Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Lesson from Professor Kevin. #BB19

I have so much work to do...usually I can just put the live feeds on in the background and make note of anything interesting, but today I was happy to see Kevin up and about, having conversation like the old days.  You know, three weeks ago.

So yadda yadda yadda, it's 5:00 PM here on the East Coast and I've wasted the entire work day on Big Brother, and I have tax returns to do.  I guess I was so happy to hear some conversations that did not involve talking shit about other house guests that I immersed myself in the action.


Kevin and Jason discussed how they slept, or didn't sleep.  It sounds like Production pulled an all-nighter to edit tonight's episode, because they called Jason in for a DR session after midnight.  Matt later reported that he got called in at 4:00 AM, which raises my hopes for a real blindside to occur, courtesy of Production.  (I talked about that here.)  I'm hoping that they were looking for some last-minute sound bytes to wrap up Matt's participation in the season.  Just know that if that doesn't happen, I will be VERY disappointed, but what else is new this year?

Anyway, Jason was telling Kevin about his night in the HoH suite, and he said "and then".

Kevin:  And then...and sound like one of my kids.  They always used to say that over and over when I would ask them what happened.

Jason:  And then...probably just making shit up.

Kevin:  Yeah.  And then I tried not to get in trouble.

They had a good laugh.  Kevin wants to walk outside with Jason every morning, every day they can and Jason agrees.  That's usually what they would be doing now, as the first ones up.

Jason mentions their talk last night about the Mayweather-McGregor fight, and says he kept thinking about the total purse being estimated at $250,000,000.  It's just crazy, they both agree.  Kevin said that Mayweather has been fighting for years, so he's considered to be spoiled with his riches.

Kevin: Mayweather will just go to Vegas and order 4 Bentleys to be delivered, without even getting inside any of them.  He has a 15 car garage at home, so he has them take 4 of the cars away to make room for the new ones, that he might have driven twice in three years.

Kevin wishes he could have enjoyed all of the pre-fight press coverage, and encourages Jason to watch it online when he gets home, particularly the pre-fight press conference and the actual fight itself, of course.

Kevin:  They try to keep it private, to make all the money, but it will get out there eventually.

They agreed that even though Michael Jordan hasn't played any basketball in over a decade, he's the first person you think about when you name a basketball superstar.

Jason:  I don't know anything about LeBron James.  I know the name because Holly's cousin likes basketball and she talks about him a lot.

Jason wasn't familiar with Mike Tyson (WHAT) so Kevin distilled Tyson's story for him, basically that he was the greatest fighter ever, and about all of the fights that ended almost as soon as they began.

Kevin:  He finally lost to Buster Douglas, when the odds were 35 to 1.  Then he raped someone and went to prison for it.  (Jason was INCENSED at the stupidity of this.) And when he got out, he was never the same.

The Tiger recharges for another long day of clawing at her cage-mates.

Jason poked his head in to tell her the HoH lockdown would happen soon.

Matt seems to think all of this overnight DR activity means he is a TV superstar or something.  He's guffawing here due to the hilarious comment that Paul made when Matt came back to bed after his 4:00 AM session.

Paul:  I said, Matt you're so gumpy.


Matt:  It was the perfect thing to say.

Paul:  It was boys though.

Matt:  Oh yeah.

***VOMIT***  I will proudly tell you that neither Jason nor Kevin ever says "boys".  And they'd better not, for my own sanity.

Christmas said her mother is 5'10", and everyone was surprised by that. Raven said her mother is 4'11", so Jason estimates she'd come up to about "here" on him.

Raven said she was 5'1", but Matt chimed in that she was being generous.

Shortly after this, the HoH lockdown started and the feeds went down.

I was aware that Matt and Raven had a Very Special Interlude last night, their last night together in the BB house, and it was commemorated by Production by garnering all four camera views, so I flashed back in order to capture it for you.

Unfortunately there was some great conversation going on in the living room, between Kevin, Paul and Jason that was competing with the nasty business in the bedroom.  This was apparently the conversation about the Mayweather fight that Jason referred to the next morning (today).

Kevin:  If it only goes five rounds, that's $50 million a round!  $50 million a round!  Can you imagine?


