Monday, July 31, 2017

Watch What You Wish For..... #BB19

The PoV ceremony will take place  today, on Monday.  In fact, it might even take place while I am typing up this post, so if that happens, I will certainly let you know.

We expect Paul to use his PoV to save Jason, leaving Jessica and Cody on the block for eviction. That's not really a big deal, but what is a big deal is whether or not Jessica will use her Halting Hex on Thursday night. Paul wants her not to use it, so the house can vote out Cody for the second (and last) time.  Jessica has appeared to consider that, contingent on a few demands of her own.

I've been watching Jessica, and it seems to me that she is going to use the Hex, but at other times it seems like she is seriously considering shedding the dead weight of Cody so she can move forward in the game alone.

Alex and Jason have been getting friendly with Matt and Raven,  which should concern the other house guests. Alex says she "checks all of the boxes" about her ethnicity when she's applying for something.

Matt:  What box, though?

Alex: Usually Pacific Islander, and Asian, too.  And if there is a native Hawaiian box, I check that , too.

Alex discussed older seasons of Big Brother with Matt and Raven, who both appear to know A LOT of information about the older seasons. Alex says she watched the last three seasons, but I'm not sure if that is the true extent of her fandom.

Raven even brought up Season 3 in the discussion, which really was the Dark Ages of BB since it was filmed in the original BB house.  It is my understanding that that first BB house was built out of shipping crates, which is kind of mind-blowing.  In BB6, the show set was moved to a new sound stage that is still in use today.

Raven thinks Derrick was boring, but that Dan "is a savage".  Alex and Raven both know that Derrick won the biggest prize in BB history if you add in all of his America's Team and other miscellaneous earnings.

Matt mentioned Cody's mistake several times, saying "you should have taken Victoria, dude".

Matt:  Cody made a $450,000 mistake, do you realize that?

( might not want to say stuff like that Matt, particularly since you made a BFD out of saying you would let Raven win.)

(I'd like to point out that what we hear the house guests say to each other might be big fat lies.  In fact, I hope that is the case, actually.)

Alex says she usually doesn't like watching the Diary Room sessions on the TV show, but she will pay more attention to them now, because she appreciates what goes into a good DR session.

Alex:  So much of my stuff I can't say.....they say it's trademarked........

(It isn't "your stuff" if it is trademarked.)

Matt:  And you can't's so restrictive.

Raven:  I can't wait to watch all of Paul's DRs on TV.

Raven made that comment like she was excited to watch because she is Paul's #1 fan, but if she or anyone else had commented on how Paul is probably clowning all of them in the DR, a barrage of anti-Paul comments might have been made.  I think there is a lot of anti-Paul feelings in that house, but everyone is afraid to express them out loud.  Particularly since Paul's last act of HoH power is looming ahead of them in the PoV ceremony.

Jason used to have a "rodeo chicken" named Linda, who can be seen in some of his old Whistle-Nut videos, he says.  Jason used to hide Linda in a bag, and then during his act he would crawl into a barrel.

Jason: People didn't expect me to get in that barrel, because I'm pretty big. And there would be an old Mountain Dew can in there, and some other pieces of trash.

Jason would start throwing the trash out of the barrel, and then he would toss Linda out and the crowd would go wild every time.  Apparently seeing Linda get hurled out of the barrel and then squawk and cluck around was quite a surprise.

Alex frequently makes harsh comments about how animals are treated at the rodeo.  For example she grilled Jason a few days ago about the use of a cattle prod, but Jason said he's never even owned one.  (I can't even think about what goes on at a heart just can't take it.)  So now Alex focuses in on the Treatment of Linda, asking question after question about how long Linda lived, and what became of her.

Jason: I haven't had Linda for a long time.  I don't have any chickens now.  The dogs go after them and kill them.

Alex:  Is that what happened to Linda?

Jason grimaced and made a face.  He didn't have to answer the question.  We all know what happened to poor Linda now.

Jason:  Well, the dogs are worth a lot more to me than a stupid fucking chicken.

