Thursday, July 6, 2017

You Can Stir Your Own Pot of Chaos. #BB19

OK.  First of all, don't get too excited about Cody's HoH tweets.  I'm not even going to give them their own post, they are so damn basic.

I don't have any definitive news about this week's live votes.  But it looks like there are going to be some surprises for all of us, and I'm left wondering if some of these people are crafty enough to play the live feeders.  Or, are they actually mentally unstable and can't keep track of their own conversations?

Here is a peek at what was going on yesterday, on the eve of the first live show of the season.  It feels like two months, rather than two weeks since we've met these people, and a live eviction episode seems badly overdue.

Christmas is back in the house after her visit to the doctor on Wednesday afternoon for an MRI.  It turns out that she broke her foot bone in two places, but was allowed to make her own decision about whether to stay in the game or go.  In a normal BB season (ie: no unscheduled house guest walk outs), or for a normal BB player (ie: not a semi-famous bodybuilder babe), then I think Production would have sent Christmas home for the rest of the summer.  But this isn't a normal situation to have all of this nonsense before we've even had a live episode.

When Christmas hobbled back in the house on her crutches, a few house guests were there to get some prime camera time.  But a few others didn't even bother to greet her---I'll tell you about that later, but you can probably guess who they were.

But Christmas assured everyone that no competitions will be adjusted for her, and a doctor will be consulted about each competition and will make the call whether she can play or not, depending on the type of activity involved.

Before I forget, when Christmas came back in the house on Monday, after her visit to the ER, she looked surprised to learn that none of the house guests knew that Jason is the one who fell on top of her foot, breaking it.  Jason didn't tell anybody that, but I did see him walk through the backyard with Kevin, showing him where it happened, and where they both fell.

You can probably tell from her pose here that Dominique isn't happy about something, and that something is a someone named Ramses.

Dominique:  I don't like that.  I don't like that at all.  He try to play me, so he got to go.

Dominique is referring, of course, to the lie (I'm pretty sure.) that was made up by Ramses on July 4th, blowing up her "secret" alliance with Mark.  And I guess Elena isn't BFF's with Ramses anymore, based on the chatter at this point.  She just described how Ramses was creeping down the hall to the bathroom, asking Elena (who was parked on the bathroom couch with Mark) "can you see me now.....can you see me now?" as he moved farther and farther away.

Dominique:  You should have told him 'no'.  He's trying to be sneaky and find out where he can stand to spy on people.

(Andy Herren would NEVER...)

Then the BBAD camera quickly shifts to the storage room, so I know this is important.  The BBAD camera crew does a good job of flipping back and forth to show us something significant to the action, or something shady to make us laugh.  Later in the season when they scroll "fan" twitter posts across the screen is when you really need to watch....the tweets are often BRUTAL and barely appropriate for broadcast.  (Last year Nicole and Coooorrrreeeey took a BEATING.)

Anyway, I told you yesterday that Josh told us, the live feeders, how much he loved Christmas and would be voting to keep her.  But maybe Josh hit the crackpipe, or took his meds, or just had a psychotic break, because things have changed.


Jason:  I am.  Just fucking SPIT IT OUT.

(Ironic, right? Because I've been saying Josh looks like a spitter dating back to his interview with Big Jeff.)

Josh is telling Jason to vote out Christmas now, and he apparently feels very strongly about this.  Say it, don't spray it, Josh.

Josh: And we have to win this next HoH....either you, me, Alex or Kevin.

Jason:  But if I win, I'm making my own's my decision.

Josh:  YES!  Let's do it!

Note that they need six votes to evict Christmas, with Cody casting the tie vote to give her the boot, unless Ramses chooses this week to nominate himself (his "curse").

Projected Votes to Evict Christmas, if This Conversation Sticks

Kevin (if he doesn't pull a Topaz)

So they still need one more---not sure where that vote would be coming from....

Alex said her Tinder went crazy when she broke up with someone.  I'm not on Tinder, but apparently a bunch of guys "Super Liked" her.

