Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Apparently Slop is Good to the Last Drop. #BB19

This is a rather boring few days in the BB house, because all of the drama for this week is pretty much said and done until the live show on Thursday.

Paul is still the HoH, and Cody, Alex and Ramses are on the block for eviction.  Cody is expected to be evicted, unless there is some unforeseen circumstances like twists, or maybe a Christmas Present for Cody.  But we can discuss that later.

The house guests were thrilled to have the backyard for a few days, probably until Wednesday morning, when they usually lock down the backyard to build the competition set for the HoH.  Last night the big "excitement" was a pool tournament, which featured much trash-talking, boasting, and boo-hooing as players won, and players lost.

As BBAD started, the unmistakable sound of Dominique expressing herself filled the air.  She was joking with Matt about being pregnant, for some reason.

As Dominique went back into the house, she "joked" that she would "finally have that mixed race baby that she wanted", pointing out that both she and Matt were intelligent, athletic, and attractive.

Dominique:  Expecially when you see what I'm like outside this house!

(And no, I did not misspell "especially".  Dominique always says "expecially", even though I'm sure she knows better.)

(And it was Matt she was talking to, not Mark, so that is interesting.)

Yet another new look for Raven, who made tacos tonight.  Tomorrow night is Chicken Parmesan, she has announced.

Good News:  Matt finally changed out of that blue T-shirt.

Bad News:   Matt is now wearing this orange monstrosity.

When Matt wears this "shirt" he compulsively touches and arranges the top of the "straps" constantly.  I understand having certain "house clothes" that you wear in the privacy of your residence, or maybe at the gym, but outside of that, I can't co-sign this look.

Christmas has apparently come clean to the entire cast about her surgery on Wednesday, and how serious it is.  I'm guessing that she knows there is a good chance she might not return to the game, and decided to be honest about it.

She told everybody the same basic story I already heard, with a few clarifications.  Basically that two bones were broken, and that a ligament holding four bones together has snapped, so four screws are required in an attempt to hold everything together.  Jason had a strong reaction when he heard there would be a four-month recovery time.

It sounds like she had a pre-op exam in the Diary Room on Monday, and had to give a urine sample.  One of the other girls said they probably need to make sure that Christmas isn't pregnant, but Christmas kind of shrugged and indicated she had not been involved in "that" in the last two months.  I also heard Ramses say that he was scared to give BB a urine sample, but the cameras changed before we could hear a full explanation.

Later though, I heard Ramses tell Christmas and Kevin that he is indeed "a stoner".  Christmas told him that she "smokes every night", too, and they high-fived about it.

Alex had a conversation with Raven and Matt about the $25,000 prize someone won on the fist night.  The three of them are positive that Ramses won the money, based on the fact that he dropped first and their analysis of other possibilities, as follows.

*  Josh - has "no self control" and would have mentioned it by now.
*  Cody - would have gloated about it after being nominated.
*  Kevin - Alex said he was "busy taking his clothes off" and Matt said he doesn't even think Kevin tried to push the button.

Raven mentioned that this is the last week of Temptations in the house-----is that the case?  Did Production tell the house guests that, or are they just guessing?

Raven:  I wonder what the twist is.

Alex:  Yeah.  We haven't had a twist yet.

(Isn't the Temptation-Curse scenario a twist?)

Alex ate a few soft tacos last night, and then I saw her eat a plate of taco meat and cheese.  And later she ate a  "taco pizza" with Christmas, commenting that "the diet starts Wednesday".

And Matt spent at least 20 minutes eating what I am guessing is slop out of this metal bowl.  I know slop may not be something that you happily scarf down in a few eager bites, but I wouldn't expect Matt to savor it so slowly, and to scrape that metal bowl so loudly and often.

Matt doesn't chew with his mouth open, but it's not closed, either.  I'd say Matt is more of a smacker when he eats, but maybe that is because the slop was so damn delicious.

