Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Big Mark is All Juiced Up. #BB19

Every time I make a comment about how the house should be quiet for a few days, with no drama, action seems to pop up out of nowhere.  And yesterday afternoon is a prime example of that.  Around 3:30 PM, Mark and Elena were talking in the backyard, doing some sarcastic flirting, as usual.

Raven is painting herself up ---I can't offer any other explanation for this.  I know she has decided to just let her hair curl, but that is no excuse for the pancake stage makeup.

Here's the Thing, Ladies:  With makeup, more isn't necessarily better.  I always thought the objective was to highlight your best assets in a manner that would not cause someone to immediately notice all of the makeup.  But maybe that type of thinking is outdated.  Maybe I'm just not Arkansas material.

Anyway, Mark and Josh had been playing a game of pool.  All summer long, one of the punishments a losing pool player has to do is drink a glass of pickle juice.  I've watched Josh do this several times in the last few weeks, or at least attempt to choke it down.  Apparently the bet today was to drink a concoction of pickle juice and hot sauce.

Mark was stewing about it, because he lost the pool game, but Josh actually "double tapped" or "scratched" at one point, so he didn't really win.  And Big Mark is getting upset about that----he doesn't feel it is right for Josh to insist he won, when everybody saw him do the double tap.

So Mark was antsy, wanting to "finish up the bet".  Josh and Mark were kind of arguing about it across the yard, and you can see that Big Mark has his Cup of Punishment in his hand, ready to go.  Josh came over, and Mark got Paul involved in the argument, saying he is a man of his word, but Josh did not win fair and square.  He wants Paul to understand that.

Mark:  Did you or did you not beat me in that game.

Josh:  I won.

With that, Mark aggressively splashed Josh right in the face with the cup of presumably-caustic substances.  Look at that...right in Josh's face.  He tried to turn away, but Mark got him.  Mark didn't warn Josh that he would do that...he just did it.

You have got to believe that either pickle juice OR hot sauce would sting and burn, but BOTH?  A hush fell over the backyard, as Mark assumed the posture of someone who didn't see any problem with what just happened.

Mark:  I gave you a chance...you should have just admitted it.

Josh:  So you just throw....oh....my....

Josh went into the house go wash off his face, and there was tension in the air as everyone waited to see what would happen next.

====> WHERE IS PRODUCTION RIGHT NOW?  We heard NOTHING from BB at all after this, and neither did Mark.

And THIS is what really scared me...I had watched a later part of this fiasco, so I knew that Mark and Josh didn't come to blows, but when you go back and watch it live, it is a damning set of actions that happens next.


Look, I don't know why guys take off their shoes before they fight.  Maybe one of you can enlighten us about that, but taking off your shoes (and jewelry) is a big sign that shit is about to go down.  Elena tried to diffuse the tension with humor.

Elena:  OK, admittedly that was my idea, but I don't know if actually doing it was a good one.

Kevin, immediately understanding the situation:  I would probably do something other than what you're about to do...it's a bad decision....maybe go to the DR or something....

Mark plops down next to Elena on the chair, with tension in the air.

Jason:  I don't know how I feel right now....

Matt:  My penis just went up inside my body.  (Eww.)

Elena:  I'm very concerned right now, and I want you to get away from my body right now.

Mark, snickering and joking:  I'm using you as my shield.

Paul laughs it up at that shield comment, and Elena says she guarantees she will lose her shit if pickle juice is poured on her.  The house guests waited to see what Josh would do.  The air was filled with dread, and probably fear that something so stupid could suddenly become so serious.  It was OBVIOUS that some shit could potentially go down, in a very bad way.


Kevin, in a worried tone:  I'm tellin' you...they're gonna trow (yes, trow) you guys out.

Mark:  I gave him a chance, Kevin.

I think Mark is a nice guy---he's been a nice guy for the past three weeks, but this stunt should worry EVERYONE.  If he is going to flip out and make poor judgement calls like this, what's to say it won't happen to any of them?  And ISN'T PRODUCTION SUPPOSED TO LOOK OUT FOR THEIR SAFETY?

I feel like we need to check in on Josh, who is bent over the kitchen sink splashing water on his face.  Paul came in to check on him, and Josh says his eyes are burning, and he's "not playing" as he opens the fridge door, presumably to stock up on weapons.

Josh:  He fucked up....I was being nice....my fucking eye is burning, fool.

Paul tells Josh to go to the storage room to get some saline solution.  Josh yells out for SECURITY as he walks over while Paul says "Josh, don't do it buddy".

Well, the joke is on Josh, because THERE IS NO SECURITY!

