously I'm not a big thinker when it comes to getting body ink.

(But why not just a damn horseshoe then?  Or a bull's head with horns?  Or a damn bale of hay, or a cowboy boot?  Anything but something unknown?)

Paul gave Christmas a shoulder rub, and she got in trouble with Production for talking about her Diary Room session.  She said she had problems in there because she had "marble mouth".

We all know Kevin well enough to know when he's not happy, right?  Right after we saw this, Kevin went back to the bedroom alone and got into his bed, with a real 'tude.

Yep, Kevin had a 'tude.  It was obvious.

Before getting rebuked by Production, Christmas mentions how she was taught to answer questions "in there", by pausing and parroting back the question before answering it.

For example, "How do you feel about winning HoH this week?"  "How do I feel about winning HoH this week?  I feel great!"

As soon as Kevin got in bed, Mark appeared and asked Kevin to put his microphone back on so that they could talk.  Mark did not want Production to ask Kevin to put on his mic....he obviously had a private conversation in mind, and wanted Kevin's vote to stay this week.

Kevin:  If Jason and Alex will vote for you, I will too.  I can't stand two of the people out there.

Mark:  Matt and Raven?

Kevin:  I can't even stay out there with them there.  I want them out of here so bad I can barely stand it.

Kevin agrees to "put in a good word with Alex" (Yeah, like that will help.) and Mark says he is going to work on getting Josh's vote too, thanking Kevin as he leaves the room.

(Mark needs four votes to stay, and that is at least two votes too many, as far as possibilities go.)

Kevin thinks if they were allowed to listen to some music, they would have a little more pep.  He doesn't understand who in the world would want to watch this.

Kevin:  What do people do, pay for it?

Mark:  They sign up to watch monthly.  I don't think many people watch in September though.

Kevin:  I wouldn't watch this, unless I knew somebody.

(Kevin, we all know YOU.  We know ALL of you.  You just don't know us, that's all.)

Kevin wondered if Alex knows about what Paul was talking about, that there will be a special Sunday eviction.  Alex said she just binges the seasons online, so she doesn't know what days things took place.

A few minutes later you can see the pain on Kevin's face as Raven's shrieking pierces the air, followed by Matt's inhuman high-pitched guffawing.  It's inescapable anywhere in the downstairs area.

But I don't think any of us can complain, considering what the poor crew members assigned to Raven and Matt have had to endure for over 60 days.  We only see four camera views, but they see dozens and dozens of camera screens in the control room, and some poor slobs have to watch them for their entire work shift, logging their activities and conversations.

This is a very Robert DeNiro look to me.

The camera crew shows us where all of the noise originates....

Kevin:  Why does everyone keep saying Dominique gave me my scarf?  Jason gave it to me.

Mark wondered if Dominique ever did her final "show" the week she left the house.  Kevin said he wasn't sure, but she did ask him to help with it.

Kevin:  She never thanked me for appearing on it.  Not once.  I never even talked to her in here, really only the times she was talking on her show.

Mark said she told him she had a job that required government clearance, they never discussed it further.  Mark has a training client who wanted to apply with the FBI who told him about that stuff, so he just thought Dominique was in the process of applying for a job with the government.

Alex: Yeah.  Because how would the government let her be here if her job was so important?  My job gave me shit about being here.....

(I think Alex had to agree to never name the Company, so they could avoid being linked to any bad publicity, which is very smart of them.)

Alex was ranting about how the house is almost out of toilet paper, and they are getting to a crisis point.  She says she has asked them about it six times in the DR, and thinks they all need to start making an issue out of it.

I noticed that the CBS episodes often have to subtitle what Alex says, because she is such a mush mouth.  They did that on the very first episode, I think.  So maybe the crew just blocks it out like white noise.

Alex came over and they low-talked about Mark making a pitch to her for her vote this week.  He made some good arguments, but Alex is not buying it, of course.  Paul would not allow that.

Then Paul shows up to monitor what it is the two of them are talking about, so they share Mark's pleas with them and it's so funny for Paul to hear.

Paul:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  That Mark.  Ha ha ha ha ha.

Mark met Alex in the Lounge to talk, and Jason joined them after he got out of the shower.  It was a calm, reasonable meeting that allowed everyone to speak and state their case without raising their voices or hurling insults.

Mark:  I've never lied to you, have I Alex?  And we just named four people who have said how strong you and Jason are, so you know they're gonna come after you.  If Matt or Raven win HoH, do you think they're gonna go after Christmas and Josh?

(Notice how NO ONE ever says PAUL.  God damn.)

Alex: I don't think Matt and Raven really want to win though.

Mark: You don't think so?  Raven tried hard to win that last competition.

Alex:  I hope not.

Jason:  They're more annoying, but they're better for our games.