Kevin got dressed up for another one of Dominique's "shows", but he stressed that he is not being interviewed, he just got dressed up to attend it.

Kevin:  You know how we're cooped up in here....dressing up just takes me out for awhile...I'm headed to the club in my head....maybe going to the sex room.

Mark:  Kevin are you going to come to the club with us after this?

Kevin:  Come with you?  I'm taking all of YOU to the show.

I am pleased to report that Paul is quiet when he plays chess.  It sounds like Mark has already beaten Paul a few times.  Paul said that's what happens when someone like Mark learns to play chess "with Grandpa".

Paul:  He's good.  He's really good.

Kevin addressed his various family members, with instructions for them to take Ramses out and show him a good time.  I believe that "Chris" (one daughter's boyfriend) has been tasked with heading up this initiative.

Not to spoil the surprise, but I think Kevin is going to wear this same outfit for Thursday's live show.


Paul did A LOT more talking, actually he spoke CONSTANTLY for what seemed like HOURS.  There is no topic that Paul isn't an expert on, or doesn't have a riveting story about.  And Paul is OBLIVIOUS to the IRRITATION that many of the other house guests are feeling about him.  Even when Matt shrugged his shoulders and said "24" (Paul's age.) when Paul was giving Matt unasked-for advice about previous relationships, Paul was too self-involved to notice.

I'll Just Say It:  I know Production felt like they needed Paul this season to build excitement for the TV show, but he is now RUINING the experience for everyone, in my opinion.  He can't just let these people play their own season in peace.  If you have the live feeds, then you already know, but it's the people who don't that really need to understand this.

Paul went off on yet ANOTHER tangent about BB18, this time telling everyone how James was so sure that he was getting America's Favorite Player all summer long, mentioning it constantly throughout last season.  Jessica actually knew that not only did Victor win, she mentioned James' shocked face at the Finale when he didn't even come close.  They all agree that Johnny Mac would have won AFP for BB17, instead of James.

Paul also blasted Frank (and James and Da'Vonne) for considering themselves "legends" of the game.

(Um....Pot meet Kettle?)

Jessica said that she's never had a boyfriend where she didn't have to pay at least 50% of their expenses going out. Both Paul and Josh say they never let a girl pay for anything, but Paul does appreciate when someone rummages in her purse to at least pretend that she's looking for her wallet.

Paul told a very LOUD story about going to Halloween Horror Night somewhere.  Then Jessica said there was some sort of "erotic" Haunted House where they "tear your clothes off".  Of course, Paul knows about that, and has been there before.  Of course.

When Jessica told her boss that she was leaving to be on BB, he told her that he used to own Les Deux with Mike Boogie.  Jessica had no idea that Mike owned Les Deux, mentioning that The Hills filmed there practically every episode.   And Paul had to top that, too, by saying that Mike now owns a club in Las Vegas.

(Wrong.  Mike owns a Poke fast-casual restaurant, not a club.)

Jessica actually reminds me of Kristin Cavallari from her Laguna Beach days.  They are both short, curvy Alpha girls who don't take any crap, always striving to be Queen Bee.  It makes sense to me that Jessica grew up watching Kristin on TV, now that I've gotten to know her.

Jessica also said she broke up with a long-term boyfriend after she bought him tickets to Universal for his birthday and then found him involved with some sketchy Instagram DMs with some other girls.  He should have been honest with her, she said, rather than letting her find out the way she did.

You just KNOW that if Kristin Cavallari had Instagram back in The Hills days, she wouldn't stand for that, either.

Jessica: When I love, I love hard.  When you give someone that, and they shit on it, it really hurts.

The kitchen crowd was loud, talking excitedly about their bar and club experiences, with each person having to talk louder to be heard over the others.

The camera showed us the scene from Kevin and Jason's viewpoint, sitting at the table on the far side of the room.

Kevin:  Some of these people are laughing just to be part of the crowd...they don't know what is going on.

