Thursday, August 31, 2017

See You Later on the Anti-Social Media. #BB19

Tonight is the live show, and even though we know what is going to happen, I'm not totally convinced that we know what is going to happen.  And this is what keeps nagging at me:  MATT'S INSUBORDINATION and DISREGARD FOR THE RULES.

I just can't believe that Matt will get away with flaunting the Have Not rules with only one penalty vote as punishment.  I actually started this blog just after Chima's ejection during BB11 --- I'll probably say more about that as this season winds down, because I'm not sure I will cover another season, but that's not what I want to discuss here.  (I do appreciate the kind comments this week, but I'm not fishing for compliments here.)

HERE'S THE THING:  Chima not only threw her microphone into the hot tub, but she disobeyed Production numerous times when asked to go to the Diary Room, and she also covered up the camera in the bedroom with a blanket.  And that is something that you DO NOT DO in that house, no matter what you are doing on the other side of the blanket.  Also, CBS pre-taped the LIVE SHOW that week after Chima, who was the HoH, threatened to CURSE OUT everyone if her nominations got spoiled by the Coup d'Etat.  Yes, that happened, the pre-taped live show, and also Big Jeff overturning Chima's nominations with his own.  And Chima went nuts, and the rest is BB history, of course.

Matt didn't do any of those things, but I am hoping beyond hope that Production will hit him where it hurts tonight on the live show.  We already know CBS is  going to air the footage of the fallout after the PoV Ceremony, and the various fights that broke out, two of which involved Matt.  And they are going to have to cover Matt's Have Not insubordination, in order to explain to the CBS audience why he got one penalty vote.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF THIS:  Maybe Julie will SHOCK the house guests and DELIGHT the audience by announcing that there will be no vote tonight, and Matt will not be joining the Jury, after all. And he can just do the Walk of Shame right out to the stage, where he will exit left without an interview, and make BB history at the same time.  Which is what Matt wants, to break records...he was upset that he wouldn't get a penalty vote for each infraction, actually.

If this happens, and that's a BIG IF, the schedule for the season would not be disrupted, and Production could still have the next Double Eviction as planned.  The only hiccup would be one less Jury member, but who needs Matt, really?  Maybe a tie would be exciting.....maybe AMERICA could cast a vote that week in case a tiebreaker is needed.  It's really a Win-Win situation for all of us.

We can only hope.  That's all we have.  And as discussed previously, hope is not a plan.


The good news is that September starts tomorrow.  I have always loved September, as far back as I can remember, because it's my birthday month.  And I actually loved school, and in the old days school went back in session just after Labor Day after a three-month summer break. When you grow up in Florida, you just want the temperatures to drop so you can wear some of the school clothes that you see in Seventeen Magazine, like the sweaters and corduroy skirts and such.

Anyway let's all relax and look forward to getting our lives back.  Enjoy this acoustic version of a classic Earth Wind & Fire song.  Renewal is only a day away.


Let's review the many ways that CBS clearly showed us on the Wednesday night CBS episode how much Production hates Matthew John Clines .

1.  Right after the nomination ceremony concluded, we saw not one, but TWO SHOTS of Matt trying to drink out of a Diet Coke 2-liter bottle and failing, for some reason.  Was it water in the bottle?  Or someone's spit or backwash?  Whatever it was, it made him look like an idiot.

2.  When Christmas was reading the rules for the Hide and Go Veto competition, we saw the house guests listening.  Jason looked focused and attentive, ready to give it his all.  And then the camera lingered on Matt, who is the ACTUAL TARGET this week, who should be focused and attentive like Jason.  But Matt is compulsively fingering his mustache, but if I didn't know that already, I might suspect that Matt Clines is Nose Picker.

3.  And then Matt turned back to look inside his cabana, while Christmas explained the PoV scoring and how to win.  And the hate has to be REAL for CBS to waste PRECIOUS SECONDS showing someone TURNED AWAY FROM THE CAMERA on PRIME TIME.

4.  After Matt hid his Veto placard, he took the time to drink some tea, and then he picked up a bowl of cereal that was just SITTING ON THE COUNTER and ate some.  The bowl of uneaten cereal was JUST SITTING THERE.  And Matt TOOK THE TIME TO SLURP SOME DOWN.


