Monday, July 17, 2017

The Serpent's Tooth is Sharp, Apparently. #BB19 #PoV

On Monday morning, Alex started her work week off by having a meeting in the HoH with Jason, as they still continue to debate whether he will use his PoV later today to save Jessica, and if he does, who will Alex put up in her place.

It sounds like they are leaning towards not using the PoV in an attempt to keep everyone happy, because no one really has Jessica's back, anyway.  And she won't be mad next week, because she knows Dominique was not only Alex' s target, but she has continued to make that target even bigger with each passing day.

Alex tried to tell Jason that Kevin is a snake, playing them with lies about his vote, but Jason kind of blew it off, saying that he hopes Kevin brings his intensity to the HoH competition this week.  We all know Alex is right about this, even though most of the fans don't want to see Kevin exposed yet.   I think Alex should just keep her eyes open, and look for an opportunity to exploit this knowledge, maybe with Kevin himself.  Maybe she will need something from him soon, and can use her information as leverage.

Alex told Jason that he needs to "tell Paul" if he's not going to use the PoV.

Jason:  What is he, our parent?


Jason:  I like Paul as a person, but I don't like that son-of-a-bitch in this game.

So, Jason is not planning on running to Paul for approval before the PoV meeting.  And Alex and Jason have some differences of opinion about the guys in their own "alliance".

Jason and Kevin are the first house guests up-and-at-em first thing this morning, which was actually closer to the crack of noon.  As I tuned in, they were talking about their age, and the responsibility of raising children.

Kevin:  I'd like America to hear this....I'm here now, because I stayed like a man and raised my kids!

They mentioned how at 55, Kevin is "done now" with most of the child-raising and is free to make other choices.  He did some mental math, and told Jason that he will be 53 when Gatlin is 17, which is the age of Kevin's youngest child now (Andrew, his son).

Kevin:  So you're on track, like me.

Jason:  But you've had seven kids Kevin.  I want to have three kids, so I need to hurry up and get cracking.

Kevin says he doesn't like to say anything out loud about it, but sometimes in the morning he can hear music coming from over the wall.  There is studio lot parking just on the other side, I think.

Kevin:  Yesterday I heard You Can't Always Get What You Want playing out there.

Jason says he heard that, too.  Kevin is doing some sort of shoulder or tricep press in the picture below.

They heard BB announcing inside the house that it is time to get up.

Kevin:  Why do they keep doing that?  It never works!  If they want me to go in there with some pots and pans, I'll be happy to do it.

Then Kevin wanted to lift the same weights that Jason just did, grabbing that strange-looking bar and doing shoulder presses with it.  Jason stood behind him, watching to be sure it was okay.

They agreed it felt good to do that move, because it opens up your chest and makes you breathe more.

Jason:  And it makes you look fuller here (the collarbone area).

Then Kevin made a comment about what so-and-so would say or do after Jason uses the PoV today.  Jason stopped walking and confronted Kevin, with frustration in his voice.

Jason:  GOD DAMMIT KEVIN!  I thought we said we weren't using it!

Kevin backtracked, saying he can't keep up with all of the decisions when they keep changing.  (True.)

Kevin:  Don't use it then.  Whatever you want to do.....

As they continued walking laps, Kevin noticed a foul stench coming from one area of the backyard.

Kevin:  What, did some one shit over here?

They realized the odor was coming from the washing machine, specifically from the rubber gasket around the door.   Somehow Kevin got Jason to do the work cleaning it out, while he supervised.  (That is a skill, people.)

Jason:  I think we need to keep this open and let it air out....ew....there is a lot of hair and stuff in here.

(Probably Big Meech's hair extensions.)

Kevin:  Oh god, now I got some of it on my fucking shorts!  Disgusting!

(He wiped his hand on his shorts after touching the rubber gasket.  I have a front load washer as well, and it is common knowledge that you need to keep the door open after you finish washing a load, so you can let that gasket dry out.)

Then suddenly it was time for the PoV Ceremony, so the live feeds switched over to the Puppy Cam.

And then the feeds returned, with much jubilant hugging.  Matt is wearing his orange blouse today, and gives Jessica a big hug that lifts her up off of the floor.

There is relief in the air, as several house guests took a deep breath after they weren't nominated, after all.

Elena:  You have seven votes....don't worry about it.

Jessica:  When I heard what he said, I thought he was going to save Dominique and put up Raven next to me...

There was a lot of chatter this morning about Paul making a statement that he would put on his mud face mask as "blackface" and a "snake dress" during the ceremony, so the internet went crazy over that.  I did not witness Paul make that statement live on the feeds, but I was pretty sure Production would not allow that, even if he intended to go through with it.  After all, the CBS episodes have really been one big blow job for Paul so far---no way are they going to let their cash cow do something so stupid on a ceremony that will be shown in prime time on Wednesday night.

As you can see, Paul used the clay mask to make some sort of snake pattern on his forehead, and he is wearing someone's snakeskin patterned dress.  I guess we can be certain that is not Dominique's dress, as Paul says his "nuts are killing him".

Just as Paul says that, Dominique stalks through the camera view, moving quickly.  The live feeders all try to listen carefully to get clues to what happened when the feeds are down, but it is fairly clear that Dominique made a few bold statements of her own during the PoV ceremony, calling out Christmas and Paul, I think.

Her sentiments might be correct (about Paul, at least), but her timing is all wrong.  I wish she had taken her sabbatical time during the last day or so to make a list of people in the house who are playing from the bottom as well.  Those are the people she should be reasoning with, not the people who were running the show this week.  (Paul, not Christmas.)  But I guess Dominique did not receive any messages from the lowly likes of me.

