Monday, July 3, 2017

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch. #BB19

OK.  So I'm sure you know that the PoV ceremony was held yesterday afternoon, and all hell broke loose in there as just about everyone became angry about either what did happen, or what did not happen.

Just before it was time for the PoV ceremony, Cody the Mastermind called Alex up to his HoH office in an attempt to pull a Big Power Move.  I think Cody is a little sweet on Alex, impressed with both her athletic and mental strength, and also thinks she is cute.   He obviously thinks Alex is On His Level, but Alex doesn't really take the bait, continuing to sass him on every possible occasion.

GET THIS:  Cody wants to make a deal with Alex, asking only that she protect ELEVEN OTHER HOUSE GUESTS if she wins power next week.

But Alex already won PoV, which means she is safe this week-----Cody has NOTHING TO OFFER her in exchange.  He can't even play for HoH next week.  I don't think that Cody knows one very important rule of being an HoH:  ONCE THE PoV CEREMONY IS OVER, THE HoH'S POWER IS OVER.

Alex:  I'm only worried about two other people....Jillian and Jason.  I only want to keep them safe.

Cody:  I need you to keep the couples safe...and a few others.....but that's it.

Note that when making his list, Kevin is tacked onto the end, like a pesky afterthought.

Cody:  ....and yeah, Kevin makes it to the Jury, too.

Alex:  That's a lot of people.  You need to trim the fat, Cody.

So, Alex didn't really agree to any deal.  She doesn't need to, and Cody is crazy if he thinks Alex and Jessica are going to suddenly be comrades in there.

Alex was on her way out of the HoH, and Cody called out for her to WAIT.

Cody:  WAIT.

Then Cody went over there and gave her a big hug.

Hmmm.  I would say that Cody is trying to set up a future showdown between Jessica and Alex, but I don't think he is smart enough to make that sort of long-term plan in this game.

And suddenly the live feeds went to CAT TOWN, or whatever we're calling it, indicating that the PoV ceremony was about to begin.  PoV ceremonies are always scheduled for Monday mornings, but due to the July 4th holiday they scooted it up on the schedule one day, just as they moved the PoV competition itself up one day this week, too.

Everybody wants to get that Wednesday CBS episode locked and loaded, to minimize the amount of holiday overtime, since Tuesday is a national holiday for July 4th.  And with union employees, sometimes the labor agreement calls for double time, or sometimes even triple time, depending on how tough the negotiations are....but I digress.

When the live feeds came back, it was OBVIOUS that Christmas Abbot was PISSED about Cody's nomination speech(es), and PISSED about being on the block now, in Alex's place.

In the picture below, Christmas is in the HoH suite, having it out with Cody, who sounds like he is sneering at her with every syllable, patronizing and talking down to her in the typical Cody manner.

Christmas:....I have ZERO alliances in here....I don't know what you're talking about.

Cody:  I see where your loyalties lie...they lie with Paul.

Christmas:  You NEVER even talk to me!

Cody:  Look, I can't tell you how to play this game, Christmas.

Christmas:  Oh, I assure you, I'm not asking you to tell me how to play this game.

Cody: I can't tell you what to say to people, and how you might be perceived.  So give me a fucking break Christmas.

Christmas:  No, you GIVE ME a fucking break.  Have I ever lied to you?

Cody:  Go ahead and play your game, Christmas.  Let's see you get off the block this time, Christmas.

As Christmas left the room, Cody did not ask her to WAIT and hug him, of course.  Instead he marched right out of the HoH suite after her, muttering dissatisfied comments that were surely aimed at Production.

Cody:  Three fucking weeks of safety...fucking assholes.

Christmas stormed through the house, stopping to assure Matt and Raven that she has never lied in there, and yadda yadda yadda.  The tension is thick and I wonder what Jillian is thinking.  I wonder what how she views her odds of surviving this week now.

Ironically, Christmas recently gave Jillian a pep talk about having the votes to stay this week.

And then we confirm the fact that nominating Christmas was a backup plan, because Cody's real big plan was to nominate Paul.  But of course, Paul had the Pendant of Protection in his pocket, and he had to produce it during the Ceremony so his secret is out now.

