Monday, July 3, 2017

If Christmas Ain't Broke, Don't Fix Her. #BB19

Once again, I am trying to write up a run-of-the-mill update, and am interrupted with Breaking News.  I mean, literally, this may be Breaking News.

HERE IS WHAT I KNOW:  This morning, the wake up music played, with the feeds down for the occasion, as usual. I later heard Paul joke that Production will never play country music again in the morning, after this happened.  (Chris Young, I think?)  Apparently Christmas and Jason were in the backyard, where she started "riding him" like a bull, inspired by the country music.

As you do, right?

But we only know that part from listening to the house guests talk about it later.  We didn't see the "bull riding" on the live feeds.  Instead, what I saw was that as the feeds came back, Christmas was already down on the ground, with Jason nervously moving around her.

Christmas, in pain:  It's OK....OK......just....NO NO NO NO NO....Ow.  OW.  OW.   FUCK ME!

(But not like that, of course.  I must add that Christmas will not be happy that much of this footage will need to be bleeped for CBS airing purposes.  She's a business woman, and won't like that.)

Jason really wanted her to be able to just get up, and just forget this whole thing.  I thought it was odd, watching this play out, but now that I know what was going on when she was injured, his reactions kind of make sense. He felt guilty about it.

Christmas, really feeling the pain:  Watch it....MOVE....tell 'em...tell 'em...GO TELL 'EM.

Suddenly Jason's hat appears on his head.

Jason: Right.  I'll go.  Do you want me to carry you in there?

Christmas:  No.  Just GO.  Leave me.

Jason, running out of the camera shot:  OK. What do you want me to tell them?


And then Christmas waited, making pain noises.  I have to say it: Victim Noises.  OK..are you happy Cody?  Christmas was making Victim Noises.

Christmas:  Oh lord.  ARGH!

I can hear music playing inside the house, I think.  Perhaps the wake up music is still playing?  Or maybe we are hearing a leak from the control room, or maybe somebody playing the radio in the parking lot.  Who knows.

Christmas, with control in her voice: PRODUCTION?  I seriously broke my fucking foot.  Or twisted my ankle.  But I think I broke my fucking foot.  PLEASE??!!??  I can feel my blood starting to swell up.   I can feel it.  Please....please....please..  Fucking I need something fucking fast....FUCK ME.....FUCK ME.....SHIT.  I can't even look at it.....look at ME....FUCK!

Christmas:  Um......UM......UM....

(I heard Cody say later that there was a "pointy protrusion" coming from the bottom of the front of her foot, in the arch area.)

We hear the partition come down over the sliding door, and I'm sure both of us felt that help would arrive soon.  But the seconds seem to tick by, even though I think it's less than a minute from when we joined the scene, already in progress.  (8:45 am BBT)

Seconds drag by.

Christmas:  HEY GUYS?????? HEY GUYS!!!!!  Somebody please....

And finally, help arrived.  I mean,  I guess it did, because we saw the "We'll Be Right Back" screen.

Matt and Cody were the ones to carry Christmas into the DR for treatment.  After reporting the injury in the Diary Room, apparently Jason found the sliding door locked, and thought it was okay for him to just go back to bed, without waking anyone up to share the news.  Kevin was upset at that, telling Jason that he would have liked to be involved.  Christmas is his buddy, and he's a dad.  But I guess Jason can claim those things, too.  I'm thinking Jason was feeling horrible about it, and was probably a little scared.

Are people who go on the block next to Jillian cursed?  Let's review who has sat in that chair up until this point:

*  Christmas (twice, with current status unknown)
*  Cameron (he gone)
*  Megan (she gone)
*  Alex (so far unscathed)

We don't know yet if Christmas will be able to rejoin the game after receiving medical treatment.  I'm sure Production will make every effort to let her compete if they can.  But if that bone was broken, she might be in surgery right now.

I heard Matt say that the nurse didn't want to be on the TV cameras, and Christmas said "then why the fuck is she working here?"

(She wasn't a Big Brother nurse....probably part of the medical staff on the studio lot.  And can you blame her for not wanting to appear on BB?  The fans are nuts, obviously.)

Let's face some facts here, because whatever happens, the show must go on.  I don't think anyone involved with Production of this show ever really plans to celebrate the July 4th holiday, but even taking an hour to grab some queso at Chili's is probably out of the question now.  Because if Christmas can't come back, they need to figure out what to do with evictions this week.  And I know damn well that at least a few of the house guests are now scared of going on the block in Christmas' place, if necessary.

And facing the Curse of Jillian.

