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Who Showed Who, Dominique? #BB19

It's not uncommon for a thirsty BB house guest to feel like "putting on a show" is going to please the live feeders and kill some time in the house.  But it is uncommon for one of these "shows" to blow up players' games, and create cascading waves of resentment.

Are you happy now Dominique?  Because you just made A BUNCH of enemies, and put your name out there on everybody's lips, but not for the reasons you wanted.....

Dominique has been holding these "shows" on Wednesday and Saturday nights, with Kevin and Ramses on board as her production team.  Kevin also functions as an Ed McMahon-type host, and also handles publicity by addressing the cameras occasionally to announce the date and time of upcoming episodes, as well as the week's special guests.

Last night the scheduled guests were the nominees for eviction: Alex, Ramses and Cody.  As the time drew near for the "show", Paul and Cody had a quiet moment in the Lounge to chat.

I think Paul was just trying to check in with Cody, to get a sense of his mood before his "interview".  During their chat, Cody told Paul that he was in the Air Force for 6 years before becoming joining the Marines, where he served for 4 years.

Paul:  Ten years!  I didn't know that.  Thank you for your service, dude.  Why did you decide to switch to the Marines?

Cody:  Because I wanted to kill the Taliban.

(I'm kind of nervous about even including that phrase on this website and reserve the right to blank it out later if I start getting the type of traffic that I certainly DO NOT want.  I'm sure you understand.)

Cody also said that he had to start over from scratch when he made the move to the Marines, losing his status and even having to go through basic training again. (I guess Cody REALLY wanted to go to battle.)  He left the military at a lower level than he was when he transferred over from the Air Force.

Cody:  People always ask me why I didn't just serve 20 years so I can retire, but they don't know how long 10 years can be in the military.

Cody has a buddy with some land and a "range" and they want to make some sort of business out of it.  I think this was the setting for Cody's B-reel intro video on Premiere night.

Meanwhile the house guests prepare for the "show", even though they are technically already on a show (CBS), and another show which was live at the time (BBAD).  So a show, within a show, within a show.

Jessica has been trying to re-build her relationship with Elena, after Cody's actions threw everything into an uproar last week when he made the shocking surprise nominations of Paul, and then Christmas.

Jessica:  I really hope this doesn't turn into World War III.

Elena:  Why do you say that?

Jessica:  Well, when you give Cody free reign to speak....I don't know.  I don't know what he's going to say....I'm scared.

And Kevin is looking sharp tonight, of course.  He brought six suits into the house, and who knows how many shirt and tie combinations he can show us this summer.  I can't remember any other house guests bringing this type of menswear into the house.

Derrick got a custom suit made for him to host a PoV competition during BB16, but that's a different situation.

I don't know if Kevin brought the hair spray with him, or if he borrowed from one of the girls.  With six daughters and a wife, I'm sure Kevin is used to finding hair spray when he needs some extra hold.

You might know that Raven fell on the spiral staircase yesterday, and it was a scary few minutes as everyone gathered to see if she was okay, and if she could move.  She hit her head, and cut her foot.  Kevin reported that there was blood dripping from her sock. In the DR Raven got some medical attention, and reported that someone was going to visit the DR later to give her some stitches. (BB keeping that Medic busy this summer....)

I think Raven was just coming out of the DR in these next pictures, as Kevin helped her walk across the floor.

Kevin:  Ramses, you're the A.D., come over here and help us.  We'll help you, honey.

Raven said she hopes her foot will feel better on Thursday, so she can compete.  But Raven later said that she can't get her foot wet for 7 days, so that may indeed keep her from playing in the HoH competition.  She might be sitting on the sidelines with Christmas, if Christmas makes it back to the house in time for the show.

Raven told the girls that she got five stitches and it took an hour because the angle needed was hard to reach --they had to hold two of her toes apart and stitch in the area connecting them.  (OUCH.)  She also said she did not get any pain pills because they make her sick.  When Dominique pushed back on that, Raven had to remind her that her disease prevents her from digesting certain medications.  I'm guessing they gave her some type of local anesthetic, but I'm not sure about that.