5.  We also saw Matt slam into the fake hedge on his way into the house, and we saw Christmas laugh at him afterwards.  Raven also knocked down the hedge but we didn't see anyone laugh at her.

6.  And then, most SHOCKING of all, we saw Josh pull out the drawer of USED and UNUSED CONDOMS next to Raven and Matt's bed.  (Josh already knew they were there, of course. But they were STILL THERE days after he first found them.)

And just in case some grandma in Idaho didn't understand, we saw Josh discuss what he found in the DR.  Maybe they should have given the audience Spanish subtitles, to be sure everyone knows the truth.

7.  And then Kevin actually TOUCHED the nastiness, and told us about his REVULSION, and we saw him wipe his hand off on his way out.

And in case anyone at home was wondering "who is using all of those condoms?"  we saw several camera shots later of Matt and Raven getting cozy around the house.  Once you consider that Monday's episode was the "Raven is a liar" story line, it's clear that all of this is no mistake.  I think the "Raven mumbles" segment was only there to soften the blows they took, because clearly that was boring and unnecessary.  Certainly not cute or funny, either.

This isn't about Matt, but I included it here so I wouldn't forget to tell you about the food.  Apparently there was a spread of snacks outside during the PoV, and I guess everyone but the Have Nots (only Kevin, at this point) could enjoy it.

Josh is eating a flatbread pizza here, and I later heard Jason tell Kevin that he wished he had filled his pockets with the beef jerky that was out there.

Jason:  You know they just threw all of that away, and wasted it.  We could have eaten it later.

Kevin:  It's a shame, really.


Jason wanted to double-bag the trash before taking it to the storage room, so the bag wouldn't break.  Kevin came over to help him lift the first bag into the second, and you know what happened next....trash ended up falling out of the side and all over the floor.  Jason cleaned it up though, so don't worry about that.

Alex was chopping up a potato, but with the dull knives that BB gives them, that turns into quite a chore.

Jason was making his Cowboy skillet dish, with Alex's help.  It's basically hashbrowns with eggs mixed in.  I'm not sure whose small pan of eggs that is next to his.

That is Josh's bacon and two eggs.  All of that tasty hummus in the storage room, and all these people can seem to do is eat eggs.  I just don't get it, but I know I'm in the minority.  Welcome to Cholesterol City, but you won't see me there.  Nope.


Paul plans to keep doing what he's doing, because it's working.  NO ONE is targeting Paul.  NO ONE.  He has things all set for himself, with who he ends up with as a flexible target.

Jason and Alex think that Kevin is the next target.  We already know that Alex hates Kevin, but Jason doesn't hate him.  Jason has just been convinced by everyone that Kevin is a liar who has lied to him, too.  Alex and Jason seem to think they should THROW THE HoH to Josh or Christmas so they can be the ones to target Kevin.

But Josh and Christmas plan to target Jason and Alex, with Jason being the 1st choice here.  Jason needs to win the PoV no matter who wins HoH, in my opinion.  This week there is only one house guest who can't play in the PoV, so this is why the house guests feel the need to target Jason next week.  Most of the PoVs are physical comps, so getting him out as soon as possible is crucial to their game.

But Paul has both Jason and Alex thinking he's on their side, too, so even if this plan doesn't work, he's still covered.   Paul, Christmas and Josh have also tried to tell Kevin to calm down and keep his mouth closed, with Paul telling him that they are planning to target Alex, not him.  So Kevin might even want to let them win HoH, if he is in a position to throw it, since he hates Alex now as much as she hates him.  But they really want to target Jason, of course.

And Raven?  They don't give a crap about her. Paul might take her the end though, because her loyalty to him is so blind, and he knows the Jury can't stand her.  Only Matt would vote for her to win the game, so sitting next to her is actually a best-case scenario.  Paul likes the idea of taking Christmas and/or Kevin to the end, since he knows he can beat them in a physical competition, but he's probably a little worried about their ability to swing Jury votes.

Raven and Matt plan to put on quite a little show after the vote is announced.  And they practiced it.  Several times.  The plan involves Matt hugging Raven by the eviction chairs, as you see below, before hugging and "loving" everyone else on his way to the door.

At the door there are planned hugs and kisses, before Matt opens the door as wide as he can before winking at Raven and heading out to TV stardom.