(Linda performed her feathery heart out for Whistle-Nut, I'm sure.  Linda deserved better.)

These two act like children in the house, running around and yelling.  Well, Raven yells.  And it is so loud that I deleted this BBAD episode before I was finished watching it.  If you've heard Raven shriek and scream with all of the shower pranks, then you know what I mean.  She really thinks she is God's Gift to the live feeds.  Chatter about America's Favorite Player can't be too far behind, I assure you.

I wish we could vote for America's Worst Player.  Now THAT would be a fun prize to award on Finale night, wouldn't it?

Kevin wondered how Josh was doing, and commented on how much weight Josh lost when he was a Have Not for two weeks.  Josh had a handful of granola or something that he was eating in bed, and Kevin said he would be better off eating slop a little longer.


Kevin:  Fuck a slop?  You can't fuck a slop.  You can fuck some slop, or the slop, but it's not a singular thing.

Then Raven appeared, and made a little scene before leaving.

I'm just going to say it:  I think Raven has gained about 15 pounds so far this season.

I'm not saying she's fat, and I'm not saying she looks any better or worse than the average woman her age in America.  But as my old friend Scott W. used to say, Raven is starting to chunk up.  If you watch the live feeds, keep an eye on all of the mindless snacking she does, and the late night eating.  If you take in more calories than you burn, this is what happens.

These two are extremely demonstrative now.  All of this is going on your permanent record, Matt.

Raven's looking for her next snack.  Yep.  She is.

Hey Matt:  This is who you lay with?

(Shout out to Da'Vonne.)

Meanwhile Mark's energy is very low.  He's feeling low, too, and tells Elena that the guys outside "smoked him" playing pool.

Mark:  I was hitting the wrong balls for over half the time.

Elena feels badly about playing a role in Mark's sad mood, referring of course to her trying to break up with him for several days in a row.  When you live with someone like this though, it's tough to have a clean break, because you still see them 24/7 and sleep in the same bed, too.  They can't just disrupt everyone else's routine because they're in a rough patch, whether it is temporary or permanent.

Mark:  You're not responsible for my emotions.

Elena:  At least you're safe this week.  You're going to Jury.

Mark:  Am I though?

(Good question, Mark.  None of you, even the mighty Paul, will know when Jury actually starts until Julie Chen tells you.)

Mark: Jury's not that great for me.  I mean, I like having more paid vacation time, but it's not that great....especially if I'm the first one in there, just sitting around and waiting.

Outside, the showmance chatter is happier between Cody and Jessica.  They are discussing movie stars they like and Jessica talks about the movie "Troy".  She said Orlando Bloom is really hard to watch in that move due to his actions (which I presume were rather wimpy).

Jessica:  And meanwhile Brad Pitt was in bed with two chicks like a boss.

Cody liked that comment, but Jessica clarified that in real life, Cody would be dead if he tried that.

Jessica decides that she is Cody's Helen of Troy, because he is going all out to protect her. Some of these comments make it seem like she may not use the Hex, and let Cody be evicted, but of course I'm not sure.

Cody's favorite actor is Tom Cruise.

Jessica:  But isn't he crazy?

Cody:  I don't like his politics, or any of that other stuff, just his movies.

Jessica likes Jennifer Anniston and Julia Roberts.  She attended a premiere movie event in Boston that Jennifer appeared at  and was impressed by the way Jennifer spoke in front of the crowd, and how beautiful she was.  It sounds like Jessica got to meet her briefly.

Meanwhile, inside the storage room Josh and Elena are having a pretty sobering conversation.

Josh:  How's Mark doing?

Elena explained to Josh that she told Mark that they needed some distance between them, that their relationship just wasn't working out, and this was New News for Josh.

Josh:  Oh my god....poor Mark.  I didn't know that.

Elena:  This isn't a healthy environment for a relationship....I told him we need some distance in this house,and if we like each other outside of the house, that's different. He really likes me....but I'm just not at the same level.

Josh:  I just had deja vu.....just now while you were saying that.

Elena:  I would love to have deja vu right now.