Mark:  But if I'm still be here, I'm always going to be the bigger target.

Alex:  We think the next comp is endurance, though, and we're going to crush it. But if one of us walks into Jury next week, you can go ahead and fucking punch us in the face.

Mark wished them the best of luck, and said he understood, and if they really think it's best for their games, than he accepts it.

Mark: I really thought this season would be so different for me.  That first four weeks was just relaxing, but the last four weeks, when I've had to win every week to stay here, that is what I came to Big Brother for.

Mark said everything would have been different if Cody didn't go fucking crazy when he was the first HoH.  And then Dominique lost her shit, Mark says, and if Jessica didn't have that Halting Hex, Jessica and Cody might have walked out of the house together.

AND:  Jason said he doesn't think Christmas really got that question right, the one that won her HoH last week.  What he was getting at was she didn't really win, because Paul threw it to her.  But I think Jason could show Alex Paul's DR session mocking Christmas while throwing the comp and Alex still wouldn't believe anything negative about Paul.

Alex drank ALL the Kool Aid.  She's like a regular Susan Atkins in there.  She's even wearing all black, like Charlie ordered her to.  They're going for a ride in the canyon tonight, after supper.  Bring your knife, Sadie.

And if you don''t know that reference, you should know.  And you have too much to learn to be spending so much time trolling Big Brother websites.  Awareness is the first step to avoidance.  I just made that up, but I swear it's true.

Kevin had a talk with Paul, trying to pin the tail on Matt this week.  We already know that Paul will listen while Kevin talks, while soundly mocking Kevin later, twisting Kevin's motives into a grotesque shape and color.

Kevin: You think I wouldn't want a girlfriend in here?  To be kissing and hugging all the time, to get through the days?  And here they are right up in everybody's face, all the time!   And they're always eating, and making noise.

Paul:  That can't be real, right?

Kevin:  I don't want to say nothin' here on camera, but I don't think any of the shit she says about being sick is real.  She's the healthiest sick person I know!

Paul:  It's just so bizarre.

Kevin:  And with the other two, at least they were both horny motherfuckers (ie: Jody).  Do you ever see them talk to Alex and Jason?  Or do you ever see them talk to the others?  I've talked to Cameron more than I've talked with Matt, and he's been here 63 days.  Sometimes he'll say "are you going outside to work out?" and I'll say yeah.  But no questions about my family, or even "Hi how are you?".  And never about the game.  But he talks game to you, right?

Paul, hesitating: No.

Kevin:  I thought Jason said that he was in the room one time when you talked to them.

Paul:  But that was weeks ago.  Not lately.


Paul couldn't wait to go tell Matt that Kevin is trash-talking him.  Matt gets a big god-damned chortle about it.  It's a real knee slapper, and Raven is hooting and hollering over there, too.

Oh, that Kevin is just so old and ridiculous.  And weird too, right Paul?


We see Raven getting ready for bed and she can't help noticing that the camera is watching her.


And the camera is still on them as they turn out the light and Raven situates herself.

We all know where this is headed.  We're on the Highway to Hell tonight folks, and it's going to be Helter Skelter when we get there.

In the Lounge Jason tells the group that he would like a good "butt massage" right about now.  Christmas says she can help him, and asks him to turn over as she wheels across the room.

Christmas:  Don't worry.  I'm not gonna do anything inappropriate.....not gonna touch you.

Well, her knees did all the work, kneading Jason's buns as the crowd went wild.

Jason:  This is AMAZING.

Paul: Now, didn't we learn a lesson about this?  Christmas riding you?

Jason: I don't know how she's doing butt is pretty small but she's got it all covered.

(I used to walk on my boyfriend's back for him....the one who was Big Mark's size.  It takes some balance if you can't put your hand on the wall.  )

Someone asked if Jason was getting excited, and Jason said no, but that could happen in a short while.  That was Christmas' cue to climb off, the ride was over.

Jason: Thanks Christmas.  I may come up and see you tonight.

Christmas:  Nope.  Door locked.

(Relax.  Jason is KIDDING.)

Paul wondered if Jason's jeans were the ones that were starched.  Jason said they used to be, but they've been washed a few times.

Paul:  You have more though, right?

Jason:  Yep.  I have two more starched pairs to wear for special occasions.  Like if me and Paul decide to go out on a date, or if we need to go to Josh's funeral.

Josh:  Hey. I'm right here.

We see a shot of Kevin, stewing alone in his bed, the weight of the entire sound stage on his shoulders.  He knows that civilization, with music, dancing, and good conversation are right there over the outside wall.  Not to mention his daughter's apartment.  So close yet so far.

Just like being in prison.

Then the cameras shift over to the scene in the Rose Room.  And there is action there.  Action we can see and hear.