Jason:  I don't watch TV and have no idea what they're talking about.

Kevin:  All of these people have such an exciting's amazing they can spare any time to be here, in this house.

Basically Kevin is being sarcastic, and he and Jason think Paul is talking WAY TOO MUCH.  I think it has been hard for Jason to deal with, especially, since Paul has been hounding him about his vote constantly the last few days.

Kevin tried to start a conversation with Ramses about the content of his breakfast sandwich, but Ramses clearly wasn't in the mood to discuss his food.

Kevin:  What you got there....ham and cheese?  FOR BREAKFAST?

Ramses:  Yes.

Kevin tried to get more out of him, but he was unsuccessful.

And of course the girls had to make time to cake on the makeup.  Mark was watching and asking questions about the routine.  Apparently Elena uses a "Beauty Blender" from Sephora.

They told Mark that any girl would like receiving a gift certificate from Sephora. Mark has noticed that the store always has a line at the register when he walks by at the mall.

Always with the contouring, this girl.

Raven:  I hope I still have health insurance, ya'll, when I get out of here.

Elena wondered if she was on COBRA (used after you terminate employment somewhere) but Raven clarified that her mother is supposed to pay her Blue Cross premiums for her.  This brought a round of complaining about health care coverage issues, which included the following.

Raven:  And rape is considered a pre-existing condition, too.

Elena:  What?  That doesn't even makes sense.

Raven:  I know.  I'm not gonna get into it, but it was shocking to me, too.

Well, you already did, Raven, so it sounds as if there will be more Personal Raven Information forthcoming, as the season stretches out.  Raven also started commenting about how being pregnant fits into this equation, but due to HIPPA (or whatever) I decided to change the channel.

Meanwhile Kevin entertained the crowd with stories about how naughty he was as a child.  When he was around 12, I think, he and his friends would grab on to a moving train and then ride along for fun.  He said he borrowed someone named Richie's jacket (maybe his brother?)  but he jumped on the "inside" side of the train, which turned out to be a mistake.

Another train was coming, and Kevin held on to the train's window for dear life and tried to make himself as small as possible.  A man inside the train reached out and held Kevin's arms in order to help.  When the other train passed and Kevin survived, I think the guy inside the train ended up holding the jacket when it slipped off, because it was too big for young, skinny Kevin.

Kevin's dad somehow came home with the jacket (maybe he was on the train?) and demanded to know whose jacket it was.  Kevin said it was Richie's, blaming it on him, but when the truth finally came out (It always does.) his dad just said, "you need to grab on to the outside of the train, not the inside".

Everyone laughed and enjoyed Kevin's story, even Cody.

Jason loved the story, too.  He told his own story that involved throwing a lasso around someone's mailbox and then driving off as fast as possible with it.

Jason:  They dared me to do it, and I wondered for a second if it was a federal offense, then I just said fuck it.

Later in the afternoon someone made what looked like a pasta dish, and everyone wondered if they should go up to the HoH and ask Jessica and Cody if they wanted to join them.  In the end, I think they decided not to, because Cody is eating slop (by choice), and they probably knew the meal was ready if they were watching on the Spy Screen, anyway.

But the two of them did appear eventually, encountering Christmas in the house for the first time since her return from her MRI and the news that she plans to stay in the game.  I don't think Cody said anything to her, but Jessica and Christmas had a stilted, stiff exchange of pleasantries that crackled with hatred right below the surface.  ("How are you?"  "I'm fine, how are you"  "How is your foot?"  "It's fine, thank you". "How long do you need to wear that?" "Until it's ready be removed.")

 Jessica and Cody joined the entire cast as they all sat around the dining table.  Cody and Jessica kissed each other at the HoH door before they went downstairs like they were headed off into battle.  They had a camera focused on them at the table, and I never heard either of them say one word to anyone.