Josh:  I just asked you because I've noticed both you and Mark have different moods lately.  I won't be disrespectful of him.  I won't make jokes about it like I've been doing.  I didn't know.

Elena:  I'm a slow mover, particularly after what has happened in my other relationships. I love really hard, but it takes a while for me to get there.

(Elena went through a tough break up that is discussed in this post, about half-way down, I think.)

Josh told her about a girl that he liked that told him the same thing, that she needed space.  Josh says he gave her lots of space, and she soon came back around and wanted to date.

Let's take a minute and appreciate how pretty Elena is with no makeup.  Try and forgive that messy hair style, and just focus on how pretty her skin is...there is no need for all of those layers of clown makeup.

Inside, Christmas is eating a bowl of slop.  There was a ziploc bag of "Slop Bites" that is empty, and this was a disappointment to Christmas, particularly since whoever finished them just left the empty bag out on the counter instead of throwing it away.

Raven apologized for eating a cookie in front of Christmas, but Christmas said that was just fine with her.  When she was competing and needed to "make weight", she became used to people eating things she couldn't have in front of her.

Raven:  Well, I'm used to people eating things I can't have in front of me.....

Christmas, trying to nip that topic in the damn bud:  This is just a week, not a lifetime. If I can't handle this for a week, then I don't deserve to be here.

Elena has now joined Cody and Jessica by the hammock, saying that she misses Ramses.  There is an energy in the house now that is missing since he left, and it is noticeable to her.

Cody:  I really never talked to that guy until the last few days he was on the block.  He's a nice guy.

Elena;  He and I vibed so hard at Finals.

(I guess they saw each other during the casting process.  They are not allowed to talk but we've heard many times about house guests seeing each other at casting and forming a bond based on eye contact.  For example, Jason and Da'Vonne, Meg and Clay, etc etc etc.)

Josh can't wait to spill the beans on the news he just got, sidling up to Kevin and saying in a low voice that he just got some good news.

Kevin:  What is it Josh?

Josh:  Elena and Mark aren't together anymore....she just told me.  But don't tell her I told you...

Kevin:  What, I can't ask her why she and Mark aren't out here hugging anymore?

(Josh and Kevin don't want to work with showmances, so it is good news to them that Elena might be willing to target Mark now, or vote with the other side.)

Within seconds of this conversation ending, Elena walked by Kevin and said it was cold out there.  Kevin immediately rubbed her bare shoulder and as we went to commercial, he said "why isn't Mark out here keeping you warm tonight?"

Elena: Mark who?


Jessica:  When you left the first time, I was really worried you would start talking to that girl in Dallas, but now I think that would just be your choice to make, if you want to choose to do that.

Cody:  Oh, that girl is long gone. It wasn't a real thing, only the potential of it....there wasn't any instant love.  I was just happy being around her.  She's a really sweet girl.

Jessica is silent, but her stare could burn a hole in Cody.

Cody: make me much happier, Jess.

Cody swears that from now on, if guys try to mess with him in bars, he will just turn the other cheek.

Cody:  I will not fight.  I swear.

Jessica is pleased with this, because the main reason why she tried to break up with him a few days ago was seeing him lash out in anger at Paul.  I'm sure she's worried about being with a violent man, but she also said her bosses wouldn't want her being with a guy who is so volatile.  (ie:  SBE isn't going to stand for some jealous boyfriend showing up in their clubs and causing a scene....or WORSE).

Elena paints Josh's fingernails and says she is going to embrace the health benefits of the Have Not diet, and try not to complain about it.

This commercial is quite funny.  A young student is making a speech in class about his dreams to make the perfect pizza, with plenty of cheese and pepperoni.

Then the teacher rudely tells him to give up on that dream, because it's already been done.

This is clearly not the perfect pizza, but I guess that is a matter of opinion.

I don't pester everyone about diet and exercise, but you shouldn't be eating stuff like this at all, even if you are a card-carrying carnivore.  This is an express pass to heart disease, people.