If my first wish of Matt being ejected without a vote does not come true (see discussion above), then I guess the next thing I will look forward to is Matt acting out his compulsive behaviors during this Goodbye Process.  How can he get through a few minutes without touching his mustache or licking his lips?  You KNOW he's going to do that with Julie, but what about as he exits the house?  The stress of that would seem to cause all sorts of obsessive actions, right?

He already said he might "forget" all of this rehearsal, maybe even forgetting to carry out his BB duffel Matt having a premonition of my DREAM coming true?  Getting the boot in a cold and uncermonious fashion?

After all of that hard work, it was time for ice cream, of course.  And it's the same old thing with them.

Including a screeching fight, occurring just after Raven started applying the generic peanut butter on top of the ice cream.  And it was LOUD.

We saw the house guests in the Lounge cringing at the sound of the screeching, and cursing softly.

Paul:  I would rather hear your pots and pans right next to my head than that.

Christmas:  I just want to shove her head in the garbage disposal and laugh while I crunch it up.

Josh pantomimed putting a noose around his head for the sweet relief of death.

Christmas:  She won't be doing that shit once he's gone.

A clever "fan" tried to depict the sound of Raven's screeching.  I found this on Reddit.  I'm not an audio specialist, but this comparison seems reasonable to me.

And just to make sure the entire cast is aware of it, Raven opens the door to the Lounge and screeches directly at them, with her fake accent set on the highest setting.  Apparently Matt threw raw chicken at her and it hit her shoulder before hitting the floor, so that is more bad news for their unfortunate roommates.

And then it was back to the usual routine of piling raw cookie dough on top, with some Cool Whip.

Matt also said that if Raven's mother shows up at the Finale, he "might get emotional".

Alex: That's what I'm most curious about Raven, seeing your mother.

Here you go, Alex, in case she's not well enough to attend the Finale. Or too frightened, or too burdened with lawsuits against CBS, after the Monday night expose.

 No need to waste your curiosity on her, Alex.  You' re going to have too many other things to worry about.

Then the Grossmance Couple laid in bed while they discussed Raven's future in the game.  Matt thinks she has a great chance to make it to the end.  He's sure of it.  Matt also thinks Raven is well-liked by the house guests, and thinks Christmas would gladly forfeit her place in the Finale for Raven, because she knows that Raven "deserves it".

Matt: Christmas is a soldier.

But I just posted this to show you how Matt's tongue is ALWAYS working on his mouth.  It's a compulsion.  I know there are some experts that visit here who are well-versed in all sorts of compulsive behavior.  Please feel free to share any thoughts you have about what might have casused this syndrome.

Here's more evidence for Matt's file.

Meanwhile Kevin just tries to maintain his composure and dignity.  He's going to need it, but he's been thinking about a conversation he had with Jason about the potential of visiting Ames Iowa in October, when there is a big rodeo or festival or something.  He thinks Paul wants to go, too, since Paul has talked many times about wanting to ride on Whistle-Nut's Teeter Totter of Death, or whatever he calls it.

Jason and Kevin think the crowd will love it if all three of them are there, working the crowd and waving at everyone.  Kevin mentioned it to Paul later, and Paul kind of blew him off.  Dick.

This is the Rodeo Teeter Totter.   I feel panicky watching this.  Clearly there is a lot of teamwork involved with being a  rodeo clown, because even though it's all played off for fun, Jason's life is in the hands of several of these characters.  The bulls he faces in these situations aren't his bulls, but "Mexican bulls" who are mean and onery.  Ole wouldn't run at you, Jason says, due to his training with Whistle-Nut.

He told a story yesterday about his friend Frank, who is a "bull-riding sum bitch", but told Jason that there is no way he would ever be on the Teeter-Totter. One day the guy who was supposed to work with Jason didn't show for some reason, so Frank had to fill in.  Jason said as badass as Frank is, he was white as a sheet out there, and Jason had to yell at him to "push with your feet".

Do you think Paul would have the balls to try this?  No, I don't either.  I doubt he will have the balls to even show his face in Iowa after this.