The air crackled as she strode through the room.  I did not hear anyone speak to her, but she does not carry herself as someone who would be open to someone speaking to her.

Paul slithered out of his snake skin dress, right there in the kitchen.  I can't say I approve of that, either.

But Paul was really busy trying to keep eyes on Dominique, to see where she was going, and who else might be there.

See, Paul knows that Dominique is right about some of the accusations she has been making about him.  But Paul also knows that sometimes life isn't fair, and that he can gloss over facts under the guise of entertainment.

Paul took off his leggings, too.

 And Jessica has a little routine she does, where she stands near Cody's picture on the memory wall and sings "All By Myself" by Eric Carmen.  I can only assume that the camera crew doesn't know that old song from the 70's, because they let us hear the first few bars every time.

Jessica says she needs to polish Cody's picture later today.  If she can find the time, that is.  According to my calculations, they don't have much to do until the Thursday live show.

Then, just seconds later, Dominique returns, wearing a new ensemble and the same combative attitude.  Without seeing what was said in the PoV ceremony, it's hard to follow exactly what is going on here, but it does appear to be related to Dominique's "show", and Dominique felt strongly enough about it to cross over to where Christmas was leaned up against the kitchen counter to make her statements in close proximity to the Wounded Crossfit Warrior.

Apparently there was a discrepancy about when and where Dominique was available for conversations this week, because Dominique says she has been back there, in that room the whole time, so Christmas could have spoken to her anytime she wished.  And this is what Dominique seems to be EXPECIALLY upset about.

(But really, who would want to converse with someone who talks AT you so aggressively, speaking in riddles and claiming to have a direct line to the Holy Spirit?)

How will Julie Chen handle all of this religious fervor when Dominique joins her onstage this Thursday night, live on CBS?  That's why Julie Chen gets paid the big bucks people.  But also because she is married to the President and CEO of CBS.  So there's that.

And they discussed lies, and who said what, and when it all happened.  You can see Paul made sure he was standing right there, to stay on top of the action in case his name came up.  And Ramses knows he dodged another bullet this week, not even going up on the block at all.  I love his expression in the picture below.

Dominique got in bed with her Bible, rifling the pages and counting aloud in a whisper, also asking The Lord for help, so she doesn't "go ham on these people".

And someone needs to slip Paul a sedative, so he can calm the fuck down.  He ran right into the backyard and gleefully reported that the girls are all going at it inside.

Mark, thankful to not be on the block:  I'll just stay right here.  No thanks.

Paul:  I'll just go slither away now...

Mark says he is thankful to Jason for not being at risk this week, and says he has his back for next time, too.

Mark:  I have to admit that I almost broke my pool stick in half when you told me that I might go up, though.

Jason:  It's the back-and-forth and the flip-flopping that drives people crazy though.  We just stuck to the plan.  We can handle that, but these other mother fuckers can't.....

Jason:  But if we can just stick with the first thing, no matter how much back-and-forth goes on, that's what we need to do...what we just did.  It's gonna be tough though....

Mark:  Especially after what just happened. Ramses, Jess, Christmas and do you feel about Matt and Raven?

Jason:  Ugh...I'd just as soon get them out, but if they're in Jury...that's okay.

Mark:   We're on the same page though.

Jason:  I just don't want to be the one to put Christmas on the block though, because I already broke her fucking leg, but she's a pot-stirring son-of-a-bitch.

Mark feels the only people he can trust are Jason, Paul, Alex and Elena.  Jason agrees, and they say they don't like how Matt and Raven only support the majority of the house, and don't state what their plans are.

Jason:  Yeah, but they're not erratic.  Like Josh...nobody cares about him because he literally can't remember one thing from the next.  But Matt and Raven can, but nobody is going to want to put up Matt and Raven.

Mark:'d be surprised about that.

(I don't think WE will be surprised at that, but THEY might.)

Elena came out to join them, and Jason asked about the fight in the kitchen.

Elena: I just said no thank you, I don't want to talk right now.  But in the real world, I would make her cry.  Right now, I'll just let her get evicted, watch fucking Big Brother, and see that I did nothing wrong.  That's it.  I don't have to feel guilt because I did nothing.  As long as everyone else realizes that I was unjustly accused, then I'm gucci.

Elena:  I have respect for her relationship with God, but she can't go around telling people that The Lord said I did something I didn't do.  She's a modern-day prophet and she hears from The Lord...I believe that...

Jason:  Did she really say that?

Elena:  Yeah!  But if The Lord told her things that I factually DID NOT DO, then I'm a little concerned.

Jason:  What is she, Jozea?  The Messiah?


  1. I am enjoying this season as much as I might have hoped to. Two summers with Paul is a bit much, but I guess I do not understand the dynamics of why the powers that be do what they do. Feed Watcher, I love your great pics of "Big Mark". He is, indeed, big. And seems like a real sweet guy, also. He is my own personal choice, for the above reasons, at least, to hope he ends up being in at least be in the final 3 or 4 this summer.

  2. You know, my mom told me that it doesn't matter what you call the higher power, whether it's intuition, inner guide, God, Goddess, etc, but that it's important to speak with respect and in a way that let's someone know that even if it's your truth, that you understand it might not be their truth. While she adapts her language depending on whom she is speaking to, she told me that acknowledging that for you this came to you this way without stating it as ultimate fact that would disregard another person's religion is best. I think Dom speaks in a way that disregards other religions and beliefs. I don't agree with Paul's approach though. Disrespecting her beliefs will not make her less adamant or more respectful towards you. She may not want to come off that way, but the way she speaks gives that impression.


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