Josh puts on a show for us, telling us that he is going to ask the Diary Room if he can switch with Elena, to take the two weeks of slop for her.

Elena:  Well, that's quite a gesture, Josh.

I guess Josh remembered that he just promised not to taunt Mark about the breakup, so he whispered he would do what Mark wouldn't do, and take this burden for Elena.

The two of them went into the DR together, as Elena asked aloud if this was okay, if it were allowed for them to go in there together.

Note that after the incident the other night with the pots and pans, the DR told Josh later that he is not allowed to continue with that type of warfare.  You know why I think they made that statement to Josh?  I heard Elena talk about the incident later, and she said she thought Mark was going to take both pans and smash Josh's head between them.  And several other people thought Mark was going to be ejected for rushing towards Josh like that.  I think Production realized that if Mark took the pots and pans for only a split second with the intent to hurt Josh, there is NOTHING they can do to prevent it.  So they don't want to take that chance.  They got their footage....that should be enough.

You can see that Christmas is getting amped up now, angrily low-talking with Alex about Mark and what it's like to be a Have Not with him.

Christmas:  Mark never cooks his own slop!  Last time he ate all of Matt's slop, and yesterday I made two pots of slop, and it's gone now!  And he's the one who ate all of the fucking slop cookies!  Mark ate them all!

Alex:  I had two of them.....

Christmas:  Yeah, I did, too.  But Mark ate the rest of them!

Christmas commented that Elena is not complaining as much as she thought she would, particularly since she has two weeks of eating slop.

Alex:  She's not really eating much, though.

Earlier, Josh complimented Kevin's attire tonight, saying he had the best swag in the whole house.

Apparently last night was the semi-finals of the pool tournament.  I guess they are finishing the tournament from last week, which seems like last year at this point.

Kevin also said that there is more stress in the BB house than he ever had raising seven children.

Kevin: And that's with all of the proms, dating, all of it.  I lost $63,000 one weekend, and this house is still more stressful.

Now Mark joins Jessica and Cody in the hammock, and he's not happy.

Mark:  I hate this house.  I'm in there trying to sleep, and all I could hear is Elena and Josh running around giggling.  They went in the DR so he could ask if he could switch places with her for two weeks in the Have Not room.

Jessica:  WHAT?  Shut the front door!  If she can make that happen, it's Big Brother history.

Mark tried to tell them what Elena said to him about needing distance from him.  He's trying to keep his emotions out of it, but it's hard.

Cody:  It's probably coming from Paul, Mark.  He loves to separate people in here and create distance between them.  I always thought you and Elena were stronger than Matt and Raven, but can you imagine anybody splitting them up in this game now?  I can't.

Jessica then finishes her story that she was apparently telling Cody before Mark came over to them.

Jessica:  So then I crashed that guy's car right before I dumped him.

Cody:  That'll teach him to try and tell you what to do.

Josh and Elena are back from the DR, but they don't have an answer yet.  She reports that the request had never been made before, and they would have to look into it and get back to them.

(But they say the same thing if you ask for organic almond milk, or whatever.)

Kevin:  America's gonna hate this motherfucker.  And everyone in here is gonna hate you too, Josh.  Why didn't you do that for me Josh?  Why not Alex, or Christmas?

Soon after this, the excruciating sounds of Raven squealing filled the air on every camera view.  I tried to escape it, but I couldn't.  When Raven made the comment that it was all great for TV, I had to bow out.

Oh, and it appears that the DR will not approve Josh's chivalrous gesture, after all.  I'll let you know if I hear anything different though, of course.

This morning Paul had quiet time in his HoH room.  This cool shot is from the camera behind the bathroom mirror, looking straight through the room to the fish tank on the other side.

And the pranks just keep right on coming for Cody, as he finds Vaseline all over the handle of the coffee pot.  I think they hid the coffee filters, too,  so Cody had to use paper towels instead.

Not to mention that they switched the decaf and regular coffee grounds, so that Cody is drinking Unleaded now.  If nothing else drove me crazy in there, I would definitely storm out if I didn't have regular coffee.  Probably not very energetically, but still.  I must have a stiff cup of joe every morning. Or else.