And the camera flickers back between the bedroom and this screen several times, landing on the We'll Be Right Back screen for at least 10 seconds.

I realized they were doing this so we would hear it, because we could hear the audio to the scene we were not allowed to watch. Matt and Raven are having sex right there on live TV, on an expanded basic cable channel, on a program that has aired live three hours every night for almost 60 days.

And when I say sex, I mean intercourse.  Baby-making motions.  Just to be clear.  It's all considered sex, but I know some of you kids have learned semantics to create loopholes.  We can thank President Bill Clinton for that one, I know.  Even Bill would agree about my assessment.  Raven is from Arkansas, too, you know.

Also, within 10 minutes, after BBAD concluded, Matt was out of bed, hanging out with the guys as if nothing special had happened.  And nothing did.  It was business as usual for Matthew John Clines.

Kevin straps on his scarf.  The scarf that Dominique had NOTHING to do with.

I predict that MANY crew members will clamor to have a drink with Kevin when the season is over, telling him they've enjoyed hearing what he's had to say this summer.  And they will tell him a few secrets that Kevin may never tell.  Unless you have the privilege of sitting next to him on a bar stool in Boston.


Well, I'm not gonna lie----I'm glad when Paul starts talking shit about some house guests other than Jason and Kevin.  We've heard him slander the two of them (Kevin, anyway) for a few weeks now, trying to put the crosshairs on both of them.  So I was pleased to tune into a conversation between Paul and Christmas where they vented together about Raven.  It was the first time Christmas had done this with Paul, so she even said she felt bad about the conversation, but she thoroughly enjoyed it, too.

A few highlights:

*  Raven just takes Paul's comb out of his drawer and uses it every day without permission.

*  Christmas knows that Raven has been using her highlighter, because it was brand new when Christmas came in the house and there is a big indention in the middle.  When you see Raven with sparkly white powder on her cheekbones, that is Christmas's highlighter. Paul commented that Raven wears it on her nose, too, prompting Christmas to say that the proper technique is not being used.  (No shit. That is why the Zingbot called Raven a clown.)

*  The purple lipstick that Raven wears really belongs to Christmas.  She doesn't dare wear it in the house now, because people watching will think she is borrowing Raven's cosmetics.  Paul is floored that the lipstick belongs to Christmas.  (I am, too.)

*  They discuss how Raven says her family doesn't work, and they go through the list of family members who Raven says "does nothing". After they mention her mother, we get a quick FISH before returning.  (I wonder if her mother withdrew her consent to be discussed on the show? This wouldn't shock me, after how quickly Raven's backstory imploded in the early weeks of the game.)

*  Christmas thinks she is a compulsive liar, because she always makes comments she can't back up.  Like she said the artist on Christmas' CD is her favorite, but she couldn't describe what kind of music it is to someone who asked.

*  Paul has seen her fake lip-syncing to songs and looking around to see if anyone is watching.  Christmas says it is some pretty bad lip syncing, too.

*  Paul commented that she always says she has done choreography for certain songs, but she does the same damn dance moves every time, for all of the HoH music, and Christmas has en epiphany, saying "YES  YES".

*  Paul mentions again that he saw Matt and Raven having sex and then they discuss how Raven acted about Jessica and Cody having sex, being so judgmental.  Paul recalls a recent conversation where someone mentioned Matt kissing her, and Raven said "he WISHES he would be that lucky". (I heard that was in the kitchen.)

*  Christmas says she is so tired of Raven shrieking the same phrases over and over, including the following:  "Matthew John Clines!", "Are you SHITTING me?", and "You're gonna KILL me!"

Christmas:  I'm like, go ahead, do it.

(Ha ha ha ha ha.)

*  Paul said it's like watching a dog shit.  You want to look away because it's so gross, but you have to see it.

Later, Christmas had a similar conversation about Raven with Alex, with the following new points.

*  Alex said Raven told them that she opened up her first dance studio when she was 16.  This seems strange in light of the other things Raven says about her health, and how no one at her house works.

*  Alex said she never drinks water, just Sprite and tea.  And she never eats any vegetables except bell peppers.

So......I guess they're making a target of Raven.  But I'm a hypocrite because suddenly this doesn't bother me.  I'll admit that, but I'll also say that I don't know of anybody who enjoys Raven in the house, and she's not adding anything to the game.  We'd be lucky if she's one of the next handful of house guests to go.....but I'm not sure we'll be that lucky anytime soon.


The guys in the house have been talking about this big prize fight that is being held this weekend.  This guy Conor McGregor is a UFC fighter who has never had a proper boxing match and he's up against Mayweather, a boxing legend.  It's expected to be a slaughter, but I'm mentioning it here because the guys in the house compared Paul to Conor, because Conor is a short, tattooed, mouthy character who does a lot of talking and is quite scrappy.