Dominique thinks she is the second coming of Oprah, as she stood outside of the Lounge to wait for her introduction.  Earlier she made a point about how there is a difference between a mere host and a journalist, because a journalist listens and asks questions, while a host just sits there, I guess.  Dominique considers herself a journalist, but implies that whether that will work out for her or not is up to God.

Dominique:  Holy Spirit, we thank you!

Inside the Lounge the crowd gathered, with only Jason missing as he was in the Diary Room at the start of the show.

Matt saw Alex wearing a dress and told her she looked like a "real live girl", making everybody laugh.  There was tension in the air, as everyone was on pins and needles regarding Cody's appearance on the "show".  It is important to note that Dominique has been trying to book Cody for an appearance for days now, having to ask Jessica to ask him, but the answer was always No.  But suddenly, earlier today Cody changed his mind, causing concern and building interest in the show.

As MC, Kevin introduced Dominique and she came in to applause before announcing that she thinks the crowd is excited because she has the "big guest" tonight.  (Probably not realizing that she might be offending Alex and Ramses.)  Then she rolled into her opening comments, which I always find to be spoken way too fast and in too sharp a tone, causing me to rewind what she says in my head in an attempt to determine her objective.  But the objective tonight was fairly clear.

Dominique:  Hurt people hurt people.  But we have the freedom to forgive.

She repeated those statements in a few different ways, all with force, like she's making an argument.

Josh coughed, leading to Kevin calling for security to "get him the hell out of here."  Kevin announced that yesterday was Dominique's 31st birthday, and today was Whistle-Nut's 38 birthday, even though he is still in the Diary Room.

Alex is the first guest, introducing herself to the crowd. Her fun fact is that she makes her own bathing suits, and also crochets, knits, and plays video games.  Dominique wondered if she brought her own designs in the house this summer.

Alex:  I did, but most of it was confiscated by Production.

Alex drinks a lot of Coca-Cola, saying that she would drink more Coke in the house, but they ran out the first week.  She estimates that she drinks about 6 to 8 cans daily, with more on the weekends when she is home.  Alex goes to 24 Hour Fitness every day, working out with weights but doing no cardio.  Alex says she gets out of breath walking up the BB stairs, so she knows she probably needs to add cardio to her routine.

Alex is interested in how the girls all do their hair, adding that she considers herself to be a "mental blonde".  Dominique asks a number of game-related questions about being on the block, and how confident she is that she will survive the week without being evicted.

Alex:  I feel pretty good, but I'm only actually confident that I have one person's vote...Jason, you better not fuck it up.

Alex started making this top in sequester, but couldn't finish making straps after Production confiscated her crochet hooks.  Jason wondered how long it would take to dry if she got that top wet.

Alex:  Well, it's not a bathing suit.  It's a top to wear to summer concerts and festivals, but I can make you a bikini top if you want.  They confiscated most of the bikinis I brought because they were too skimpy.

Guy in Audience:  HOLLA!

Alex also made these workout pants, which have some sort of shirring on the sides. The name of her business is Loki Apparel, which is based on the Hawaiian word for rose ("Loke").  She plans to start a website when the summer is over in hopes of taking orders.

Dominique wanted some game info, so Alex discussed her situation with Megan.  Basically she heard that Megan had been saying that "someone" called her a "Panda", and Alex feels calling someone a racist is very serious, particularly on TV.

Alex:  I didn't even know that Panda is supposed to be offensive, but my grandparents immigrated over here, and I know they would slap the shit out of me if I just let that comment go.

Alex went outside to start talking to Megan about it, but realized she was getting too angry, so she came back inside to cool off a little.

Alex:  But Megan followed me back in here, and we got into it, and if you can't handle it and you're going to be a wimp, then you can just get the fuck out of here....or I mean you need to GTFO.

Alex loves her job as the only customer service rep for a  company that sells environment-friendly products.  They pay her well and are cool with her, so she loves it.

Alex:  Oh, they think I'm in Hawaii right now, B.T. Dubs.  (by the way).  I guess they know now, though.