(There really isn't...during BB14, before Evel Dick blocked me on Twitter, I asked him about security while we were all watching The Willie Hantz Meltdown.  Evel Dick said there is no specific security team for BB.  Production just tries to talk people down over the intercom and get them to separate in different rooms.)

(I forgot to mention that last week Ramses was in the storage room with one of the girls, and he FOUND A SWITCHBLADE laying on the counter.  I guess the crew who stocks up the storage room uses it to open boxes.  Ramses opened the blade, and "joked" that he was glad he was the one who found it, rather than Cody.  Then Ramses said "I can't get it closed" a few times, until FINALLY BB came over the intercom to yell at Ramses and tell him to STOP THAT.)

And now, as Josh rummages through the refrigerator again, BB finally tells him to STOP THAT.

But that's it...no warning to Mark, and no other words of wisdom or control.  In the backyard, the house guests heard that, and knew that Josh was up to something.  Mark kept repeating his mantra of "I gave him a chance.....I gave him a chance...."

A few house guests were busy in the kitchen (Ramses, Jessica) but no one said anything to Josh except Paul.  (That I'm aware of, anyway.) Josh selected the ketchup bottle (plastic) and then went back to the storage room to find another complementary condiment.  He eventually selected Ranch, which does seem to go with everything.  Josh sounded calmer as he moved around the room.

Josh:  That was a coward move.

Paul:  Don't do it Josh...buddy, don't do it.

Josh: No, it's called self defense!  (not 10 minutes later, it isn't...it's called retaliation)

Josh opened the Ranch dressing, the bottle cap bouncing on the floor of the storage room as he made his way outside.  I heard Kevin say "where is he" somewhere off camera, and now it's time to go.

Josh, making his way across the Astroturf:  You wanna play that game?

Elena, to Mark:  Get away from me...get away from me right now.

BB:  STOP THAT.  (Whatever you lazy fucks.)

Elena, to Mark:  Get away from me...get away from me right now.

Mark, still seated next to Elena:  I asked you if you beat me fair and square...

Elena, to Mark:  Get away from me...get away from me right now.

Josh, to Elena:  You might want to move.  (to Mark)  That's a coward move.

(It's not a name brand ketchup...instead it looks like the Ralph's store brand, likely not as thick and rich as the original, Heinz 57 Ketchup.  But a thinner consistency might lend itself to better splashing and squirting at a time like this.)

Josh then splashed Mark with both bottles, but unfortunately Kevin went over there to intervene and blocked my camera shot.  (Well, I'm glad that Kevin is helping, but I'm not glad he stood right where he did.)

Elena gave a short scream, and then Mark jumped up and kind of ran over to Josh.  I think all of us were terrified at that moment.

BB:  STOP THAT.  (Thanks for the big effort, BB.)

On a second viewing, I can see now that Mark went after Josh to get the condiments all over him, too, in kind of a playful move, but the first time I watched this, I thought some major violence was about to take place.

Jason, in the background:  HUG IT OUT!  HUG IT OUT!

Josh:  NO!  I have hot sauce in my eyes, man.

(I'm no detective, but clearly Mark's Ketchupy and Ranchy handprint marks are right there on Josh's back.)

Josh moves to go inside and Mark persists in his efforts.  You can see Kevin looks relieved here.  Even though he's been saying for WEEKS that someone needs to get Mark and Matt out of the game.

Josh:  I'm not playing with you.  You got fucking pickle juice in my eye!

Mark looks down and sees ketchup all over his mic, and rushes to catch up with Josh, putting a sloppy hand on Josh's back.

Mark:  My mic!  You just threw ketchup and mayo, bro.

(Um, Ranch dressing IS NOT mayo, Mark.)

Josh:  Get the fuck out of my face....you threw fucking hot sauce into my eye!

And FINALLY we got the Puppy Cam as Production FINALLY got on the intercom to tell them to calm down, or to separate, or whatever it is they do when a situation like this occurs.  They probably threaten them about losing their stipend, because sometimes only money talks in  a way that can be heard.

When the feeds returned a few minutes later, Mark was washing off in the outdoor shower and we could hear Elena telling Josh she thought it was a bad idea, and she told Mark that.

(Elena clearly trying to separate herself from Mark's stupid actions.  Smart.)

Josh is wailing about how the pickle juice was one thing, but Mark throwing the hot sauce was another level.

Those are Mark's shorts he is wringing out there....Mark is now standing in the shower in his underwear.

Kevin can be heard telling everyone to "listen....don't fight....let's not fight...this is all about......"