And Kevin mentioned some of the betting odds on the fight.  He knew where this situation was headed.  Basically, everyone expects Mayweather to win, but they're betting on McGregor because it's a long shot.  If this happens though, the MGM Grand is going to have a gargantuan payout, losing MILLIONS on the payout.

So they expect McGregor to lose, but everyone is betting on him to win.  I can't help hoping we have an upset in Big Brother too. But in the opposite direction.  If it's going to happen, it probably won't happen until the Final Three.  And if it doesn't happen in the Final Three, maybe it will happen for the final vote.  Maybe someone like Kevin will cast that pivotal vote in the opposite direction.  We have to take our victories where we can, I guess.


  1. Quick note ... only ONE HG per week can select an apple as part of the new twist. It works like the HaveNot key thing, the first HG to claim the right is the one that gets to select an apple. P.S. Just discovered this blog and LOVE IT! Great work!

  2. This is BY FAR my favorite BB blog! So smart and humorous!

  3. Great summary. Usually this time of the season I have someone I want see get the AF prize. This season no one stands out. Any comments?

    1. KEVIN KEVIN KEVIN KEVIN for the shit he puts up with in there all day, every day.

      Paul would be PISSED, too.

  4. I'm 52, have a fulfilling career, wonderful family and social life but this blog is now the favorite part of my day! Well done

    1. This may be the best compliment I have ever received.

      Thank you!

  5. The producers need to shake things up. BB19 started out with a bang but has quickly become a snooze fest. I know Julie is pushing for more coverage of the Jury House and I'm all for that. When are these meatballs going to start targeting Paul? Thank you for this blog it keeps me updated on the goings on inside the house!

  6. Can't wait to read your blog every day. It's the funniest and the one I agree with the most. :)

  7. When will they see that your boy friendship needs 2 gooooooo.
    Loved him the 1st time around but annoying me this season.

  8. As I was driving from southern Wisconsin to central Illinois yesterday evening, I had one brief thought about missing last night's show. But that was it. I guess I could watch it after the fact, but I really figure I did not miss much. Apparently my appreciation for Mark puts me in a minority opinion status, but I will miss him, not only for his massiveness, but I keep remembering that he had his watershed moments of grief for his mother's death early in the show, with one of the women, not even sure who. And that is something that I cannot forget about him, and makes him human and real to me. Kevin seems real, and Jason being so bowled over by his impending fatherhood a second time seems real. Feed Watcher, you seem very real and genuine, too. But otherwise, for a reality show, this season seems to be populated by a lot of fakes and flakes. Hopefully tonight's live show will make up for my overall malaise of disappointment in this season.

  9. It occurred to me that after tonight there will be 8 house guests still in the house, and only 4, maybe 5 weeks left before the finale. So I'm thinking that there must be yet another double eviction, and/or we will have a final 3, rather than a final 2...
    Your thoughts...

  10. McGregor and Paul. Both with giant tattoos on their chests their chests.

    I forgot about Susan Atkins. I was always more interested in Leslie Van Houton. She was so young when the killings occurred.

  11. Really enjoyed this, nice organized reading. With Cody and Jess gone the house has gotten boring, for no one will even think about taking out Paul other then Mark who seems to be going to jury tonight, even after dark is ho hum, big brother sometimes seems to be fiexed, if it is in anyway, they should have Cody and Jess come back to bring some excitement.

  12. It's been a really frustrating season. To the point of having to root for Jessica and Cody and now Mark. Never thought that would be a possibility in the beginning. The strategy , or should I say non strategy this year has been the biggest downfall for me. It seems like having a bad hair day, well except for Raven, can put you in the cross hairs. Or saying the P word (Paul) will quickly get you sitting on one the chairs on Thursday nights. I guess I'd have to say Paul has played the best, ugh, but really I thinks more how really terrible the others have played. Let's just sit back and let Paul do the work, Happy Summer, blah. Also this is by far my favorite BB recap blog and it's not even close.

  13. Raven -

    Not liking her, ever since day one. She's irritating, grating to the ears, and who really knows for sure how many of her medical issues are really true. It probably falls somewhere between slightly true and extremely false. But I'm also pretty sure that BB would NEVER put anybody in the house if they were in such a dire medical condition that she "could die any day"

    And since she is aware that the cameras are on at ALL times,(thankfully not on her, hearing her screeching is bad enough) she seems to forget that, when the sun goes down and her and Matt are banging away under the covers, on all fours, no less, but clearly in view of the cameras.
    Her Mother must be so proud.
    And his family - they must be mortified, I have a son his age, and if that were him, he'd be getting a good, long talking to when he got home.
    Here's hoping that, heaven forbid, either of them get HOH, their letter from home will covertly tell them both, as much...


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