Then it was time for the PoV ceremony, but these two cute puppies don't care what time it is.  They just want to see people and wag their tails.  You can just feel the puppy kisses from here, can't you?

Yesterday they were both tugging on their toys, having a little fight and they were adorable.

Then the PoV ceremony was over and people were scurrying about, with a certain energy in the air.  Kevin stopped Jessica to ask how she was, if she was going to be okay.  She is, of course.

Kevin:  So, are you gonna use it?  Never mind, don't tell me.  I don't give a fuck, really.

Paul used the PoV to save Jason, as planned.  And even though it might not make any difference if Jessica uses her Halting Hex, I'm sure Jason is relieved.

OK...Raven was sitting with Kevin and Jason, talking about the recent game events and also mundane topics such as the brass used to make the PoV medal.  Jason can make one if he wanted to, with his metalworking tools.   We had a quick FISH break, and when we return, Jessica has pulled Raven aside to chat.

And Jessica is NOT happy.

Apparently Jessica saw Raven talking to the guys, and saw Jason make a hand motion that appeared to indicate that Jessica was nearby, so they switched topics.

Jessica, controlled but clearly pissed:  When I walk in a room and see that, it looks bad.  Especially when you just stabbed me in the back with last week's vote.

Raven: What? was just...

Jessica:  I don't care.  It looks really bad.

Raven:  No...I was just talking to Kevin...we talk all the time....we were just talking about the Veto.

Jessica, cutting her off:  Raven I'm just letting you know...that looked BAD.  It looked really sketchy...

Raven sat down, and then stood back up.  I could hear her breathing hard.  Jessica is a scary girl.

Jessica:  ....and I'm just telling you...the last thing you want right now is for me to feel is that you're in on this right now.

Raven:  Seriously?

Jessica: Yeah.  You looked me right in the eye last Thursday and said you were voting Josh out.

Raven:  That vote changed at the last minute...listen...

Jessica:  NO.  That right just pissed me off.

Raven had grabbed Jessica's wrist and Jessica told her to "let me go".  Raven left the room and found Paul and Christmas deep in conversation about investing in something, oblivious to Raven and her problems.  To her credit, Raven decided to face trouble head on, asking Cody and Jessica to please talk with her privately.

Raven started swearing that they were talking about how to cut the metal to make the PoV, and that's it.  She swears, swears and swears that nothing was being said against Jessica.

Jessica gave Raven the Big Dog treatment, trying to separate herself from Raven's run-on apology and explanation by ignoring her.  Raven then went off the apology rails, saying how much she "truly, deeply" loves Jessica and Cody, which was a little too much.

Jessica:  I just want to be alone so I can talk to Cody.

Raven: Can I give you a hug?  Because I really, really, really, really love you.

And so on.  Jessica did not accept the hug, even when Raven came over to give it.  Raven kissed her cheek and left.

(This INFURIATES Elena, by the way.  She was LIVID when Raven came over and kissed her after the blindside vote on Thursday.)

Cody:  Can I say something?  I love the way you take on controversy head on like this.  It makes me so proud to be your boyfriend.

Jessica:  I just hate her fakeness.  She's so fake.  Now she's going to run to Paul and tell him, and he is going to think she made me want to use the Hex.

====>  She's going to use the Hex.

====>  And Raven wants TV time.  Shouldn't she be happy about this confrontation?

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Please Take a Moment to Note Your Nearest Exit. #BB19

Well let's get to it:  Paul won the PoV.  Yes, Paul.

Not that it matters, anyway, because Jessica is widely-expected to use her Halting Hex on Thursday night, which would mean nobody is going anywhere.  Although.......Paul has been trying to be sure Jessica knows that Cody is the target this week, and if Cody is gone Jessica can have a fresh new start. Again.

HERE'S THE PLAN:  Paul wants to save Jason with the PoV, and talk Jessica into not using the Hex so they can vote out Cody.

Paul won this same PoV competition last year.  Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul Paul.