Once the bowl-scraping was over, then Matt spent some quality time actually licking the bowl.

Again.  And again.

Out at the pool table, Josh was trash talking in his loud tone, and Mark was very angry.  Apparently Josh felt something was unfair, and demanded a rematch of his game with Mark.  Big Mark was angry about this, and when Big Mark is angry, his mood is obvious.

You rarely see someone wearing white on Big Brother, because the house guests are told not to bring any white clothes.  (They have lots of restrictions about colors and patterns, due to the way things look on camera.)  But Kevin can wear a white shirt if Kevin wants to wear a white shirt, I guess.

Josh's trash-talking escalated, and Paul got involved from the sidelines.

Paul:  If Josh loses this one, he has to go up to Cody and say he's the most attractive man in the house, and that is why Josh has been so uncomfortable around him.

Everyone laughs.

Josh: No.  Fuck You, the long way!  Maybe if I lose I'll go beat the shit out of him....just kidding.

(I doubt Cody would let either of those options happen without putting Josh in the ICU.)

Paul: Okay.  Then if you lose you can just tell him his dick is bigger than yours.

Jason: If Josh loses, then he has to go up to Cody, pat his butt, and RUN!

I wasn't really watching the game, but apparently a few bad things happened, and Mark's chances of winning looked slim.  Someone commented that Mark's mood was going straight downhill.

Mark: Well, look at who I'm losing to....

Kevin gave some tips from the sidelines, showing Mark a shot that he could make, and Josh didn't like this at all.

Josh:  What is this, COACH CARTER?

(That is a movie starting Denzel Washington as a basketball coach.)

Kevin:  What?  What is this Coach Carter?  I'm just telling him to make a shot.  I'm not doin' it for him.

(Kevin pronounces it "Coach Cah-ter".)

Striking a similar pose is Jessica, who is "cleaning the areas under the frog suit".    It sounds like things are rough in the Have Not room this week.

Jessica told Jason that Matt farted really loud in his sleep, and a few minutes later Jason did, too.  Jason didn't remember that, but this morning I saw Cody spray the entire room with Fabreeze.

Jessica:  That's not going to help.  You need to stick the can up your ass and then pull the trigger.

The cameras went back to the pool game and I heard what sounded like my dog eating her dinner.  But when I looked at the screen, it was Matt with his fucking metal bowl again.

Still scraping, to get every last delicious morsel.

Josh asked Kevin for help, but Kevin didn't cooperate.

Kevin:  You just called me Coach Cah-ter and said Fuck You Coach Cah-ter  go over to the side and now you want my help?

Meanwhile Mark is still salty about the way the game is going.

Mark:  I can't wait until I play you in chess, Josh!

Josh won the game, sending Mark into a quiet depression. Kevin explained to everyone that they are now moving into the Winner's Circle of the tournament, but I'm not sure what the time frame is for finishing the contest.

Kevin announced that Matt and Mark would play each other next, with Josh playing the winner of that battle.  And Kevin and Paul will also play, with the winner playing  winner of the next game Josh plays.  Or something like that.

Playing a good pool game is a great strategy for you future BB-players, because it gives you an easy opportunity for one-on-one chatter in a manner that does not look threatening to anyone watching, even though it should.  I've watched Dan and Memphis do this, as well as Dan and Ian, Derrick and Cody, Cody and Zach, Paul and Paulie, Paul and Victor, etc etc etc.

The better pool player you are, the more believable it is as a ploy for secret conversations.

Cody took a shower, so we can alert the media about that.

And Cody looked uncomfortable on his lily pad as Raven and Matt filled the room with their chatter, pointedly ignoring Cody.

I'm not saying they should hug and kiss Cody, but making small talk might be the civil thing to do, particularly since he's cornered this week, and on his way out of the door.  Everyone will be nominated eventually, and there is no need to kick someone when they are down.  (Especially if Cody has a chance to return....and be a voter on the Jury.)

