Friday, July 7, 2017

Victim Noise-Makers, Aren't We All? #BB19

All-in-all, the first live eviction show of Big Brother 19 did not disappoint.  In fact, I think it was one of the best ever.  And of course I have some comments, so here we go.

1.  After all the back-and-forth and drama of the last few days, Josh actually ended up voting to evict Jillian.  Production was obviously as in-the-dark as we were, because they saved Josh's vote for last, thinking he might be the swing.

2.  But Kevin is actually the one who tipped us off before the commercial break, when he voted to evict Jillian.  When I watched live, I thought he might have gotten confused about verbalizing his wishes, but upon a 2nd watch, Kevin did clearly state that he "voted to evict Jillian".

Kevin also seemed to relish a little civilized conversation with The Chenbot, probably relieved to see another adult after the last two weeks.  It felt sad that Julie couldn't shoot the breeze a little with Kevin. I hope someone tells Kevin that this is Julie's customary non-conversation style during these live evictions.  It's nothing personal, I'm sure.

3.  But I am personally offended every season with the little choreographed Diary Room walk vignettes that are so painfully performed as the house guests walk down the hallway to make their votes.

I forgot how repulsed I was with these cringeworthy moments, because we didn't have this crap on BBOTT.  I'm not sure why, but those house guests didn't engage in this nonsense at all, and their hallway was actually cool as hell, with pictures of various cars, some of them in 3D.  Maybe because BBOTT wasn't a real TV show---maybe the players thought that part of the experience would not be captured on film.  Looking back, we were so lucky.

But this season, guess who was the only house guest who obviously planned to Put on a Show, ya'll.  Yes, it was Raven, and she made Matt do some ridiculous little synchonized dance moves, too.  My deepest condolences to Matt's friends, who I'm sure were cringing in embarrassment as they watched their friend lose whatever cool he still had back at home.

4.  And Raven had choreographed "entertainment" for us on her way out of the DR as well, with a willing partner in Paul.  Of course.  No big surprise there.

Raven also had little hand motions and eager expressions chambered and ready to go when she was casting her vote with Julie, too, because I'm sure Raven just loves Julie to death, ya'll.

5.  When Julie read the vote as 8 to 4 in Christmas' favor, Jillian was shocked.  She told both Julie and Big Jeff that she felt blindsided by two different people, but was unsure who they were.  Jeff didn't tell her anything, so she might be able to get back in the game later in the season.  Or they might just send her home.

Because not only did Julie not tell Jillian any details on live TV, Jillian actually told Julie "No" when Julie asked if she had any final thoughts.  So I'll bet Cameron might get a straight shot to return to the game as a Consequence, however...

6.  ....Production surely wants to give Cody a chance to return, if he ends up leaving soon, assuming he doesn't break any Big Rules before the swinging door hits him on the ass on his way out.  Because Cody is TV GOLD for the network.  Just look at him SEETHING after Julie read the vote.

And because he does't speak much, they don't have to worry about bleeping him.  I know we all hate Cody as a person, but I actually LOVE HIM AS A PLAYER.  We have to have a villain to keep things juicy, and Cody is a villain who truly doesn't GAF about whether we like him or not.

7.  Now, Production might not worry about what Cody will say, but they have probably had a few formal meetings about what Cody MIGHT DO.  See how Cody posted up on Big Mark, making a few little VICTIM NOISES about how he thought Mark was going to vote with him tonight?

I thought we were going to see Big Mark hold up a gigantic arm to deflect some of Cody's small but surely lethal punches.

Me:  Now THIS is a damn show!

(Also, Mark always looks really stupid, and slow in profile pictures.  Like Lenny from Of Mice and Men.  But from the front, and when he speaks, it is a totally different situation.  He may be a Gentle Giant, but he's not your average muscle-head moron.)

8.  And Paul taught everyone the trick of how you try to hold the inside door open as long as possible, so you can catch a glimpse of the studio audience before the outer door closes.  Except, if Josh insists on standing there, nobody else can see much of anything, of course.

Ian Terry said that as you sit on the couch just before the eviction takes place, you can hear the outer door unlock to prepare for what is about to happen, and it is a frightening sound.

9.  Then suddenly, we have what I think is the Best Moment of the Week, as Jessica decides to release her wrath on Christmas, even though Christmas didn't vote!  Christmas got blindsided, and probably maimed last week, but Jessica is starting up beef with HER.  Apparently Jessica didn't like what Christmas said in her little speech, about targeting Cody and Jessica.

I guess Jessica actually listened to the speech----I usually zone out, so good for her, because there is often a competition later in the season regarding who said what during the live show.

10.  Jessica points out that Christmas decided to speak up about all of this during her speech, when Jessica did not have the opportunity to speak back.