It sounds like Elena did try to win her way out of the Have Not room, choosing and losing the Have Not Temptation.  Elena will be a Have Not for two weeks.  When will they learn that there are no winning choices for that thing?  Every single person BUT PAUL has lost, but they still keep trying it.  First Jason lost it, then Josh, Mark, and now Elena.

The guys warn Elena about the "three day bump" she has to get through with her first slop experience.

Jason:  And then Day Five......

Elena announced that she hates vegans, because since "they don't eat dairy", they "probably hate puppies and don't bathe".  Paul knew this was going to be a problem with somebody, so he just shook his head and declined to comment.  Jason, whose best friend is an animal, cheered Elena on.  He's a big meat-eater, I guess.

Mark is in his second week as a Have Not, and apparently had some sort of eating disorder today.

Mark:  Tonight is going to be bad for you ladies.  I apologize in advance.

Elena is worried about the Have Not diet being gassy, and everyone tells her to use the medicine in the storage room.

Kevin wanted everyone to see the bruises on Jason's back from Alex punching him.  Jason stood up and showed everyone, but the cameras didn't want us to see it.  But we saw the house guests say "What?"  "Oh my gosh!"  "She hits hard!".

This prompted another round of punching by Alex.  She's punching hard, it seems, as Jason laughs and says "Ow" over and over.  And "Ow" is Alex's last name, of course.  So the shoe fits.

Christmas: If anybody hits my foot, I will rip your head off and shit down your throat.

The severity of that statement wafted through the room until Jason suggested using a Subway bag.  Kevin has heard this story, and urges Jason to tell them all again now.

Kevin:  Elena.  Close your eyes and listen to this.

Alex punched Jason's leg and Jason cries out in pain.  That's pretty flexible for a guy, I think, particularly in blue jeans. This is a gross story, so I apologize in advance.

Jason was out riding on a combine and the wheat was wet. He felt tired, so he laid down under the combine to take a nap. (I guess he was waiting for the wheat to dry?)  While he was asleep, one of his co-workers took Jason's cowboy hat into the field.  He pooped on the ground and put the hat over it.  Jason said the smell ruined the hat so he plotted his revenge.

This is a combine.  Wow.  Jason was 18 at the time this story takes place.

Jason got one of those long plastic Subway bags and pooped in it.  He then tied it to something under the seat of the combine the other guy drove, where it stayed for weeks as they tried to figure out where the smell was coming from.  I guess Jason remembers that guy finally pulling that bag out from under the seat as one of the funniest joke payoffs of his life.

Whatever.  The smelly combine belonged to their employer, who was not happy about the prank at all.

A lot of baby talk between these two.  Well, no one said watching these live feeds would be easy.

Elena and Jessica have been smack-talking Raven, saying they "love Matt", but "can't stand Raven".  Neither of them plan on having any sort of relationship with her after the season is over.  Jessica said that Raven has a different face and personality every 10 minutes, depending on who is in the room.

Jessica:  Raven likes attention.

Then they got the usual munchies close to midnight, and Josh tried to make himself a grilled cheese.  You can see Mark is making some sort of slop-related dish, but the point is that they are trying to move past their problems this week, when Mark almost went ham on Josh in the kitchen.  Josh thinks Mark only apologized to him because Production made him, but is talking to him in group conversations.  In the bedroom earlier, Josh was telling everyone about what Elena missed out on by not choosing him, and it was funny.

Josh found mold on a slice of bread and announced that the plastic wrapper listed an expiration date of July 25th.

Christmas:  Today is the 29th, so....

There was a problem with Josh's sandwich, so Elena scolded him, saying she offered to make him one, and teach him how it's done, but now he's beyond help.

Elena:  It's ruined now.  There's no fixing this.

Alex sipped olive juice from the jar.  The Have Nots will go to a good bit of trouble to find new tastes during their week of torture.

It looks to me as if Josh did not apply the cheese evenly, causing a lopsided cheese situation.  I mean, I wouldn't say it's RUINED, but Elena is trying to boss Josh here.  She decided to help him and encouraged him to watch and learn.