Cody ate a bowl of slop, and Jessica said she would eat something later.  So the two of them just sat and stared the whole time, leaning together and whispering a few times.  I wondered if they planned this behavior----it's Cody's normal style, so is Jessica adopting it?  Maybe she's so angry about everyone deserting them that she is withholding conversation as punishment.

This is what was served for dinner....I think I'd choose the slop, too, or maybe just make a PBJ for myself.  That looks like a prison meal.  Not that I'd know about that, of course, but even the prisoners have commissary snacks to eat as meal replacements.

I forget why I took this picture, but it is somebody's face serum that got cracked or something, and Mark was helping save the day.

This is Matt cooking up whatever it is he wanted to eat for breakfast.  It looked like egg whites so I changed that channel, too.

Yesterday we discussed how many friends Paul has in the LA restaurant community.  And today is no exception, because he wanted Big Mark to know that he is "good friends" with the owner of Ubatuba, after Mark just casually commented that he likes peanut butter.

According to Paul, the Acai bowls at Ubatuba are unbelievably delicious with peanut butter.  I've had Acai juice before, and didn't like it because it was too sweet, but I might actually try an Acai bowl sometime, because I'm always looking for new plant-based foods to eat.  But I might like peanut butter too much myself to mix it with Acai.  The whole "bowl" craze seems to me to be more about taking a picture of your food for Instagram, than actually eating it.

Elena told Mark that at home she has nine pair of Converse Chucks.  Elena seems to be barely tolerating Mark at this point.  I've heard her make snide remarks about all of the crying he did the other night to her friends.

Elena: He and I are two TOTALLY different people.

Elena talks about her mother frequently on the live feeds---her name is Eugenia.

GET THIS:  Elena said that after this summer, she thinks people will be using the name "Eugenia" as an expression, and it will go viral, with people unsure of where it came from.

Maybe those people will also be wearing the T-shirts with Elena's picture on it that she told Big Jeff she'd like us all to wear.  

Bye Eugenia.  No, that didn't work for me.

Bye Felicia.


Matt had his game face on as he did a little shaving of his chest and shoulders.  I heard them joking that the word or words under his bandage will be the key to winning the final HoH competition.

By the way, all of the fans are searching the internet to learn what Matt's tattoo says.   I wrote a post way back during BB12 about one of Matt Hoffman's tattoos (a picture of "Toxie") and suddenly a hundred BB fans are landing on that post, and probably leaving angry.

I would do the work to find out what this Matt's tattoo actually says, but I really don't care enough.  Sorry.  I stopped taking tattoos seriously years ago.


So this happened, down in the comment section:

Is this true?  If so, I don't understand how Matt can even show his face in public, much less expose his  arm to television cameras.  Boys II Men?  What the actual fuck?  I just tried to imagine Matt explaining his tattoo to his young sons one day, and I almost threw up.

LOOK:  Fads come and go.  Some I'm happy to see again, like the gauzy embroidered 1970's style tops that are in the stores everywhere now.  In fact, I just bought a shirt made out of white eyelet and when I wear it I feel like I should put Bonnie Bell LipSmackers on and walk by Kit _____field's locker, maybe after a quick spritz of Love's Baby Soft under my ponytail.  But UGLY TATTOOS ARE PERMANENT, YA'LL.  Don't make the same mistake as Matt Clines, kids.  Don't waste your skin, and don't waste your money.  Because I may have joked two weeks about about being hot for Matt, but if we were on our third date and I saw the shit written on his arm, I'd probably pretend to have food poisoning and call an Uber to go home.  Because it's not just ugly, it indicates POOR JUDGEMENT.

***OK.  AS YOU WERE.***

And I'm sorry, but Christmas can't think her ink looks good, can she?  I think it detracts from her overall presentation, but I know I already said that.  With any luck on Christmas' part, I'll get a chance to bitch about it again tomorrow, if she wakes up in the BB house.

Cody found Josh and demanded to know who is coming after Cody as a target.  I found the vigor of Cody's mode of questioning to be rather shocking.  He's not HoH anymore...who gives a shit what he wants to know?