Kevin:  Oh, anyone can GIVE a punch, but it's who can TAKE a punch that really matters.

But the action has started in the bedroom, so the camera crew gives "Maven" one last moment in the "spotlight".  You're finally a star, Raven!

As they pull the covers over their heads, we can still hear the conversation from the living room as the guys laugh and talk about various guy stuff.

Finally the camera crew had enough, and rejoined the robust conversation, still in progress.

Jason was telling a great story about what happened in Stanhope after he and Holly moved there.  Jason was bull-riding at the time, and Holly got a job downtown "on the strip".  This was the place where Jason met Shannon, Holly's co-worker who inspired Jason's signature move "The Shannon".  Anyway, Holly took Jason out to a bonfire to meet some people.  Even though most of the residents of the farm community were cowboys or farmers, they all dressed like "city guys".

Jason was trying to fit in and stay cool, and some guy screeched up to the party and hit a tree with his truck.

Jason:  That guy could have killed us! So I said, I'll beat this guy's ass. I was trying to be cool, and the guy gets out of his truck and he's built like a bulldog.

Jason said the guy was yelling and shouting, and was hammered and looked at Jason and yelled "who is this guy?"  Jason saw people shaking their heads at him, warning him not to do anything, and Holly told him not to get involved, either, since they didn't know who he was and everyone was shaking their heads.

Jason:  So I'm thinking, this guy must be a cocksucker, and I'm thinking, should I do it?  Not do it?  And then he starts going "fuck fuck" and air boxing me.  And it turned out he had a fucking ankle bracelet on and it was going off! And he got in his car and drove off!

Jason:  And then everyone was hugging me and saying thank god you didn't do anything because that was...(pause while he struggles to come up with a name)

Kevin:  Everybody I know has ankle bracelets....or at least 10 people.

Jason:  I can't think of it, but the guy was.....

Kevin: A gangster? (ha ha ha)

Jason:  No, he was an MMA fighter! He was a big sum bitch, but he was only about 5'10", but he was solid and crazy as a shit house rat.  People said he's probably not a good MMA fighter, but he's batshit crazy and just stupid tough.

Jason: So we went to see him was in a cage at Fort Dodge.

Paul:  That's what I used to do.  That's cage fighting...that's MMA.

Jason:  So we went to see him.

Kevin:  Don't tell me he was fighting...

Jason, laughing:  He was!   It was just ridiculous.  He had, like 10 people, and they had a boombox and a damn banner.

Kevin, riveted: How'd he do?

Jason:  Huh?

Kevin: Did he win or lose?

Jason:  Oh, he won.  But it was like a bunch of old sows out there, rolling around. They were out of shape.

Kevin:  A lot of blood?

Jason:  No, not a lot of blood, but they kept hugging each other. They were out of shape!  I mean, he might be tough, but...

Kevin:  Hit 'em in the nose real quick.

(I'm picking up some self-defense tips from Kevin, I think.)

Kevin:  What song was he playing?  Was it Ice, Ice Baby?

Jason: No, I think it was classic rock...I should remember, but I don't.  It was like an 80's boombox.

Paul:  We had a bigger budget...our songs played over a loudspeaker.

Kevin said his high school basketball team would take a boombox with them, too.  His team usually lost the last 28 games of the season, but they could dunk so they went to the state championships.  If I understood correctly, there were only 3 white guys on Kevin's team, and he was one of them. It sounds like the crowd at the championship was mostly white.

Kevin:  And everybody there, they had never seen city kids before.  We had the boomboxes and were playing One Nation Under Groove, and Parliament Funkadelic.  It was great.

Jason loved the term "city guys" and used it here with the air quotes.

Kevin:  They were calling me all kinds of names, you wouldn't believe it.

Kevin:  The starting guys, you know, the forwards, we'd have to chase the ball if it went into the crowd, and I'd reach in there and they would say "get back there, you motherfucker" and I'd be like "what"?

They called Kevin a "nincompoop lover" but of course Kevin is referring to the "N- word" here.

Kevin:  They'd call me that, and I'd point and say, look at the scoreboard, and they'd say, 'we'll see you outside'.  They wanted to beat the fuck out of us, outside.  There must have been three or four times when we had to call the police to walk us to the bus.

