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Meet Raven Walton - Can She Keep Up the Pace This Summer? #BB19

Let's get acquainted with Raven Walton, who is a BB19 house guest who starts off her interview with Jeff on a humorous note:

Raven:  I'm from Arkansas, or Arkansassy, as I like to call it, and I'm a dance teacher!

I was expecting Raven's voice to be at a Bronte-like annoyance level, but it wasn't.  Thank goodness. Part of my fear and loathing came from Raven's hair bows, though, because they are certainly reminiscent of Bronte's hair bow.  (Hint:  Not a Bronte fan.)

Raven does speak in a sing-song manner while swaying about on the couch, but I'm not bumping Raven's communication style into the Danger Zone quite yet.  I think she's just happy to be sitting there talking to us and she's expressing those emotions physically.

Of course Big Jeff wondered if Raven was a fan of the show.

Jeff:  So, are you a fan of da show?

Raven, swaying about:  I'm a huge fan!  I started watching it with my mom when I was 12 years old, and got addicted immediately!

(Probably during BB7 AllStars, right?)

Raven said she tried out for BB18 and didn't make it, so she sent an online application this year and she thinks that "did the trick".  Raven snapped her fingers when she said that last part.  Don't quote me on this, but I think I saw some information on Reddit that Michelle recognized Raven from the casting process last summer, so that indicates Raven got deep into the casting process.

Jeff, to us:  See, dreams do come true!  You've gotta get those submissions out to sit here one day!

Part of Raven's strategy is to be very observant.  And she knows she has a tendency to be loud and perhaps a bit too bubbly, so she's going to try and tone that down so she doesn't annoy the other house guests.

Raven:  I'm going to try and pull some puppet strings quietly....

Jeff:  So, lay low....

Raven:  Yep.  Lay low and try to pull some strings behind the scenes and then make a big move later in the game.

When Jeff asked her if she thought she'd be more of a physical or mental threat, Raven said she thought she'd be both.

Raven:  Well, I'm a dancer, so I dance 24-7, and my memory is great.  I can remember every dance routine I've done since I was three.

Raven:  So that's gonna make me a mental threat, and a physical threat too, ya'll.

That is Raven below "acting out" her mental threat comment.  I'm sure teaching dance to children makes this sort of thing both automatic and necessary.

Jeff:  So you think you'll be ready for those endurance comps this summer?

Raven:  Heck yeah!  Bring it on BB!

Jeff asked her the question, but Raven is the one who said the "M word" here.

Raven:  I'm single as a Pringle, and I'm ready to mingle!

Then of course Jeff was required to point out that Big Brother seems to be more about relationships every year, so what does Raven think about showmances?

Raven:  I'm not going in there looking for it, but let's just say I'm open to the possibility.  I don't want to say no for sure, because then it can come back and bite you in the butt.  So I'm open-minded about it.

Jeff:  So showmance or not, what type of person are you looking for to be a ride-or-die this summer?

Raven:  I definitely want somebody outgoing like myself....someone bubbly....definitely not somebody who is a Debbie Downer, because I'm always going to be up to something in the house.

Jeff:  Oh, all right...mischievous, this one!

Raven:  I am!

Jeff wondered what Raven's pet peeves are that might come into play this summer when living with the house guests.

Raven: Definitely somebody who doesn't wash their dishes...

Jeff:  That was mine, too!  It's a big one.

Raven:  I'm like, it only takes five seconds to rinse the bowl out and put it up!

(What about actually washing that bowl with some dish soap?  Don't forget that, Raven.)

Jeff:  OK...let me tell you right now, Raven.  That's gonna happen!  But how are you gonna deal with it?

Raven:  I'm just gonna try to keep my mouth shut....just think, oh that person is a slob....and probably clean up after them, I guess....GOSH!

Jeff:  Well, it's three it will be interesting to see how you put up with that!

Jeff:  You're a big fan of da show, so you know to Expect the Unexpected.  Nobody knows what is going to happen this season yet.  What do you think it's going to be?

Raven says she's been thinking a lot about it and wonders if returning players will be in the house, if there will be Battle of the Block....she has no idea and can't wait to find out.

Jeff:  Well, nobody knows.  But it seems like you have all the boxes know the possibilities, so I like where you're going with that.

Then the dreaded hashtag question.  But Raven seems prepared for it and has some interesting information.

Raven:  I have a stomach pacemaker, so I want it to be #PacerPower, ya'll. You can actually see my pacemaker in my stomach....I have a disease called gastro_____sis and that's why I have a stomach pacemaker.  It gave me a second chance at life, and it's my second heart.

Jeff:  Oh...that's a great story.  Everything is okay now though?

Raven:  YES!  It works great....I can eat chips and everything now and that's why I'm such a happy person.  I love life!

Jeff tells Raven he has one more question for her.