But Josh had been like a dog with a tail between his legs in previous talks with Cody, bowing and scraping and saying "thank you Master" for any information Cody could give him.  So this is going to be VERY interesting....Josh can say he is a changed man this week, but do you really think he's not going to lose his damn mind the minute the live show starts?

If Production is smart, they will mute his mic unless they specifically ask him a question.  But of course, the BB live sound crew has a HISTORY of screw-ups.  So many incidents where we either didn't hear what we were supposed to hear, or we heard a bunch of things we shouldn't have heard.

And I'm not even counting BBOTT in that, because that wasn't a real show.  And we had the Presidential Election and the Legalization of Weed in California right in the middle of the BBOTT season.  (But if you do want to learn about one of the biggest BB audio fuck-ups EVER, you can learn about it here.)

And you do remember that live show where Julie announced that "she couldn't hear anything in her earpiece", don't you?

Jillian clarified last night that the operation she had was the "gastric sleeve", where her stomach was reduced to about 25% of it's original size, permanently.

Jillian: It's about the size of a banana now.

Last week Jillian made a little speech where she said she'd like to be an inspiration to women who want to have the surgery, but are afraid of the medical procedure, as well as the backlash from other people.  I told myself I would shut up about it, but I have a hard time believing that permanent reduction of her stomach is necessary to lose only 50 pounds.  Sorry Jillian.  I will shut up now, unless you bring it up again in a manner that I need to comment on.

Jillian also said this is the first time she has EVER not lived with her family, and she had some trouble adjusting to it, but is ready to "let her freak flag fly" now and get on with life in the BB house.

Either Jillian or Christmas will lose the dream tonight, but will surely be eligible to come back into the house later in the season, in some way.  Victor has been tweeting about it, trying to imply that he will be involved with the next Battle Back somehow, but if he is, shouldn't he shut up about it?

HINT: Yes, he should.

After Christmas told Kevin (in response to his question) that her Lucky boots cost about $100, Kevin had to put his glasses on to get a better look.

And Kevin and Christmas both agreed that they have nice feet, due to "their German blood".

(Hi Foot People!  I know you all love Big Brother.)

And here is one for the Boob People, because I know you all like Big Brother, too.

And one more picture each, for both groups of fans.

PS:  The title of this post comes courtesy of Elena, who was talking about Josh and Ramses, I think, and how they will have to live with their actions.


  1. can someone please tell me why Matt has to cover a section of his tattoo?
    is is because it is a name of somebody that didn't sign a waiver, or some other copyright issue? Thanks...

    1. yes, copyright.. it's lyrics from the Boys II Men "A Song for Mama"...

    2. OH. MY. GOD.

      I've just updated my post for this important information.

      HINT: I'm fucking DISGUSTED by it.

  2. I don't have a problem with Paul, per se, people are just people, and he's a gregarious, ego-centric rich kid. I DO have a problem with BB vets. Hate them! I wish casting would recruit a whole season of people who have never even seen the show. That would be epic watching them figure out strategies and whatnot in the fly. Other than an all-winners season, no more vets for me please.

    I am currently watching Jess and Cody shit kittens right now. They're so pissed Paul is hoh. Calling him a loser and stuff. So juvenile... mocking Paul telling them "it wasn't personal." Dude, Cody, you tried to nom him, get real. Hate to see Cody go cuz he's good drama, maybe he can talk Ramses into nomming himself this week.

  3. A friend of mine used to weigh 300 lbs and had surgery to her stomach. Now she has to eat slowly and isn't as hungry. She also got some of the excess fat removed. There was a problem and the stomach thing was causing her to not be able to lose weight, and she works out 3 times a week. Now she's, what, 140, or something, 150. And there were several operations and procedures. The entire process took about a year, from the first op to the last one, and all the checkups in between. So, no offense to Jillian's story, but she's not inspiring me very much with it. In fact, she does not speak in a very motivated way at all. She seems blazé.


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