There was a question from the audience about how much food she eats on a daily basis.  Alex said that Matt helped her calculate it all, and thinks she eats 5,000 to 6,000 calories daily.  She got another question about how she learned to cook.  Alex likes to watch the Food Network while she crochets, so that sparked her interest in cooking.  At one point she had to tell Jason to shut up, calling him "Rabbit Fucker", which he objected to.

Alex is single, explaining that she moved the flower to the right side of her head to signify that.  (Apparently, a flower on the left side means you are spoken for.)  Dominique wanted to know what kind of men Alex likes.

Alex: I like really tall have to be this tall (holding hand up to signify height) to ride this ride.

The crowd went wild over that, and Dominique indicated she plans to use this phrase herself, too.  Alex also stated that she's sorry, but she "likes white guys".  She's open to other options, but so far she has only dated white men.  Matt asked a question about Alex' use of Bumble.

Alex:  Yeah, okay, I guess I ghosted on dudes on Bumble when I came in here...Hi David.  We can talk about that more on the outside, and I can show you my's pretty funny. Yeah, there are a couple of guys....a Joey....two Mikes.....

The crowd laughed as the interview ended.  So far, so good for everyone.  But let's keep going.

Kevin checked in with Ramses before bringing him "on stage".

Kevin:  Don't be nervous and lick your lips....oh, you got Chapstick?  Cherry Chapstick, okay.  Knock 'em dead, kid.

Ramses greets  Dominique, and they immediately get into the topic of his age.  Ramses swears he is 21, even though most people think he 17 or 18 when they meet him.  He grew up in Grand Rapids Michigan, but lived most of his childhood in the Dominican Republic.

Kevin:  The D.R.!

Ramses is studying Spanish Education in college, and wants to teach high school Spanish.  He works part-time in a Mexican restaurant where his friends also work, saying that management is super cool and they think he is spending the summer in the Dominican Republic.  He went to an open BB call with his best friend, who knew he couldn't be on the show due to severe back problems, but his friend was happy for him when he was cast.

He got into CosPlay because it let him blend his artsy side with his nerdy side, and he usually makes costumes for other people and attends a lot of Cons and other related gatherings.  Ramses was most surprised about Alex, because he thought she might be 17 when he first saw her, and expected her to be a quiet, very reverent girl.

Dominique asked him how he felt on the first day, and Ramses said it was so hot outside when they were in those pods, but he was very happy to get a Friendship Bracelet from Paul.  Then Dominique shifted into some pointed questions that would prove to ruffle feathers all over the house.

Dominique:  Who do you think won the $25,000?

Ramses:  Um....I have an idea, but I don't want to say.

Dominique:  Is it someone who is still in the house right now?

Ramses: of them isn't, but one of them is...but I don't want to say.

When pushed, Ramses guessed how a few of the house guests would spend $25K, saying Mark would probably blow it all on whey protein and Elena, and Raven would spend the  money on a great cause, her family.

Then Dominique really pushed Ramses with a line of questioning that caused some controversy around the house, asking question after question about his sexuality.  She kept digging, getting more and more personal, but I have to say that Ramses handled it with grace.

*  He's not dating, and has never had a boyfriend.
*  He just came out to his brother, so now he feels free and relieved that is behind him, and open to meeting someone.
*  Ramses always knew he was gay, even though he didn't always know what that meant.  He says everybody has a first crush, and his was on a guy when he was 10 or 11, so that just felt natural to him.
*  He came out to his mother when he was 17, and she said "you're my son and I love you".  Ramses was very relieved with her reaction.
*  Dominique kept digging, asking him why he waited 7 years to come out to his mother.  (What kind of question was that....Ramses was a CHILD.)  I don't remember what his answer was, but of course he didn't have a multi-point answer like she probably expected.

When it was time for audience questions, it felt like everyone tread lightly, asking easy questions in support of the personal grilling that Ramses just endured from Dominique.

*  He wants to backpack through Asia to learn different cultures, and to gain experiences that will be valuable as a language teacher.
*  His favorite CosPlay character for himself is some anime girl whose name I could never begin to spell, but she has "red stripey hair".
*  He loves to make costumes for friends, and tells the camera that "he's down to help  make some PoV costumes" in the future.
*  Being on slop is totally gross, because it is chewy and crunchy as if it contains bird seed.  He did create a slop dish that was inspired by Chicken Parm that he is happy to prepare for others who need it this summer.