Raven:  Oh I bet I know what it it your famous one?  I'm ready....I'm ready!

Jeff asks the question....would you rather lose and be loved or win and be hated?

Raven:  I WANT BOTH JEFF!  I want to win and I want all of you (pointing at us with both arms and hands) to love me!

Jeff:  I think you'll be alright in there.  I can't be partial, but I'll just say that!

Raven is delighted with this and claps.


OK.  I feel like we need to learn more about her condition, so here is a video that appeared on Raven's local news program when she was 15 that gives some background on the disease, and also shows us what the pacemaker looks like, etc.

And here is another video taped just two years ago, where Raven shows us her scar and the bump where you can see the pacemaker through her skin.  We also get to see how the hairstyles of both Raven and her mother have evolved since the last video, and also some footage of Raven teaching her class to "Shake It Off".  We also learn that Raven is indeed no stranger to the hashtag concept.

I'm not crazy about them pandering to get Ellen's attention, but I know they needed to raise a lot of money for Raven's brother's surgery.  Was he on camera in the video?  Maybe he's shy.

Within a very short time after Raven's live interview with Big Jeff, a poster on Reddit said they had the same disease but is treating it without the use of the pacemaker, adding that her doctor said he'd never seen the pacemaker as an effective treatment option.  The poster also offered to answer questions, and I found two that are probably of interest regarding being a Have Not and the possibility of being injured.

At some point in the Reddit thread, some professional dancers chimed in with some very pointed criticisms of Raven's dance techniques in the video.  In true Reddit fashion, the discussion seems to devolve from there (you can certainly see a hint of that with the "WTF" post in the thread I just posted).

(I also learned that they had some issues with Natalie's dance moves in her intro video last summer.....)

But Reddit is all about brutal honesty, and if I'm being honest I'm not sure it is fair to cast her as a house guest.  How can she do the OTEV challenge?  Can she even crawl through honey or swing from a rope?  And we know that the Have Not experience will need to be adjusted for her...but maybe they will make some drastic changes in the entire Have Not program, because it is certainly getting stale and predictable.

If it wasn't for her physical issue, I would feel good about Raven's chances this year.  To me, Big Brother isn't an equal opportunity show if you have conditions that exempt you from fully participating.  And to me that should go for physical limitations, people with mental issues, or people who have young children (ie. letting someone win HoH so they can see pictures of their kid).  Raven shouldn't have an advantage in the game because people feel sorry for her, or otherwise feel they can't treat her as they treat everyone else.

I'm not trying to be mean about it....just stating the facts.  But I have to bring up the Audrey Middleton situation from BB17...when Audrey was first introduced to use, my immediate reaction was that her being transgender was going to tamper with the game for several different reasons.  But within a day or two of watching the live feeds, Audrey being transgender seemed totally irrelevant.  What ended up happening to her in the game had nothing to do with it, so perhaps that will be the case with Raven.

Let's take a look at Raven's CBS bio.

Yes, she is a Frankie Grande fan.  And yes, she is the leader of an all-female ghost-hunting group. I will try to forget both of those things and not hold them against her.


I forgot to mention that there was some drama about Raven last week.  For the second year in a row, sharp-eyed sleuthers have learned where and when the hometown key ceremonies are filmed.  They found out from looking at a production company's posting of open positions---basically saying they need to hire someone for a day in a certain city as a production assistant.

Last year the list was posted on Reddit, where Michelle saw it and got a pretty good idea that she made the cast.  The same list was posted on Reddit this year, and some "fans" who have some shitty podcast saw Raven's town in Arkansas on the list.

Apparently they chatted up the mailman or something and found out Raven's name and announced it on their podcast.  This is totally out of bounds and should not be encouraged.  What if she got disqualified from the cast because of that?  People are idiots....and Production should work with that casting company to prevent this next year somehow.


  1. I have a friend who has GP and the pacemaker story surprised me. He walks with a cane due to weakness from vomiting all the time. I always thought a pacemaker was to regulate your heartbeat. Of course throwing up all the time from what I understand can strain your heart. I don't know I am not a doctor. I am not a fan of Raven nor was I a fan of Bronte. How she described her name like a Brontosaurus. What a weirdo, she also lost me when she was crying tell the girls she was a mathematician. Really....ugh!

  2. I don't know much about GP or Raven's case exactly, but pacemakers work to help nerves in muscles that aren't working properly(I'm not a medical professional, so I don't know the exact terminology used, but I know that's the broad picture idea). They're mostly used in the heart to regulate that when the nerves don't make the muscle contract. So in the same way they can be used elsewhere (such as the gastrointestinal muscles that don't contract properly for GP). I went to school with a kid who was paralyzed and they implanted a pacemaker in his diaphragm to help him breathe.

    Also that's for you're posts again this year! I can't watch the live feeds and look forward to our updates!


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