So if we end up losing two people this week (Christmas + 2nd eviction), then we're two weeks ahead of schedule, people-wise.  I guess that means more than one person can come back in the game, but we only have one evictee in the pool to do that right now.  And I think we are past the point of them being able to bring a new person into the picture, because that person would have needed to be sequestered due to all of the juicy news out there.  Think about all the news so far, with Cameron getting rudely booted, then Megan, all the press about Your Boy Paul, and now this.  Anyone would be too tainted to play, even for the Twistiest Twist Ever.


Last night it was a simpler time, with most of the chatter still about Cody's bold choices during the PoV Ceremony.  I think everyone was still in shock, because the Kool Kids Showmance Krowd felt they had it made this week, and had a big group eight-strong to move forward together to Jury.

And now they actually have to work a little in there, suddenly eye-balling each other and scrutinizing the different little groups that splinter off from time-to-time.  No one wants the be the only rat on the sinking ship, but nobody wants to be the first rat in the dinghy, either.  But maybe the dinghy will be full, already rowing to shore with those first lucky rats.

I heard Jessica and Cody talking about how Matt and Raven want to play the middle, and avoid the drama.  Jessica is pretty perceptive about things.  She is a tough girl with street smarts and despite her rough edges, I think she can still grab the heroine role if she gets to boot Cody out of the game and go on bravely without him.

And speaking of wanting to boot someone, Christmas was saying that she really wants Alex to leave this game, and hoped to be the one to take care of that.  That cheesy slice of pizza didn't stand a chance once Christmas got a handle on it.

(Kind of sad to write about Christmas now.  I hope this is not the last shot we'll have to do that.)

Matt put a hurting on his slice of the pie, as well.  This looks like the standard DiGourno fare that they complain about as far as quality goes, but they really start bitching about it when it's gone.

Mark says that he's lost weight in the house so far, but that's not his intention.  I think you don't realize how many calories beer has until you stop drinking it, when it's not available to you at your every whim and fancy.

(I'm fancying a beer right about now, I assure you.)

I'm just guessing that Mark likes to drink beer, of course.  I haven't even seen them drink alcohol this season yet (other than the champagne on the first night), but I know they have because I heard Jessica say they should pretend to drink this week, but not really do it so they are in prime shape to win HoH on Thursday.

Kevin looked natty in his argyle sweater, but his hair could use some gel.  I think I saw his daughters tweeting about it...this is not their favorite look for dad.

Kevin was releasing some tension by telling Jason that he can't wait to get rid of Josh, because Josh is "driving him fucking nuts".  I haven't even seen Josh lately, which feels nice.

Apparently Josh has been calling Kevin "Meatballs", which Kevin objects to, since he's not Italian.

Kevin:  I'm German, and Irish.  So what is he talking about?

Kevin was breaking in this shot, and according to Jason he got two balls in.  These two have a bond in the house as the oldest, and also the only married fathers.

Only on Big Brother, right? Bringing people together, two randoms at a time.

Alex took her pizza outside.  I'm not sure whose side she will work with next week.  I'm guessing she'll get to decide which way to go.  I would want to work with her if I was in there, because she wants to win those comps, and she seems very loyal. And Alex is a big target too, which is nice to have around sometimes.

She wants Josh out of there too, though, so that would be a common goal as well.

Meanwhile Ramsey sure got out of a jam, didn't he?  We don't know how that curse will play into things yet, but for now he is just bouncing from group-to-group, popping into rooms and popping right out again.  I did hear that sometime in the next three weeks, he must nominate himself along with the other two nominees, so it's not as bad as expected.  I didn't hear that with my own ears, though.  I read it in the BB chat room.

Matt and Raven were in the Lounge going on and on about the events of the day, and Ramses popped in on them twice.  Andy Herren used to leave his cup, or his sweatshirt in various places in the house, so he would have a reason to show up, uninvited.  Andy would just come right in most of the time, making a seat for himself.

Matt and Raven pretended to want his company, when they really want to keep discussing how they are going to proceed this week.

I'd like to remind them that they are each playing this game alone right now.  This is not a season of teams.  It is an individual game.  And have I mentioned how Matt makes wolfish comments to Christmas about how hot he thinks she is?  I've heard him do it several times, with Raven usually standing right next to them.  Maybe he's just being friendly, trying to give Christmas some attention since she doesn't have a showmance partner.

Or maybe Raven is a little too Plain Jane for him, too young to hold his interest.  He seems to be content spending a lot of time alone with Raven, though.  And they constantly call each other "Babe", too.  I think Matt's friends at home are less than seven days away from being really embarrassed by this showmance.  Maybe they are embarrassed already, but I think things are going to get much worse before they get much better.