I have heard Cody tell Jessica twice that what Paul said in his nomination speech about Cody was "all true" and Cody respects him for being decent about it.  I've also heard Alex say that Paul is good about compartmentalizing the BB game from his social interactions.  Matt and Raven need to learn these skills, too.

But of course Jessica and Cody don't help their social situation sometimes.

Jessica:  I'm naked under this toad costume.

Cody:  You're driving me crazy.

No comment from Matt, of course.

Alex told Jason that they need to start remembering the days and events in order to win future competitions.  Alex said she kept her empty birth control packages in order to track the BB calendar with it (smart).

Kevin came over and got in on the conversation, as Jason tried to remember which day he had to put on the V-Toad costume.  Kevin told him a day, but Jason disagreed and they tried to figure it out.

(Is Kevin trying to follow Paul's instructions to him to give out incorrect data?)

Kevin:  Ah...did you feel that breeze?  It's beautiful.  MARK!   MATT!  PAUL!  Did ya feel that breeze?  Beautiful....

Alex asked Kevin what he knows about the buy back, but Kevin doesn't know.

Kevin:  Everyone's talking about the buy back, but I have no idea what they're talking about.

Alex: But Paul's best friend got it last year!  More than once!

Paul came over and confirmed this, and the Battle Back topic came up.

Kevin:  What, is Jillian gonna win anything?  She can't beat anybody!

Paul explained they will wait until they have more evicted people, and then hold the Battle.

(No, last year Victor said he won a battle each week, and then went back to his sweet sequester house to work out, eat, and get ready for the next one.  And based on how long the backyard is locked down now after the HoH, they are surely holding the competitions in the backyard between scheduling the HoH and PoV competitions.  And CBS even has the "special" episode on the schedule for 8:00 PM July 21st.)

I don't remember what Raven was saying as she stood on the lily pad, but I have heard her talking about Paul's offer to donate "a few hundred" T-shirts with a special Raven graphic and give her the proceeds.  Raven doesn't want the money given to a foundation for her disease, though...she wants the money personally to pay for her medical bills.

Note that Matt is clutching his metal bowl of slop (ANOTHER ONE?) as he listens to Raven's chatter.

I heard Paul and Mark in the storage room muttering about Christmas, and it wasn't flattering, I don't think.  I heard Mark say that he "slowed down" when he played chess with her, because she "isn't any good" and I can tell there is more to the story.  They were both irritated with Christmas, but I don't think they should waste much time worrying about her.

She's going to have major surgery this week, and surely someone will have the good sense to send her home for good.  She can't just convalesce in the BB house while everyone else plays the game.

I did hear Alex and Jason whisper-trashing Christmas on Sunday night.  They agreed that Christmas was hungry for any type of attention, including male attention, and everybody notices it.

Alex:  Christmas is head-hunting you, and you need to make friends with her.

Jason:  I know.  She's a fake bitch!

And as of today, this love affair is still going, even though Jillian is mouthing off to US  Weekly that the relationship is fake.

I wish Jillian had been this mouthy when she was still in the house, right?  You can read the entire article here, but here is what Jillian had to say about the showmances.  I think she is definitely wrong about one of the showmances, but I'll let you guess which one.

On Sunday night, Jessica went up to the HoH for a private chat with Paul.  She got teary a few times as she asked his advice about how to proceed in the game, saying that she can handle the "game" part of all of this, but it's the personal part that she has trouble with.

Jessica, voice trembling:  There were people in here that I expected to be friends with outside....maybe even best friends....like Elena, Mark, and you.  But no one has asked even once if I'm all right...no one.  We were so close and now it's so awkward.  That's the part I have trouble with.

Paul gave her advice that was probably tough to hear, but most good advice is.  He said that after the game is over, she won't even care about most of these people, that she will feel differently about just about everyone.  He said that all relationships and feelings are amplified in the house, because they have been stripped of everything else.

Paul:  You might even feel that way about Cody, Jessica.  You just met him two weeks ago.  You just met everybody in here two weeks ago.