Ramses survived the interview with dignity, handling this unexpectedly personal inquisition with composure that seemed unusual for his age. But Dominique was just getting warmed up as far as asking the Big Pesky Questions.

Finally it was time for the closer, and Cody stepped onstage for his time in the spotlight.  He lives in Dallas Texas but was born in Lake Mills, Iowa.  Cody's fun fact is that he can get out of any pair of handcuffs with just a bobby pin.  The crowd reacted to that.

The Crowd:  Whooo Jess.

Cody:  They wouldn't let me bring them in here.

Dominique: Hmmmm.  I wonder why.

(You can see a picture of the handcuffs in the link above.  Here it is again if you didn't click the first time.)

When asked what his first impression was, coming in the BB house, Cody said he saw Jessica and wanted to stay away from her the entire summer..

Cody:  I didn't want to get into a showmance....but

Cody and Jessica, in unison:'s not a showmance.

Cody:  I even told Jeff that I thought showmances are dumb, before I knew about him...

Everyone got a good laugh at that.  And yes, Cody did tell Big Jeff that very thing.

Dominique:  But why Jessica?

Cody:  Well, on the advice of counsel I have to maintain all information about that relationship private.

Kevin: You'll plead the fifth.

Cody:  Yep, plead the fifth.

Dominique, really trying to DIG now: instead, let's just talk about your partner (ie. without using her name).

Cody:  No, I said I'm going to keep that information private.

Dominique wanted to know who gave Cody a "not so good" first impression.

Cody, without hesitation:  Paul.  I didn't like Paul on his season.  I thought he was loud and brash, and too over the top.  But now that I've gotten to know him, he's okay.  You'll see on the show that when he came in, everyone ran over to Paul, and I was  just standing in the kitchen, shaking my head, like what the fuck.  I even said in every interview when they asked me who I didn't want to see, that I didn't want to see Paul.

Dominique wanted to know what his driving force was to win the first HoH.

Cody:  I wanted to get Paul out because he didn't give me a Friendship Bracelet.  I sat in this room and had what I thought was a good conversation with Paul, but he didn't give me a bracelet.  He just gave a bracelet to all of the pretty girls.  Not to say that girls who didn't get one aren't pretty (Alex), but I probably would have done the same thing.

Dominique:  How did it feel to be the first HoH?

Cody:  Fine.  (***audience laughs***)  I just wanted Megan out then...I hated her.  Well, that may be a little strong, but I really didn't like her, and on one else did, either.

Dominique:  Was it her blue and green hair that you didn't like?  (WTF?)

Cody:  I might need to plead the fifth on that, but she did say one time that she hated the Marines, and she said bad things to just about everybody here.

Cody described how the whole cast was having fun in the kitchen one night and Megan came in the room and asked everyone to be quiet.

Dominique:  Yes.  I remember that.  You waited a few beats, and then told her 'this is the Big Brother house, Megan'.  You were very calm.

Cody:  Yeah, I'm not gonna yell at a woman, but it was Megan, so whatever....

In response to a question, Cody said he would never campaign against Alex, or two other people.  Dominique prodded, wanting to know who the three people are.

Paul:  Am I one of them?  (***audience laughs***)

Cody:  It's Alex, Jessica, and Raven.  I feel they are all deserving in different ways, and I respect all of them.

Cody felt that Ramses chose this week on purpose to use up his Curse nomination, because Cody going home is a sure thing, and having a third person on the block made Cody's chances of being picked for PoV even slimmer.  Dominique wonders if Cody is surprised to be on the block this week.

Cody:  Absolutely not.  I knew last week that I would be backdoored this week.  I knew Paul would win the HoH, because during the comp, everyone was handing Paul their tickets.  I actually blame Megan for me being here, because I wanted her out, but she left and then I had to nominate half the house.  I just wanted to evict Megan and then chill out for a few weeks.