Paul:  Fuck.

Kevin:  Yeah, it's a true story and they all looked like they were in their 50's.  One time a brick hit the window of our bus and they'd yell, 'come on out here' and we'd look outside, and they'd be 46, and we were 17 years old!  So no we didn't go outside.  And it got to a point where we had to have somebody ride with us all the time, and they'd get upset that we'd play our own music, and I'd be like why, you're playing your own music, like Lynard Skinnard...

Jason, singing:  Sweet Home Alabama...

Kevin said they always played far away, so they didn't have any supporters in the stands, so one time Kevin said he told his friends they needed to show up to see the action.  They ended up having a big fight in the parking lot that went on for over 30 minutes, he said. (ie. the days before weapons, I guess)

Kevin:  We were a Catholic league, the Catholic Suburban League, it was called.  So the teams we played were like St. Mary's Catholic, or St.Vincents....they'd never seen guys like us.

Jason:  You were so good that you never played any other city teams?

Kevin said they did, and those were fun games because they were close games.

Kevin:  But you made a name for yourself, and people respected you.  I'll never forget, a cheerleader, two actually, from Coyle Cassidy (?) sent me a letter to the school, because she couldn't get in touch with me.  She sent a letter addressed to the high school, with attention to me, and a teacher brought it in.

The teacher asked Kevin if it was a joke, after it happened again from another school, with their picture and their phone numbers.

Kevin:  I was the only country guy on the team.

(But did he call the cheerleaders?  No one asked that!)

One of Kevin's old friends is now a doctor, and two are firefighters.  They were about 6'6", he says, and didn't ever want to go back to those places.  I'm guessing those are a few of Kevin's friends who DON'T wear the ankle bracelets, along with Lori and Gene, of course.


1.  The story Kevin tells reminds me of The Basketball Diaries, and the team fights they had.  If you're in the mood for a story that will stay with you, a real downer, I highly recommend that movie.  Leonardo DiCaprio at his FINEST (after This Boy's Life, another excellent film), commanding the type of performance most actors could only dream of.

If I think about the scene where he says "I'll be a good boy, mommy" I'll just burst into tears, years after seeing that movie.  It's a true story written by poet Jim Carroll.  I've never been a druggie (only a pot head) and seeing movies like this one make me very glad about that.

2.  Boston was the center of some extremely racially-charged incidents back in the 70's.  I remember my parents talking about it, but I never really understood what happened until recently, when I read about it in a biography of Whitey Bulgar.  Legislation was passed back then to "desegregate" the public schools, so black students were bused into the city to attend formerly all-white schools.

What could have been an opportunity for everyone involved to diversify and enrich their own lives by expanding their horizons turned out to be a NIGHTMARE.  The busloads of students coming into town were pelted by rocks and the buses were rocked BY ADULTS who were upset about it.  There were protests and chanting and so much hate directed at CHILDREN who didn't want to be there.  They were TERRIFIED.  Just trying to get an education.  People volunteered to ride the buses with the kids, but that was probably dangerous, too.

It's hard to believe that happened,  and it happened in Kevin's lifetime.  Can you imagine your 17 year old kid playing a high school basketball game and being attacked and slandered as Kevin described by ADULTS?  And Kevin was white....I can't imagine what being black was like, living in that world back then.

We have a long way to go as a country, and certainly a planet, but we can't lose sight of where we've been, and what happened there.


Paul, Christmas, Josh, Raven and Matt have spent quite a bit of time trying to rig the next HoH competition, down to deciding who will answer "True or False" or "Before and After"  to questions to ensure someone from their "team" wins so they can evict Jason or Alex next week.

Paul even plotted out what they should do if the competition is the "chicken wire" competition. Paul doesn't want to win unless he has to, because he wants the chance to be HoH next week, too, and everyone on the "team" just nods their head and agrees with him.  Whatever.


  1. Heard these same Kevin stories several times now. I don't think he even realizes he's said them several times. Not surprised added Paul bashing is included instead of just sticking to the conversations/events. People can't seem to keep their own opinions out of postings.