I told you in Raven's house guest intro post about the horrible "fans" who figured out she was going to be on the show, and exposed her name on the internet.  Apparently Megan saw that, and actually told Alex that there was a picture of Raven with Paul on the internet (see below).  Alex mentioned it this to Jason, I think.  But I don't think Paul even remembered meeting Raven, because he was on tour and was meeting thousands of people along the way.

I think Alex's point in telling Jason about it was to discuss the potential that Raven and Paul might be more connected than they think, but I don't think the suspicions gained any strength.  As usual, unfortunately.

I did hear Paul say once that Raven said she loves his music, and even had one of his T-shirts.  Paul scoffed at this, but it could have been true.  Out of all of the many lies that Raven has told this summer, this statement might actually be true, because we actually have proof they met.  Paul "liked" this post, too.


These were Jason's HoH tweets....he's not very familiar with Twitter and Alex yelled at him later after he told her he remembered to use hashtags, but didn't tweet anything else with them.

I don't understand how some of you could watch Jason for two months on the live feeds and then go apeshit over his terrible yet take-out-of-context "joke".  And the media clearly isn't familiar with this season of Big Brother, if they are all pouncing on those few seconds of video, because Jason has been one of the few bright lights in this toxic season.

THINK OF IT THIS WAY:  Alex has received NO negative press.

So, I think we can all agree that it's not fair to demonize the Dent Family.  I am a animal-loving vegan who would NEVER attend a rodeo, and can't even WATCH rodeo video footage, and he's been one of my favorites from the start of the season due to his candor and honesty.  As my old boyfriend Scott used to say when I would nag him:  Geez, pull out of me, will you?

I actually forgot that Christmas was ever an HoH and had to check the sidebar to make sure she is the one who wrote these HoH tweets.  Of course she is complaining in the first tweet.

And  I think we all agree that her "temptation" (Ring of Replacement) might not have been "wisely used", unless you're brainwashed by Paul, of course.

Is it strange that she didn't mention the trials and tribulations of her broken foot?  I think it is.

And these are Alex's HoH tweets.  Alex is obviously very twitter-savvy, with her liberal use of hashtags scattered throughout her tweets.  Just like most of the other house guests, after the game is over for Alex, she will be taken straight into the conference room offstage and given some information about the season's various controversies, as well as her perceived involvement.  She will also be advised to stay off social media.

But you can't tell The Tiger anything.  #SavageAlex is #Thirsty.

(Note that Jessica confirmed exactly what I just told you in a Periscope session.  The pre-Jury folks get this Talking-To before they go home, but I think the Jury and Final Two have the meeting after the Finale.  Selected family members can attend, too, I think.  I learned all of this after BB15, and you know how THAT went.)

And this is Josh, who is much more organized with his thoughts and spelling than I expected him to be, so I'll forgive the punctuation issues.  Josh may be our last hope to blindside Paul on Finale night.

And this is one of Paul's HoH tweets the first time he was HoH.  I'm not interested in publishing all of Paul's tweets and hashtags, but this one did catch my eye, so I want to be sure that a few of the house guests get a chance to see it after the season.

Because they all end up visiting me, sooner or later, so I'll just put this right here, for convenience.  


  1. When Matt came out of the DR after his penalty vote, he told Raven, "They aren't afraid of me." Let's hope so and I hope they lower the boom.

    1. They aren't afraid of him? I wonder what he meant by that.

      In my opinion, the only fear Matt would instill is in the uncut sleeves of his new T-shirts.

  2. I took it to mean that if he thought he had any leverage by being a HG all season production quickly disabused him of that notion. I have a hard time believing one penalty vote will be it, and giving him what he's wanted all season, Jury.

  3. I'm looking forward to tonight's show. I've noticed more so in the last few years, they haven't sugar-coated bad behavior, so I hope we are rewarded. Question, do you think their behavior is any worse that BBOTT? I remember they spent a tremendous amount of time shit-talking each other. I think it was just as bad, but time tends to soften my recollection.

    I understand if you quit doing this, but I sure hope you don't. Your analysis is spot-on and I enjoy the bits of your real-life experiences you interject. If you do quit, I hope you just change subjects and keep writing. They're bringing back Dynasty in the Fall. Someone's going to need to analyze that show before it gets cancelled!