And then we went to the Puppy Cam again.

And for those of you who enjoy feasting your eyes on Big Mark, about 7 minutes later we heard Jessica tell Mark that she could see his dick through his underwear, and it was distracting her.  She mentioned it twice, but the fucking stoner in the control room apparently refused to pull the camera down just an inch or so.

That's all we needed....just an inch more of camera view, to see god knows how many inches were going on down there.  We all paid our $5.99, dammit, and we want to see the show!  Instead we just have to take Jessica's word for it.  I don't know about you, but I believe her.

When the cameras came back, it sounded like Josh was fighting with someone else across the yard, as Mark cleaned off the patio cushion and paced silently.

Elena:  ...and here we all were, so excited to be cast and thinking we were really special to be here, and now it's all insanity...

Things calmed down for a while, but eventually the entire house attended a Josh Screaming Session in the backyard.  It started when Mark was trying to defend his (indefensible) actions by saying that Josh is not a man of his word, and this set Josh off, big time.

Josh said if Mark wants to talk about how he and Matt are not men of their words, they should get everyone out in the backyard now, to talk about it.  Eventually everyone gathered to listen to a never-ending tirade of accusations and excuses.

I can't even begin to recap this train wreck, but Josh wanted everyone to know that the vote to evict Jillian was touch and go at some times, as Christmas' own alliance wanted to vote her out at several points in the week.  Josh says the walls in the house are paper-thin, and he could hear many conversations, both personal and game-talk.  He heard people make fun of him, too.

Josh also announced that Mark was very afraid to be nominated this week, and was worried about his alliance turning on him to vote him out.

These three thoroughly enjoyed the show, with frequent facial and hand gestures to the others behind the yard.

And as Josh went on and on about how honest and trustworthy he is, Jessica got involved, and Josh gladly went at her and they went back and forth.

Josh:  I know you want to reassert yourself into this game, boo boo, but don't come at me.

Jessica:  Don't call me boo boo.

Apparently Jessica wanted to make the point that Josh gave his word to her and Cody that he would vote for Christmas to leave, but that is not what Josh ended up doing, so he is a liar, after all.

Without listening to what she was saying, Josh ferociously berated her.  At one point Kevin had to stop him, saying "you're talking to a girl, Josh".

Note that Paul was right there on the sidelines, listening for anything that might put himself at risk, of course.

Christmas looks higher than the control room staff in the picture below.

Josh has a conversational habit of insulting people, then trying to calm down by bestowing good wishes, and saying he'd like to be friends on the outside.  In a situation like this, it just doesn't make sense, and he was called on it many times during this argument.  For example:

Mark:  If you say I'm a coward and have bad character, why do you want to be friends with me on the outside?

I wanted to be sure you saw this picture.  I mean, what the actual fuck is going on here.


And look who came out of seclusion to witness the drama.

It's Dominique the Dominator, bitches!

And her presence irritated some of the others, primarily the girls.  I heard Elena angrily saying "why is Dominique getting involved with this?  what does she have to do with this?".  And then Paul chimed in that Dominique needs to crawl back into her hole because it's none of her business.

(Dominique is already cornered....just leave her alone Paul.  You already won that battle.)

(Pretty sure Dominique's eviction speech is going to be a DOOZY, right?)

We can hear the kitchen crew giving Dominique the business about daring to join the group as we see her get into her bed, sighing with pleasure, it seemed.

Kevin was not happy about Dominique taking over this bed, which used to belong to Josh before he was a Have Not.  But I know Dominique wanted to get out of the Showmance room, so the move made sense to her.   I think Kevin was worried he would not be able to shoot the shit and use profanity with Jessica, his Boston Buddy, if Dominique was in the room.

Also, I heard Jessica talking to Kevin later, saying that the girls were asking her why she needed to get involved in that.

Jessica:  I'm from Boston.  When someone says something that isn't right, you have to say something.

Kevin:  Absolutely.

(This is a pair to watch,  I think.  Boston strong.)

And now Christmas wants to unleash her anger about Dominique.  Christmas says she prays every damn night, in her own way, but she doesn't try to make an issue out of it.

Christmas's yellow bra peaks out of her chopped-up top, in her trademarked style.

And then there is  Elena, who is still quite upset about how Dominique got messages from The Lord about Elena that were not true.

Simmer down ladies. Dominique is on her way out of the door in just a few days.  No need to poke an angry bear, just because you need something to complain about.

Mark did apologize to Josh, saying that he was angry and wish he hadn't thrown the juice in Josh's face, admitting it was the wrong thing to do. And I guess Production is just going to let it go, and if that is the case, it is Josh's own fault.