I mean, CBS gave them a slashtag, right?  ***cringe***

And like a bad dream, Ramses is back, announcing himself in this fashion before turning around to twerk on the door.  Or whatever.

Cody had a rough day, and may have had a few cocktails, from the looks of him.  Or maybe he's just ready to collapse and enjoy his last days in the HoH Suite.  He was even tired enough to laugh and smile a few times, chuckling about how badly everything turned out.

Paul was frolicking in the backyard, and was encouraged by Kevin to "do a 360" in the air over this wooden block.  Paul did it, several times.  It was exciting.

Ironically, Christmas was sitting next to Kevin, watching all of this, and said she wanted Paul to stop doing it, because she was scared he would break his foot.


OK I am about to say some things you may not like, but I have some recurring feelings that are not going away.  I admire that Raven is a plucky survivor who is bravely facing down her medical issues, and wants to be an example in the community of pacemaker-wearers.  So please don't think I don't appreciate her struggle.

But what I am increasingly annoyed about is not Raven's struggle, but the hustle.  And I'm not the only one....I have heard at least one other house guest grouse about it already, but I think the topic is too touchy to get much airtime at the moment.

*   Raven has been talking about how much money she needs to complete her next round of surgeries and pacemaker upgrades.  She needs the money soon, she says.

*  Raven had a tender scene with Matt where she said she wanted to "go overseas" to visit someday.  When Matt asked about the timing, Raven stated that she wants to go soon, before she dies, maybe later this year.

*   Raven then clarified that it wouldn't be a sudden death, but a slow, gradual decline as she descends into lethargy.

*  After yesterday's explosive PoV ceremony, a crowd gathered in the kitchen, where Raven boldly stated that "she'd rather remove her pacemaker than vote against Paul".

*  Raven recently swore "on her pacemaker" that she would be loyal in this game (to Cody, I think.)

*  Earlier today she told Jessica that Matt was so sweet, because he declared that the two of them will fight to cure "the disease she has that hasn't been diagnosed yet first," and then work towards curing  the rest of her medical issues.  Jessica was kind of barely listening, so she said, "What?", and Raven gladly repeated that, glancing at the camera pointed down at them.

LOOK:  I've told you that Raven's head is on a swivel when she hears the cameras start rotating.  But you should be aware of the not-so-hidden agenda here.  Nobody likes to be hustled, and I know Raven's family has had some hard times, but this is Big Brother, not a telethon, nor a movie on The Lifetime Channel..  I don't know if I am the first BB commenter to discuss this, but I don't think I will be the only one.  I won't be the loudest voice talking about this, if it continues.  And I don't think that is a very big "if", unfortunately.


Mark and Elena are going on and on and on about the damn PoV ceremony results.  Elena was stuck on repeat earlier today, saying over and over that she is positive she is the next target.  Mark snickered when she said that, because it is ridiculous.

I think Elena felt the tides turn today, and knows her story line was in jeopardy, since the Kool Kids Showmance Klub is showing some hairline fractures right now.  Cody's little stunt did a lot of damage that they are still struggling to assess, analyze and repair.

Ramses poked his head in, of course, but even he didn't want to be part of this conversation.

Big Jeff tried to tell these kids that Big Brother is like a're up one day and then you're down another.

Mark just wants to see Elena smile.

I can't remember ever seeing Jessica eat food.  I'm assuming she has to eat sometime, right?

The events of the day actually brought these two closer together, because at some point Cody started talking about his daughter with Jessica, who told him she has a great hook-up at DisneyLand for him when the game is over.

Cody also jokes about being in the house until he's backdoored by the new HoH.  That may be the best thing for Jessica in the game, actually. She can get a lot of camera time while his game is in danger, and then regroup with a new plan after he's gone.  She might even be the person who everyone wants to take to the end because no one likes her.  I can see that.

Maybe the reason why I never see Dominique or Josh on the live feeds is because they are together while I'm not looking for them.

Yesterday when Paul was seething after the PoV ceremony, Dominique could be heard loudly exclaiming to him in front of everyone that "I didn't know about it!  I didn't know what was going to happen!".  I think God was even going to be her witness about it, if I'm not mistaken.

And now suddenly Jason is playing this game now.  He learned a lot in the past week, including the fact that he doesn't know much about it at all.  And that no one can actually predict what is around the next corner, or what can take someone out of the game.

He might be next week's HoH, too, because no one has that on their radar at all.  That's when the surprises happen---when you don't even give the possibility the time of day.


Christmas hobbled back into the house, and the game late this afternoon, dragging a pair of crutches and what looks like a temporary boot on her left leg.