You know, the "secret" about how America voted to give him the first trip to the Den of Temptation, which we saw on the Sunday night episode.

And it sounds like Cody once again made a VERY MEAN nomination speech about Paul, saying something about how Paul is the one to create the distrust in every house situation.  And it also sounds like Paul had his immunity necklace hidden in the crotch of his pants, because he didn't have a proper pocket where he could stash it.

So now Paul is on the defense, angrily saying he didn't even want to have to use the Pendent, but now he has to, and he had to lie to everyone about it, can't they see that?

(Note that Paul later said that he confronted Ramses about having the curse, because he saw Ramses' "tell" when speaking about his envelope.  So apparently Ramses now will be on the block for the next three weeks?  Not sure how that will get pulled into the game, but I guess we'll know soon.)

Note that on the CBS show last night, Paul picked the #2 bottle for the cursed house guest. This refers to Ramsey because he was the 2nd house guest to come into the house this season, right behind Alex.

Then Christmas came in and is still EFFING HEATED about the situation, but she has every reason to be mad.  She didn't do anything that Cody accused her of, and she literally had NO IDEA that this was going to happen.

Christmas was also very LOUD about how that "8 person alliance" wasn't worth shit, now.

Paul:  That's what happened to us last year....we had a big group of eight and were set to go to the Jury together but one guy had to fuck it all up.

(Frank the Effing Tank, unfortunately.  #TeamFrank)

Christmas, blowing up her neck veins:  FUCK YOU CODY!

But then Christmas had a thought, and she thought, "I'm going to get a lot of airtime this week....I'm going to get my own episode...maybe even two episodes out of this."


Let me just tell you that a few of these house guests are VERY aware of their own story lines, and of the gigantic CBS Prime Time audience.  For example:

*  I heard Christmas comforting Jillian about being on the block all the time by saying "at least you know you're in an episode....I don't think I was in that last one".

*  Jessica is often discussing her story line, and recently said that Jillian and Alex were trying to make themselves relevant by coming to the HoH to talk to her.  "They want to create a story line for themselves", Jessica sneered.

*  Jessica recently implied that she thinks "this whole show" has been about her ongoing feud with Alex.

*  Raven. Yes, Raven. All the damn time.  I am going to have more to say about that later.

So, I know that Christmas is a business woman, and is in there to build brand awareness and market share.  I can acknowledge and respect that.  So I knew immediately what was going through her mind as the cameras followed her throughout the house, capturing every word she said, and every motion she was making at that time.

So Christmas did a costume change, right there in the middle of everything.  I later saw her wearing yet a different ensemble, really trying to cycle through a few different looks in order to make the most of this unanticipated camera time.

Meanwhile Jessica was really letting Cody have it up there in the HoH room.

And by having "it", I mean giving Cody a piece of her damn mind.  Because Jessica already let Cody have "that", of course.  I mean, duh.

Jessica was PISSED that he didn't share his nomination specifics with her ahead of time, although I heard her tell the others that she could tell something was up, or off, about Cody's plans for the nominations.  And apparently Cody strongly implied during the PoV ceremony that his team was behind his choices, and they all agreed on Paul's nomination.

Ironically, Jessica is probably the best person that Cody could have talked to about it, because Jessica KNOWS about BB twists, and how America votes.  She KNOWS about how BB works, and how you should be working with the players that America will support.  Like Your Boy Paul.  He might not be Your Boy, or My Boy, but CBS is counting on a few weeks of Paul to get the CBS casuals hooked this summer.  TV is a business, and a tough business at that.

But that doesn't mean Cody has to like it.

Cody:  It's a bullshit twist. Three weeks?  Bullshit.

(We've GOT to have a competition where the house guests dig around in farm animal excrement, right?  Is OTEV going to attend a rodeo this season?  Because, synergy.)

So Jessica made some sort of very understandable comment about how if Cody keeps another big secret from her again, she's going to evict him from the game herself.  Then Cody jumped up and ran from the room. I was SHOOK, because I think Cody is a frickin' powder keg of anger, just waiting to blow.

But he and Jessica just scurried to a corner of the backyard, where Cody might have felt safer from the cameras and microphones.  Jessica tried to calm him down.  She knows how to placate Cody, and might even have experience dealing with angry men before.  Who knows. Just an (educated) guess.