Because after his tirade, and the names he was throwing around, everyone seems to be angry at Josh, wanting him out next week.  But Mark's actions did give a few house guests pause.....I know Matt didn't like the juice-throwing at all, and Kevin was angry at both of them for acting out like that.

If Jason had used the PoV and Mark got put on the block as a pawn, I think we'd have a real nail-biter this week as far as the vote goes.

Today is Tuesday, and I just did some random flashbacking to see if I missed anything good while I was sleeping over here on the East Coast.  And I saw this.  And heard the unmistakable sounds of lips smacking, and elastic popping.

It's Raven and Matt.  (Ewwwwww.)  So gross it might be a match made in heaven, ya'll.

Let's try to end this on a happier note.  After the fight last night, Jason went into the lounge at his customary 5:00 PM to say hello to his wife and son.

Jason:  Gatlin....your daddy loves you.  And Holly, I've been talking about you in here....I said on a scale of one to twenty, you are a fifty.

Kevin:  That's right....he did.  Excuse me...I'm trying to eat a dry pork chop.

Note that Jessica had pork chops cooking on the stove when she was distracted by the fight.  Apparently Raven remembered this and ran back inside to check on the cooking food.  The chops got a little burnt, but they snacked on them anyway.

Raven:  I hope they put that on TV, when I ran in here freaking out!


  1. Elena has a right to be pissed. She literally didn't give AF about Mark and Dom's friendship, to her credit. Dom's the insecure, jealous one.

  2. Great recap, as always!
    Some thoughts about Josh...I hope that kid can find a way to check his reactions, because not only does he know the game, but he has a handle on what's going on in the house. I watched a conversation between him, Alex, and Jason in the HOH last night and his assessments were spot on. Unfortunately, he's his worst enemy in that house and the others are more than willing to abet his unintentional efforts to make himself a target.

  3. I watched the fight and I think Mark was taking his shoes off to keep them clean (because they were white). It seemed like he just didn't know how Josh would retaliate and was simply preparing.

    Josh keeps saying other people are "too sensitive" but he is the one who always asks for do-overs when he loses and reacted like a literal baby yesterday afternoon.

    1. That's what I figured too, to keep the shoes clean from anything thrown. I've never heard of someone removing shoes in preparation of a fight. It seems to me that would make you more vulnerable. I guess unless someone is skilled in some type of fighting where the are used to going without shoes. But clearly mark isn't an experienced fighter. Big yes, fighter no.

  4. LOL! @ the last sentence of the blog. She really said that??? Yes, Raven, you saved the day, where would BB be without you???...*eyeroll* I can't...

    1. One good thing I'll say about Raven: I don't need to make anything up about her...she gives me plenty to work with.

      Not that I ever do make things up...I try to deal with the facts. Sometimes I tweet live feed updates and am shocked to get vitriol back, but I finally figured out that most of the meanness is directed at the house guests, not me.

      For example, I will say something like "Cody just spit on the floor of the kitchen", and someone will reply saying "YOUR (misspelling intended) A DIRTY FUCKER!".

      I have probably blocked a bunch of tweeters over the years who weren't trying to insult me, just the house guests.

      But it is fun to block people, I have to admit.

  5. So why wasn't the veto used? I thought that was the plan...

    1. They went back and forth about it, but Mark was pretty much decided as the new pawn. But no one knows that Jason and Mark have a secret agreement---not sure if I would call it an alliance. But they have agreed to stay apart most of the time, and then catch up when they can and tell each other what is being said about them by the others.

      Jason did Mark a solid by not using the PoV, and it sounds like his speech during the ceremony was a good one, very convincing.

  6. I know they take off their shoes in prison prior to a fight.

    1. Maybe that's where I learned that, in prison.

      I do watch Locked Up sometimes, and also 60 Days In. I was DVR'ing the last season of that show, filmed right here in Atlanta at the Fulton County Jail. But something happened and it stopped recording....did the network pull it? After BB I will go back and try to find what I missed.

      Basically the prisoners were able to leave through a hole in the fence to buy drugs, and then come right back in with them, or have a prison employee make the delivery. It was news here in Atlanta, so maybe they had the broadcast squashed. It certainly seems like a scary place that I have no plans to visit....

  7. I noticed the same thing about this latest season of 60 Days In. You raised your own blog bar with this one, it was LOL funny! Btw, Evel Dick blocked me too. So did Kendra Wilkington's mother. And Roseanne Barr. And Keith Olbermann. So, I dunno. Maybe it's me


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