Christmas: You NEVER wanted to speak to me!

11.  And now Christmas is apparently a filthy liar, yadda yadda yadda.  Christmas stayed cool, but there was a moment there where I thought that some claws were about to fly, maybe with some hair-pulling and a good old-fashioned beating with a metal crutch.

(Yesterday Christmas said she would use one of her crutches during her speech to "cock" like a rifle when describing her plan for vengeance.  I really wish she had gone through with that plan, because I was looking forward to it.)

My faithful Daily Readers already know that Jessica is no stranger to getting and giving BEATDOWNS.  She's been punched, and bitten at least twice that I know about.  You can read my recount of Jessica's own words here, somewhere in the middle of this chatty post.

12.  By now, most of the conversation unfortunately needed to be bleeped, but we can certainly look forward to this fight being fleshed out during the first segment of the Sunday night CBS episode.

The guys sensed some pending punches, here, so they stepped in to break it up, with Paul reminding everyone to watch their god damned fucking language, because this is a family show.

13.  The last words we heard before we got tossed back to Julie on stage with Jillian was Christmas saying something about how her eviction speech was her turn to speak.


In case you can't tell, I think THIS WAS GLORIOUS and I loved every second of it.

14.  And you could see that Jessica stayed in character during the HoH competition.  Note that Christmas' doctor apparently did approve her participation in this event.

But check this out:

So she's getting PINS in her foot?  Isn't that permanent?  I heard her "joking" about telling Jason that he "almost ruined her career and livelihood" and she demanded at least his vote to keep her last night.  But Jason didn't do that, of course.  When Christmas said that to him, I was  thinking, "do you think Whistle-Nut wants to hear you complain about that for the next 70 days?"

But I am deeply embarrassed for Jason's wife, because now the world knows her husband gives horsey rides to Christmas "every morning".  And we saw the video.  Trust me, Jason is going to pay for this, Christmas, in more ways than you know.  Even Ole the Bull would have had better judgment about this then Jason.

Oh, and Christmas also said that because her own health insurance was used to cover all of this, she now has to pay for the sky-high deductibles.  (This is how BB always handles house guest health claims---if it isn't their fault, they don't pay. )  I guess if Jason was going to do anything to help, he might kick in some of that money, but he doesn't have to.  Christmas is a big girl and no one forced her to gallavant around on a rodeo clown's back.  I'm sure she can overcome this and maybe make some motivational speeches about it someday.

15.  Cody was further compromised by having to stand in the middle of Candy Land like a surly carny and collect the tickets from the house guests.  They didn't let him speak, though, instead they used the voice of Marsha the Damn Moose (ugh) to conduct each transaction with the house guests.  In the picture below, as the episode ended, Cody was trying to encourage Alex, I think.

But of course Paul won, no doubt because Elena, Mark, Christmas, and even Alex at one point handed over their tickets to him so he could take a shot at the target.  (Paul indicated that because Alex did that, he might take her out of consideration for nomination this week.)


I'd like to make sure everyone knows that Paul hosted a low-rent version of this very competition just a few months ago, during BBOTT.  Paul came back in the house to be the host, and to dole out the little items after the BBOTT house guests gave him tickets.   So he is well-aware of how important it was to be able to find the tickets (or coins, in the case of BBOTT) in order to try and win the comp.  (You can read about Paul's visit to the BBOTT house here, and you can also see the hallway to the DR that I discussed earlier, and get a feel for how a lady at least twice Paul's age made it clear that she was down for whatever.  I laugh just thinking about that, actually.)

Lots of stuff happened after Paul won HoH, and I tried to stay awake as long as I could to cover it.  Basically Paul was going to Pull a Cody this week by making a shocking move without telling anyone.  But he told Matt and Raven that they would go up as TWO PAWNS, in hopes that the entire group could dominate the PoV which would leave the way clear for Cody to be backdoored.

Matt's bland reaction to that was disappointing.  But now it's all been changed, and re-changed, with other names and combinations so I'm not sure anymore what Paul will do.

The Temptation this week involves a PoV switch-a-roo, but you can't expect the CBS voters to strategically pick someone who can really use this, or who would be best for the drama.  (Like Cody or Jessica)  I predict Christmas will win it, which won't really help her at all, unless she is able to switch out Cody or Jessica if they are randomly picked to play.  (But HOW GREAT would that be?)

But once a Temptation has been won, you are not eligible to win any more, so this Temptation is not that great.  Now, the one next week is FANTASTIC, because apparently whoever wins it gets to stand up and use the HALTING HEX to put a stop to the entire eviction, if they wish.  I don't even want to speculate who might get that, or what they would do.  I just want to enjoy this moment, before contemplating how Production can ruin it all for me.
***UPDATE***  Christmas did win this week's Temptation, after all.