  4. No, please don't quit! I'm sure there are many people like me who never comment but are loyal readers. I look more forward to your posts than I do the show. I enjoy your take on it, I always wished I could write like you do.
    On a side note, I'm not sure how much younger you are than me but our school year also started after Labor Day and my birthday is in September so I have always loved it as well.
    Thanks again and I'll surely miss you if you go.

  5. first time here and I like what I have been reading - selfishly, I hope it won't be the last I get to read - but do what is best for YOU - with your talent you will do well either way, so make your heart happy - and thanks - for what its worth, I think your opinion was spot on - good luck!

  6. Hey FW, once again I plea with you to not let this terrible season ruin your insightful view, that all of us fans know and love you for. But anyway, I also saw the conversation when Matt came out of the DR, and said "they are not afraid of me". Of course they didn't allow us to view anything else said (because its a dr session), but just like you, I played possible scenarios that could have, or at least I hoped had happened. I believe he probably went in there cocky, pretty much laying it down that he doesn't care what they say or do, or what penalty they threaten him with, because he is going to do what he wants. And believe they probably laid into his ass, telling him listen man, you don't run this show, and in this case it's an actual show, and you (Matt)dumbass, signed a contract and a waiver, releasing any footage we got of you to be used at our discretion. So do what you want, but it's up to you how bad we can and will make you look. So keep it up "big boy", because we hold the strings, and you are just one of our puppets, to do with what we please. Then possibly threatened his payout, (which from what I have heard, he could care less about), but just the thought of him getting his ass handed to him, makes me happy!! Whatever they said, he knew he was not in charge. Ha ha, you weirdo. Anyways, agreed, worst season ever! Love Kevin, wish he could win. Punish all the people who did things and said unspeakable things about him, cause in the real world, those things could be considered slander (especially the conditioning people like a child molester) comment. Hopefully bb will learn from this, and enforce rules from the start, by changing the contracts. Better luck next year, I hope. I wait ALL year for this show, and this is a sad year. Get your work done. Love reading your blog, but your a responsible adult, so I understand you being busy. Btw, I am also a Georgia girl! I live in Augusta. Its right on the Savannah river. And I actually live right on the edge, literally the Savannah river is my front yard. And I can see south Carolina on the other side. If you ever get a chance, you should come to Augusta. Its the home of the masters golf course, and where James Brown was born. Its beautiful here, but I know Atlanta is so awesome as well. Lets see what goes down tonight. Fingers crossed that your wish comes true, because it would be great!!!!

    1. From your keyboard to Grod's ear, Rhonda, with that Matt scenario.

      I want to make the trip to see the Georgia Guidestones..isn't that near Augusta?

    2. To be honest, I have never heard about them. So I just went and looked them up. How did I not know about those??? Wow, I too want to go see them now. It says they're in north eastern Georgia, and Augusta is like dead middle along the Savannah river. I will look later to see how close I am. But I think you just inspired my next small vacay. Like if I want to get away for a weekend or something. Wow. I cannot believe that I didn't know about those. Fingers crossed tonight!!!! #mattswalkofshame lol!

  7. Cannot wait to see what you say about Julies outfit tonight! OMG!

  8. Another Georgia gal here! Your Big Brother blog is by far my favorite. You are able to report without much bias and I love that. I hope you continue but understand how time consuming it must be.

  9. As soon as I saw Julie outfit tonight I thought to myself, can't wait to see what FW will say ^
    I have tried to comment in the past but I don't believe I was successful
    I will miss your blog terribly if you leave... I would rather read what you have to say than watch the show and I usually favor the same people in the game as you. Not sure where I will get my info if you go :(

  10. As soon as I saw Julie outfit tonight I thought to myself, can't wait to see what FW will say ^
    I have tried to comment in the past but I don't believe I was successful
    I will miss your blog terribly if you leave... I would rather read what you have to say than watch the show and I usually favor the same people in the game as you. Not sure where I will get my info if you go :(

  11. Just please let us know where to find you if you decide to write about something else. LOVED the Seventeen reference to school clothes - we must be near the same age, which is why I'm slightly embarrassed about my obsession with BB. The only thing you've ever been way off on is eggs...which are pretty much the perfect food. I'll order anything at a restaurant if they put a fried egg on top of it (which also means I'm the kind of "profit-margin" customer they love).

  12. nice bLog! its interesting. thank you for sharing.... support for anti-social behaviour


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