Elena and Raven were two of the first to greet her, with Raven being the most vocal about her thoughts about it.

But a few house guests were upstairs....I heard someone say that Cody went in the HoH and slammed the door, holed up with Mark and Matt in a meeting.  Elena later told Mark that wasn't a good look for them to be so petty when someone on the cast had an injury and came back in the house.

Christmas reports that she has some torn ligaments, and although the X-rays showed promise, she has to go back for an MRI appointment on Wednesday.

Christmas:  They think there may be a hairline fracture, but because of the holiday we have to wait until then to get an appointment.  But thank god for lifting weights, because that helped protect my bones from getting snapped in two.

(That is one big reason why doctors recommend some light weight training for us as we age.)

Christmas also admits that once she was on the way to the hospital, her adrenaline wore off and she started to feel a lot of pain.  She did not agree to leave the house, however, until she was promised that merely leaving for medical treatment would not take her out of the game for good.

Christmas:  I'm on some pills....I'm a little high....don't be jealous.

(Paul was indeed jealous, he said.)

This may have been when Cody slammed the HoH room door, actually, from the looks of it.

Jason must have said he felt bad about things, but Raven called out to him to "check his fucking guilt at the door", because she wasn't blaming him for anything.

(Pretty sure Jason is also worried about footage of him giving Christmas Aboott a "bull ride" going viral after this.....Holly Dent surely won't be pleased with that.)

I think Paul was the one who said they should go out back and celebrate the good news with a few more rides on Jason's back. A joke, of course.

FYI:  When you hear Jason say the word "Hike" on the live show, he is saying a greeting to his wife Holly and his son, who he apparently calls "Ike" sometimes.

Alex sat quietly while Christmas told her medical story.  Alex and Christmas don't get along, ya'll, but I've heard Paul say he's working to build a bridge between them, so they can all work together.  But I really don't think any of them trust Paul very much anymore.  There is quite a bit of chatter about his game play last season.

Oh, one thing you might like.  Last night Alex was in the kitchen, wishing she "had some trees" because it was so boring in there. Paul agreed, looking around at the cameras and windows everywhere, saying that if they were stoned, it wouldn't be boring at all.

(It's legal in California now, so this issue needs to be addressed soon, right?)

Christmas said Production assured her that they weren't going to pull her from the game, but they'd have to wait and see about her MRI on Wednesday.  Production didn't like that being said, and promptly let her know about it.

Soon Christmas was right back in the saddle, resuming her thoughts about Cody, and what a rat fink liar he was to her.


  1. Kool Kids Showmance Krowd - Kool Kids Kanoodling Krowd

  2. I have to say, as a mom to a child with the same disease Raven has...which has been diagnosed, per her mom who I've gotten to know through support groups...I truly don't believe she's trying to make it into a Lifetime movie or anything. Gastroparesis is a permanent, progressive condition. My son has a tube that drains his stomach and one that feeds into the intestine and he isn't able to eat orally at all anymore. He's 10. There are varying degrees to this disease and while my son wasn't a candidate for the pacemaker, I know of many kids who have had them placed and the cost involved. It's an all encompassing thing that they never get to just walk away from or stop thinking about...because everything they do has consequences. Raven wants to show the world that people with gastroparesis have a fight within like most people can only dream of happening. And she took this on...yes, because I'm sure the hope of winning the money could be a lifechanger...I currently have a 9x13 pan stuffed overflowing with bills from my son...but knowing she would deal with the thoughts and critique of people who have no clue what her life is like. Personally, she is my hero, and my son's and I encourage you to learn more about what the disease really does to these amazingly strong individuals! Just my two cents.

  3. Not sure if anyone noticed yesterday the top/sweatshirt that Elena was wearing...but she kept complaining/making it known that her boobs kept falling out when she leaned over, even complained about having to help with lowering the awnings yesterday because she would have to lift her arms and "flash" everyone. IMO, she is obviously looking for attention, since if it bothered her that much, why wear that kind of top in the first place, just go and change into something else...classic example of "look at me"

    1. Of course wearing a brassiere is totally out of the question for Elena, too.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Is Raven (I was gonna write Revan lol) spreading awareness about her illness or just about her pacemakwr, because it woild be a good opportunity to do that. Also, if she can promote her cause, why would production not allow Christmas to promote her book, especially if she's the author and copyright holder?

  6. Hate fucking paul with a passion he a little bitch. Didn't like him before def. Don't like thay punk ass bitch now. He was on before didn't win for a reason. So theyy need to smartin up and rid them self's of the flea when he is done with his free fuckin ride....#Paulisapieceofshitttt..


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