This morning Christmas and Paul were cataloging a long list of Cody's fault, such as selfish, self-important, and immature..  Apparently he was just rather rude to them in the kitchen, or something like that.  I know they are playing a prank on him by somehow mixing up the coffee so that Cody's first pot will be made of decaf.

(An evil, evil prank, if you ask me.)

Paul thinks Cody's attitude will get worse and worse this week.  If Paul uses the PoV to save Jason, no one will be nominated in his place, so it will just be Jessica and Cody on the block for eviction.  If Jessica doesn't use the Hex, everyone will vote out Cody.  If she uses it we'll all just have to see what happens.

Production wanted Christmas to move her microphone.

Raven and Matt were squealing and he ended up pouring ranch dressing in the shower while she was in there.  Production had to tell him to STOP THAT when he went in there with some other food substance, oatmeal maybe.  And when this happened Raven flashed everybody for a second or two.

Paul wanted Kevin to "talk to her about it", and Kevin promised that he would.

 Kevin went outside and enjoyed the sunshine, walking laps in his usual manner.

Cody got in a bike workout, and then got very loud when lifting heavy metal plates.  You know, with the loud grunting and groaning.  Mark was also working out, doing sprints past the camera in the sunshine.

Christmas does Soul Cycle one night a week, and then goes out for wine.  She likes to try all types of exercise but knows weight training is one of her constants in life.  Matt points out that people like he and Christmas actually like exercising, so most classes are designed so that people who don't like it will do it anyway.

That's kind of obnoxious.  People who go to classes often love exercise.

Paul just tried to have a secret meeting with Jason. Paul wants him to "start a fake fight" with Alex.  He further says that Mark and Elena don't know what is planned, but that Jason and Josh have to pretend that they don't know about it.

Jason: I was just outside and Kevin kept trying to talk to me about it, so tell him to shut up.

Mark came in and interrupted them, so they pretended to be discussing whether Jessica would use her power or not.  I guess Mark and Elena will be left out of the loop again, but I'm not sure what all of the details are.

The whole plan is kind of convoluted.  Apparently in exchange for not using her Hex, Jessica has asked Paul for two weeks of safety, and she wants the house to target Alex next week, so Paul told her that he won't tell Jason, Kevin or Alex about that part. But since this is a false promise, I think Jason, Kevin, and Alex are aware of it.  But Mark and Elena don't know about any of it, apparently.  At least they don't now.  So it's complicated, with this one pretending not to know what that one thinks might be happening.  And so on.

Paul discussed The Plan with Jessica, really laying it on thick about how Cody hurts her game, and doesn't care about playing the social game.  And how Jessica's social game was so great after Cody left the first time.

Paul:  Whatever you have with him will still be there after this.  This isn't the Hunger Games.

Jessica got misted, it seems, giggling about this.  She said she had to ask the DR a question before she agreed to this.  (Probably about being able to use the Hex next week.) And Paul celebrated after she left, congratulating himself on his efforts.

Then Mark came in...he and Elena apparently think Alex will be the backdoor target.  Elena will be INCONSOLABLE  if she gets blindsided again, left on the outside with Mark.  AGAIN.


Cameron is a very polite young man on Twitter, quickly gaining over 7,000 followers and answering questions in a humble manner.

What a gorgeous dog.  How could you leave that for the summer, anyway?

Kevin's daughters reached out to Ramses.  And they also announced that everybody could come to Thanksgiving, because it's a party.  I don't think that invitation includes us, by the way.

And Jason's family is meeting others, too, reaching out to Ramses, who is being very mature about his eviction from the game.


I heard Matt tell everyone that "Zankie won best showmance" on Instagram.  People were like, "WHAT" so Matt proudly repeated it.

Not nauseous yet?  Well, I just heard Matt really greasing Paul's skids, saying that if he can pull off this move this week, Paul will "be Number four, at least".  Matt then started talking about Derrick's game in BB16, apparently making the case that Paul's win may rival that.