But then Paul came over, and when the finger pointing started I was scared again, because Cody clearly doesn't GAF about Paul's friendship. Paul wanted to know what he's done to cause so much distrust...he's just being himself and has tried to share as much information with everyone as he can.

Cody:  I knew I was going to have a problem with you the minute you didn't give me one of those...

Paul: The FRIENDSHIP BRACELET?  You're worried about THAT?

Which does sound ridiculous.

Paul must have brought a bottle of Paul's Mist with him this summer, because you could clearly see how Cody started to calm down a little, and Paul eventually asked him to go inside where they had a private conversation in the Lounge.  Paul pushes all of the right buttons with Cody, saying he respects his game and abilities, and he is there to play like men.

Christmas was out there taking out her anger on the weights and kettle bell, breathing heavily and obviously wanting to put a smack down on somebody.

Somebody like Cody.

And the rest of the Showmance Kool Kids were rocked, and shook, and totally devastated by what they thought was the stupidest move ever.  They felt they all agreed on Jason the Cowboy going home this week, but Cody had other, unspoken ideas.

Elena: He just handed the keys to this game to the floaters. The floaters are going to win this now, because of Cody.

(It's the first week of the game are they floaters?  Right now it is you against them, so that is hardly floating.  And how is Elena not floating?  What has she won so far? )

I'll just say this:  The first week is easy for you if you attach yourself to the HoH.  It's the people who DON'T FLOAT TO THE POWER who are the candidates for Non-Floater status.  That's what a floater in Big Brother actually is....someone who never actually has the power, but aligns each week with whoever does have the power.

So we don't know yet who the damn floaters are. And it's hard to be a true floater.  There is an art to it.  Just ask Andy Herren.

And Mark is just devastated.  He pledged his support for Cody, frequently calling Cody his friend, and has also said he will stick by Cody, because he is a loyal guy.

But he's not happy about Cody's choices.  He has said he knows Christmas is a threat that needs to be addressed, but he didn't expect it to go down this way.  I think Matt and Raven will make the first break away from the Showmance Kool Kids, but maybe they will wait to see who wins HoH first, right?  Like floaters.  Because that's how it works.

(Matt even told Big Jeff in his preseason interview that he would float if necessary, which upset Big Jeff, Big Time.)

And I think Mark was kind of wanting to play a Big Jeff game, playing hard and winning, and backing up his words with actions.  Mark wanted a loyal team, and also a showmance, like Big Jeff. He's currently struggling with the decision about the vote this week.  In fact, I think Christmas might get to stay this week in part because people may not want to vote for her because it looks like they are still supporting Cody, even though evicting Christmas is probably the best move for everybody.

Meanwhile Paul isn't wasting any time shoring up his relationships with the Non Kool Kids, like Jason.  Jason had a good idea that Cody was going to shake things up, and he seems happy to hitch his horses to Paul's wagon.  Or maybe its the other way around.

But trust that Paul is shifting into Plan B, and will try to make the most of his weeks of safety, building a team and giving up his own hopes of being a filthy Floater.

And Raven had a scene worthy of the Hallmark Channel, embracing Cody and saying she forgives him.

Raven:  You know I love you to death, Cody.


This was the view in my Twitter timeline.  Kind of eerie, right?


  1. OMG!! Thank you for addressing one of my worse pet peeves, the horrible misuse of the term "Floater". Grates on my last nerve

  2. Cody might smile when talking about Jessica's body, because, hormones. But he lights up when he talks about and to Alex. It's not just looks, it's feels, and he respects her. I was thinking earlier today how he might dump Jessica and try to pursue Alex and how great that would be, and then both girls would still put him up on the block. 😂

    So Paul pulled an Adam from Survivor with the crotch immunity. And that sounds funny.

    Cody is like Gatlok. So Gatlok is from Dragon Age and it's a kind of explosive that sits dormant when untouched and requires a special powder and has a complex mechanism. So it's very well controlled and won't go off randomly. But you need to know how to set it off properly, because when it's set off, it has a massive explosion and is the most powerful kind of explosive in the game. Hence Cody = Gatlok, and when he goes off for real, watch out!


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