I only have limited time today to watch last night's BBAD and the feeds, but I did watch the first few minutes of BBAD.  And it was GOOD.  Apparently Cody knows that Josh didn't vote his way, and he and Jessica were quite unhappy about that.

Josh came in the room to speak with them, and we heard the following:

Jessica:  When you say something, stick to it!  Or else don't even open up your fucking mouth!

Josh: I'm not gonna argue with you. I don't want to talk to you.

Jessica:  THEN DON'T!  Don't talk to me.

Josh: Why are you mad at me?

Jessica:  Because you're pathological, that's why.  You're crying about everything and acting like a fucking victim.

Josh: You never even spoke to us last week, like we're a fucking human being.

The other house guests heard the noise and came in to investigate.

Josh:  You're calling me a liar, saying that I said there was a tumor in the Diary Room. (?)  Raven helped me talk about my grandfather in the first few days in here, and now I'm a victim?  How am I a victim?

Cody:  You've been a victim this whole game, Josh.  You make VICTIM NOISES on a constant basis, Josh.  All I hear out of your mouth is a straight victim noise.  You don't sound like a man at all, you sound like a child.  A fucking pouty child that sits there and fucking cries all the time.

Josh:  God bless you.  And I wish you the best in life.

Cody, dripping with sarcasm: You too Josh. You, too.

Josh:  You guys are good people, and if I played the victim....

Cody:  Get over it.  Everybody has a story in here, Josh.

Josh:  And that's why I shared my story, because Raven shared her story ...I didn't come in here to share my story and talk about my family.  And you guys are making this game very personal.

Jessica, who has clearly HAD IT with Josh:  I'm in my room trying to unpack and you wanna tell me more lies.

Cody:  Josh...this is after we said don't talk to us anymore. We don't want to talk to you on a personal level AT ALL, and yet you keep talking.

I forgot to mention that after the HoH competition, before everyone went back into the house, the feeds went to FISH as the house guests received some instructions from Production.  Except the BB Audio Crew fucked up (AGAIN), and we heard the audio as follows:

BB Voice:  Hey guys?  This is Rich. We know emotions are running high are not allowed to get nose-to-nose with anybody, but you can say whatever you'd like.  We don't want to have to deal with that...

Meanwhile Dominique just watches the house burn, keeping her own name out of it.

Jason:  It's good TV!


Jason:  Too early?  Not funny?


Then Josh can't take it anymore, and goes into a corner of the bathroom to cry.

And Raven heard her name come up, so she had to run down there and try to comfort Josh.  He didn't want her to touch him though, and kept brushing her off.  She kept at it though, following him around the room before laying hands on his shoulders and the top of his head.

No means no, Raven.  Keep your hands to yourself and let Josh have his own damn TV moment.

Is that a Kaballah bracelet?  If so, it's not working.

Some poster over at Jokers did the lord's work and transcribed Paul's HoH letter.  And it certainly does seem like there may be some coded information in this, right?

Is the Old Dog supposed to be Kevin?  What about the other dogs?  I haven't heard Paul mention any problems with is pets, or even his pets at all this season.  Did I miss that?  Because you know that is the sort of thing I would remember, and post here.

So maybe Paul will be keeping a close eye on Kevin this week.  Probably a good idea, from the way Kevin has been LYING like an Old Pro about how he voted to save face with Cody.  And Cody fell for it, blaming Ramses (even though Ramses voted WITH Cody.)  And meanwhile Jason is trying to lie his ass off and blame his vote on Ramses, too, to try and get in Paul's good graces.

HERE'S WHAT I LEARNED:  With age, comes wisdom and improved lying skills.

So, live, learn and lie, future BB players, so you can be smooth like Kevin.


  1. Given the edit (much of it valid, to be fair) that Alex received this week I'll be stunned if she doesn't get the Temptation. She might even be able to do something with it.

  2. Every time you reference Austin's speech, no matter what you've changed it to, I can hear it said in Austim's voice and I see him throwing the hat lol

    Also, I'm not a victim noise maker, I am the victim noise. Whatever that menas 😂

    But I think part of me gets it. I used to feel a lot like a victim, and my goal, even today when it happens much less, is to break out of that pattern, because I'm not a victim anymore. I feel it during emotional flashbacks now, only. When I was first working on that part of my symptoms, if someone else was unconsciously victimising themselves, I felt aggravated by their "victim noises" because it triggered emotional flashbacks. And when that happens I feel like a victim, and I don't want to feel that anymore, I want to "take the power back" (referencing Rage Against The Machine lol). So I think I get the victim noise thing.


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