Dominique then asked a question about Cody targeting "the Outsiders", which caused a stir later, that she would use that term to lay out the division within the group.  I think she even pointed at them, which is when Raven looked over as pictured below.

Cody:  I did want to target the Outsiders, but not you, Alex.

Cody said he didn't tell Jessica his plan for the PoV last week, because he wanted to keep her out of it.

Cody:  She is feeling the heat now, but only because she stayed loyal to me.  That should mean something in here, but instead she is being shunned.  I expected other people to stay loyal, but they didn't, and they threw Jessica to the side like garbage.

Paul raised his hand:  You say you didn't tell Jessica, but who did you tell about your decision?

Cody:  I never made a baseless decision.  There were always 1 or 2 people involved.

This gets Big Mark's attention.

Mark:  Meaning what?

Cody:  One or two people always knew my decisions before I carried them out.

Mark:  Which decision is that?

Cody:  One or two people knew.  That's all I'm saying.

The two of them went back and forth at least twice, repeating the last question and answer quickly, and it felt heated.  Dominique decides to dispel the tension with a question from the audience, but maybe she should have called on a different audience member than Josh.

Josh:  If you weren't intimidated as a player and as a man, do you think you would have lasted longer in this game?

Cody: Is that supposed to be a dig at me, Josh?

Josh:  No, it's a serious question.

Cody:  Josh, you don't exist in my book.  I won't give you any more airtime than you deserve.

Cody tuned to Dominique and said, "no more questions from Josh".  Tension floated in the air as Dominique said she wanted to bring out Cody's dry sense of humor after just one more question.

Dominique:  How do you feel now, with your might not be a showmance....but with your showmance ending you plan to see each other outside of the house?

Cody:  Me and her are going to keep our relationship private, like I said before.  I'm just trying to enjoy my time with her while I can.

Mark: I have a question....these one or two people...making that statement is going to help Jessica's game going forward, isn't it?

Cody: Are you saying you are going to target Jess now, Mark?

The two of them went back and forth AGAIN with that.  Paul asked who the one or two people are, and Cody got snippy as he addressed Mark.

Cody:  I see where you are going with this Mark. I'm not a dum dum.

Mark:  Neither am I.

Dominique tried to reel it all back in by asking why Cody lied about his age when he came in the house. Cody said that the median age of BB players in the past was mid-20's, so he just wanted to fit in.

Kevin, raising his hand: Are you sayin' that I should have said I was 40?  (***audience laughs***)

Cody:  You could have pulled that off.

Dominique wanted to know what Cody does during his"9 to 5".

Cody:  I trade stocks and I do sales.

Dominique:  Oh, so everyone in here "does sales" (with air quotes), but do you really?

(This is a DIRECT SHOT at Matt, who is the only other house guest who works in sales.  Obviously she thinks Matt is lying about his job.  I am guessing she thinks Matt works in politics somehow, due to the area where he lives, or some other controversial profession.)

Cody said he rotates in and out of outside sales positions, which led Dominique to poke and prod in a very rude way to find out the status of his online trading finances.  She asked multiple times if he was successful at that, not appearing to realize how fucking RUDE she was about it.  Her last question for Cody was if he felt he owed anyone any apologies.

Cody:  Only Jessica.  I'm sorry that my actions dicked up her game.

Kevin closed the show, teasing that Paul would be the very special guest on the Saturday "show".

Immediately after Dominique's "show", the backlash was evident as the implications and insinuations were discussed among the group.

*  They feel it is clear that Cody was trying to implicate Matt and Mark by saying that one or two people knew about his plans to nominate Paul.

*  Paul told both Matt and Mark that he's not concerned with the "1 or 2 people" comment. (Which is smart, since Paul won't hold the power this upcoming week.)

*  Matt knows Dominique was trying to take a shot at him with the "sales" comment, and says that he is more angry with her right now than with Cody.

*  Paul didn't like all of the game questions that Dominique kept asking, particularly her use of the phrase "Outsiders", clearly drawing a line between the groups.

*  There is "no way" Paul is appearing on Dominique's "fucking show" on Saturday, after what he just saw.