    1. It's my website and therefore it is all about MY OPINIONS.

      IF you think this post is bashing Paul, than you need to adjust your medication levels.

      You've been coming here for years, "D.Gator", so you if you don't like it, you can get the fuck out.

      Your commenting privileges are over. Except the next one, which is just as witty and entertaining as this one.

    2. Including sanctimonious.

  2. Kevin is far from being a professor. It's an insult on that profession.

    1. It must be hard to type accurately with that big stick up your ass.

    2. LMAO! U tell em sista!

  3. HaHa FW - your replies are just as entertaining as your blog. Thanks for all you do.

  4. I’ve been reading your blog since the beginning of this season and I’ve never commented until now. I just wanted to let you know that you’re an excellent writer and I always learn something new about the houseguests from reading your blog. I look forward to reading your daily posts.
    I hope you decide to continue blogging about future seasons (hopefully the next season will be better than this one).
    Anyways, have a good night… enjoy the live eviction episode… hopefully you’re right and Matt will be sent straight home instead of to the jury house. It would be awesome if America could be a jury vote instead. Fingers crossed :)

  5. See why we can't lose you FW, even people who are dumb enough to be talking shit about your opinion being said in your own blog, all the while expressing their opinions, shows how amazing your blog is. How can you be shamed for your opinion, and told "people cannot keep their opinions out of posts", when that ignorant statement was made immediately following that person's opinion of a house member????? Then another "opinionated" post. WTF???? This is your blog. Even people who don't obviously understand the concept of a blog being a person's own place to say what they want (yes that includes their opinions), cannot stay away because what you say is so awesome!!! Maybe its just me, but I wouldn't stay updated on a blog that I disagreed with or with how they ran it. Just stay away if you don't like it......I know it's hard right. Because FW is real in her blog and it is the best blog for bb. Stand your ground girl. You can block his comments, but I guarantee you, he still will be reading daily...

    1. People are so rude nowadays. It's unbelievable.


  6. So enjoy your descriptive blog!! Thanks so much!

  7. whitewashing, thy name is CBS. I don't watch the "feeds" but I am fairly sure if I did, it wouldn't be quite as pretty and fresh as a daisy as it was presented on the show tonight. I would have a lot more respect for a multi billion dollar corporation like cbs is they could honestly portray a show like Big Brother which they do have at least SOME stake in. but maybe next year !

  8. Do you think that when Julie's stylist comes into her dressing room and lays out her outfits for her, that Julie ever says "WTF is that?!?" -Evel Dick

    OMG Julie's "muff diving" top tonite (or is it cuff diving)? My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw her and evrrytime after she was in the shot. WTF was it?

    All I could think about was you FW and what you will write. I expected her to flap her arms and fly away. ("But first")

    BB should model their next punishment unitard after Chen-bot's ensemble!!!

    1. When I saw that outfit I knew we wouldn't be losing the FeedWatcher next year.

      But, your post just made me wonder if that outfit was maybe a shot at Matt. It looked recycled and your cuff diving joke.

    2. When i saw that shirt (?) i was like - it's a wookie costume! hahaha - can't wait to hear what FeedWatcher says about that number. lol

  9. I don't get the people bashing FW on here. She doesn't claim to be CNN..well, bad choice...NY Times...nope, still bad...she doesn't claim to be an unbiased news source which we pay to subscribe to. That's like going into someone's house and going, What the FUCK were you thinking when you put this couch here-shift still doesn't work so no parenthetical explanation why I can't insert question mark. Only cap lock works.
    Or, 'That is the the ugliest rug...'
    Or, 'You're making that chicken for dinner...gross..I'm a vegetarian...'
    GTFO of her house - blog - if you don't like it, but you don't have the right to redecorate.
    That's the best analogy I can come up with, it's been a rough week.
    FW, your home is beautiful and I thoroughly enjoy the aesthetic here.

    1. Excellent comment Amber - you should be writing your own blog!! Love reading FW, as I'm sure you do as well, based on your witty writing.

  10. I think what I'll miss most after this season is over is your blog!
    I do hope you'll continue to recap next year since I only found this blog halfway through this season.
    You're a very entertaining writer with your own unique style. Again, well done FW.


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