Let's have a quick look at a tweet from the Original Cody, and meet back here to discuss it.

Look, one of the problems with reading brief BB updates like this one is that it's very easy to take it out of context, because 140 characters don't give you any context.  And Cody is taking every word at face value, basically calling Alex a quitter.

Here's the Thing:  What Alex says to Jason as described in the tweet is not necessarily her plan for the game.  No one wants to come out and say they need to get rid of Paul....no one wants that comment attached to them, because it is too dangerous.  But if enough people make little insinuations like this, the idea will gain energy until the group is ready to openly discuss taking Paul out.

It's the same thing with Raven.  I have heard at least four house guests make little comments about how Raven should or will win because of her medical situation.  Paul even announced to someone this week that if he's there in the end with Raven, he will announce that she should win because she is a victim of diseases.

Do you think Paul means that? (NO.)

Do you think Paul is planting seeds of doubt about the danger of taking Raven deep in the game?  (YES.)

But do you think Paul will send her 200 hundred "Raven" T-shirts to sell? (YES.)

In order to truly know what each house guest's plans are in the game, we need to hear from them directly, whether in the DR or in a private moment on the feeds when they address the live feeders.  


  1. I can't wait for Cody to battle back and join with Paul. They'd make a great team.

    I don't remember where I read it, but I think Matt is putting salad dressing on his slop.

    1. BBTooms sent out a tweet with a video last night that featured Matt drinking Diet Coke, with Alex calling him out on it.

      The tweet also said that Matt is using cheese of some sort....I didn't see that, but I think he did put the METAL bowl in the microwave to heat up, so perhaps that was to melt the cheese in addition to potentially causing an explosive kitchen fire.

      So....Matt using salad dressing would not be a surprise. I hope he is severely punished for this. I will try to find out what flavor he used....Matt looks like a Ranch Guy to me, but then again, who doesn't?

    2. I imagine there is a lengthy discussion somewhere about when and how Matt's penalty votes will eventually come into play. To me personally I'd find DIET COKE(R) or diet coke to be the same category as slop.

      So when Matt burns down the house with the microwave and his metal bowl, do the doors automatically unlock? And does leaving count as self-eviction?

    3. Anything that is considered a condiment has always been considered fine to add to slop. Also I've seen them use pickles and make slop cookies which are essentially sugar cookies with a touch of slop... the Diet Coke I thought would be a no no, but honestly I think the whole Have Not thing is completely pointless and irrelevant to the game, so I don't r ally understand why they do it anymore.

  2. San Jackson is in Coach Carter. Denzel is in Remember the Titans.

  3. Thanks for the updates, very helpful before I jump back in.

  4. I agree about that last statement. But the DRs CBS is showing us aren't giving us much. It's "pissed" and funny Cody creepy serious moments, and less strategy or game planning. Alex should speak to the feeders. On RHAP, I think on the LCF Round Table, they were discussing having legit questions, approved by CBS in the DR for houseguests to answer. This could be a good new thing to implement. The same way they changed the nomination key thing from taking a key and being safe, to only 2 keys for the nommed houseguests, they can implement Q&A DR sessions every week, where the houseguests discuss gheir strategy and game plan with us. Those DRs can be part of live feed experience with a few clips shown during the show. Boom, solution found.

  5. Oh my gosh, I can't stand Matt licking the bowl the spoon and his fingers, and multiple times of the day.

  6. Love the blog! Please continue to tell us like it is!
    Matt told someone one of his slop recipe was slop, Vanilla protein shake, Splenda, almond milk and cinnamon. He uses Splenda for zero calories. Glad you dumped him before it got serious! I love that you see through the planting of seeds of doubt. Dom will be an absolute pro at this technique if she wasn't wrapped up in trying to be in a love triangle. Only time will tell. Love Celinka's idea about the dr session strategy q&a, that would be interesting just to see if some have thoughts behind their actions.


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