*  Paul was incensed about Dominique's questions about Ramses' sexuality, saying they were way too intrusive, particularly at Ramses' age, and on camera like that.

*  Raven felt sick hearing the questions to Ramses, and wanted to leave the room because she was so uncomfortable with that line of questioning.

I'm sure that actual journalists would love to host a "show" that causes controversy, leading people to discuss it afterwords.  But Dominique clearly miscalculated----the season has a long way to go, but I think she just hurt her chances in a big way. 


  1. Wait... He was in the Air Force for 6 years, Marines for 10, and he's been out for 5 years. If he enlisted at 18, the youngest he could be in 39. How old is this dude!? Also I loved Dom's low-key shade saying when she saw him, she new he was in his 30s.

    1. 4 years in the Marines, for a total of 10 years in the military. I fixed it...thanks for pointing that out!

    2. 18 + 10 = 28 + 5 = 33. He said he was 32... hmmm...

  2. 6 to 8 cans of Coke daily? More on the weekends???? Surely she's exaggerating. Even in my high school and college drink whatever the hell I want days, my highest point was 4 in a day. If Dominique wants to be a journalist without blowing her chances of winning she should follow-up on these issues.

    1. I knew a girl in college who literally ONLY drank Diet Coke. Like no water, no juice, no milk, no beer, no wine, JUST DIET COKE. Chick was alright looking too... teeth weren't sparkling white though almost like a smoker's teeth. Haha!

    2. Coca-Cola is water mixed with A LOT of chemicals and high fructose corn syrup. The only drink worse for you is probably Diet Coke, due to all of the extra chemicals needed to create the falsely-sweet taste.

      Alex will have to stop this habit, or drastically cut back one way or another.

  3. It's actually pretty common for people to move between branches of service. Usually though, its Marines moving to other branches, because the Marine Corps is small and there is not a lot of room and a lot of fierce competition for advancement. If you ever meet a Marine Sergeant Major, that man is no one to mess with! I spent 6 years in the Army and got out in 2010. I made Sergeant two years in. Impossible to do that in any other branch really. It was a time of war and my MOS (job) was in high demand, and I wasn't a total fuckup like 90% of young enlisted soldiers, so I made rank quickly. Not too fair really because a guy like Cody with 10 years in the military was making less money than me with two years. That's why you gotta choose your branch of service and MOS wisely, not that I did. I was a kid and just got lucky really.

    Marine Corps boot is longer and more intense than any other. I think its 14 weeks for infantry versus like 12 for the army, don't quote me on that. Plus the training is more amphibious-based and whatnot. So especially coming from the Air Force, you would be required to start over. If Cody didn't have a college degree at the time he switched, he probably was able to keep a rank of E-3 at the most. And then he possibly made one rank after that in his four years.

    I think it's a cool idea that Cody wants to start a rifle range, but there are serious issues with that. My cousin and I also thought this would be a good idea. He's a vet too and we're from Texas so it's generally pretty laid back. However, land has to be zoned for the range. Hard to do with neighbors. Sure you can go out and shoot on your property, but you can't be shooting a hundred guns at a time from dawn to dusk without permits. Also, property taxes and insurance will put a HUGE dent into your rather meager revenue. Now if you are able to sell and rent firearms, that helps, but you're looking at more permits and a large investment for an inventory. All in all, there is money in it if you do it right, but it's a very tough business with a high initial overhead.

    I find myself much less annoyed with Cody since he seemed to own up to his mistakes. Wouldn't mind seeing him back in the house. Also wouldn't mind seeing Jessica go out this week and have to battle against him. I feel like they would both play better games without the other in the house.

  4. I'm pretty sure the way Dominique was questioming Ramses would be illegal in Canada now. I'm sure she wasn't trying to be disrespectful, but I'm also sure she was trying to mind-trap the "guests" into revealing anything she could potentially use against them if it is to further her game, later down the line. If Paul does do the interview Saturday, I'd be curious to see if he flat out calls her out and criticises her questioning. He doesn't seem like the type to let her trap him like that, but he also DOES certainly seem like the type to change his mind and DO the interview for camera and fun time.


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