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Meet Ramses Soto - He Likes to Play Games. #BB19

Meet Ramses Soto, who is 21 and attends college in Michigan.  Even though he's a student, he listed has occupation as "Cosplay" artist on his CBS bio.

OK, I admit that I've heard of that, but I don't really know what it means.

I mean, I guess I understand what the word means, but still don't understand THE WHAT.  Or THE WHY.  But there are a lot of things going on out there right now that I don't know about.  And I'm sure that's just how the kids want it, so that's fine.  I'm not even someone who enjoys dressing up for Halloween.  But I digress, because this isn't about me.  It's about Ramses, who gets off to a very energetic start with Big Jeff.

Jeff:  Are you a fan of da show?

Ramses said that YES INDEED he's a big fan of da show, and then adds that he just saw the show for the first time "about two and a half years ago", but since then he's binge watched a whole bunch of episodes.  He said he's watched every season, but surely he didn't mean Season 1, because who in the hell could binge watch that, right?  It's fun to watch the first episode, just for the shock of seeing how primitive everything was back then (including Julie Chen), but I can't imagine someone actually watching every damn episode.  I think it was on every weeknight for 30 minutes, so that's a lot to watch.

Ramses only tried out for BB once, and got cast right away, so he's happy about that.  Jeff wanted to clarify how to pronounce his name, and had Ramses spelled it out for us.

It's RAMSES, not RAMSEY.  Ramses would like us to use the ESS, please.  I would have liked to hear some origin information about the name, but since Ramses is Dominican, perhaps it is a Dominican name.  Like "Jozea."....sorry but someone had to mention that.

Ramses feels that his "bomb social game" will take him far in the game.  He thinks he's going to be viewed as some sort of social butterfly, and this will cause the other players to underestimate him.

Ramses:  I'll always be wearing a big smile, though.

As you can see, Ramses uses his hands constantly as he speaks.  I don't think I have one picture of him sitting still.  But that's why Production chose him to kick off the live cast reveal---because of his Big Energy.  (Just like Jason Roy in BB17.)

Ramses said he plans to play a game that's "like, 100% social".  But he'll also "keep an eye on the strategic stuff, too".

Ramses thinks one of his weak spots is that he trusts people too easily, but I guess being self-aware about that is better than having no idea, right?

Unless it leads to paranoia, of course.  Because with all of this energy that Ramses has, I'm a little scared of what we'll be seeing if he starts going negative.  Or maybe I'm excited to see that.  Because Ramses can't be Suzie Sunshine for three months, right?

I certainly hope not.

Jeff wondered if Ramses would consider getting in a showmance, which resulted in a pretty sick burn when Ramses pointed out to Jeff that he lost the game twice because of his showmance, so it wasn't a good idea.

Jeff enjoyed that sick burn, and even the haters have to admit that Big Jeff is getting really good at these short house guest introduction videos.

But then Jeff pointed out that recent seasons of Big Brother have been all about the relationships, so that might be important this year, too.

Jeff:  Like last season, there were three relationships that came out of the house, but none of them are together now.  But Nicole won!

Jeff pointed out that Jordan won, too, and Ramses had to acknowledge that Jeff was right.  It's probably hard to get a real feel for the mechanics of a BB season if you just binge watch the CBS episodes on your tiny cell phone screen.  In fact, you might be better off not watching the old seasons at all, since the CBS episodes just gloss over so much of the interpersonal dynamics.  But I guess you can learn about the competitions.  And the costumes, of course.  I'm sure Ramses is into the BB costume situation.

After some prodding by Big Jeff, Ramses admitted he's probably going to be emotional and cry in the house like Big Meech.  He kind of dissed Big Meech on that, but then seconds later he gave her a big shout out.

Jeff:  Maybe you'll have some tissues for your issues.

Ramses thinks his bubbly and optimistic qualities will serve him well in the house this summer.  He is hoping to come out of the house with new friendships for life.

If he wins the money, he plans to pay off his mother's house and buy a car before paying off his student loans.

Ramses is really hyped up about the season and can't wait to get started.  It was a good first interview for Big Jeff, because he didn't have to work very hard.  Ramses just started talking and it all flowed from there.


I don't have a whole lot to say about Ramses, because it seems like Ramses is a "get what you see" type of person.  He is the youngest member of the cast, and if I didn't know he was 21, I might have thought he was in high school.

I think there is at least one other "nerd stereotype" in the house this summer, but I find it interesting that the "other nerd" told Jeff that Production wouldn't let him wear his glasses in the interview.  (Cameron Heard)  But they let Ramses wear his glasses......only one at a time, I guess.  I find that little factoid very interesting...

There are some big personalities in the house this summer, but I guess we'll have to see how Ramses reacts to that.  Will he be assertive about getting his voice out there, and play a role in the decisions?  Or will he shrink back in the crowd, going along to get along.  That might be his best bet, at least in the beginning.

I think I found Ramses' real Twitter account, which is locked for the summer....a smart choice on Ramses' part.  Is that one of his little costumes in the bio picture?  Somehow, after reading his CBS bio I was expecting a little more.

Because some parts of his bio give me a Project Runway vibe.  Super-creative house guests can be fun to watch, because they come up with ways to entertain themselves in there.  

Here is his CBS bio, for easy reference.

I know everyone is going to rip on Ramses' statement above that he enjoyed watching Dan's Funeral during BB14, and would like to use it for inspiration this summer.  But he's from Michigan, so he has to like Dan, and he was barely a teen when that season aired.  He probably thought Dan Gheesling was the coolest guy ever.

I found some pictures of Ramses on a website called Lookbook, and it certainly seems like Ramses has style and knows how to pose for pictures.

I kind of wanted to see some weirdness.....some Cosplay realness, such as a dragon costume, or an anime warrior.  Or whatever.  But maybe those pictures are all locked up in his Twitter account or something.  If those pictures exist, I'm sure we'll all see them, soon enough.  I guess I' was also imagining a sort of  Club Kid look, but that was another decade, another time.

Like this:

Or this:

Anyway, to be honest I'm not very optimistic about Ramses' chances of winning this summer.  In fact, I think a few of the house guests who know the game are going to want him out, and fast.  That "nerd" sterotype may end up working against him.  No one is going to want to let "another Steve" win the game.  But that doesn't mean it can't happen, of course.

Ramses might be able to shrink into the scenery and coast to the Jury.  He certainly doesn't seem to be someone you'd be worried about, particularly with the beefcake-type players Ramses will be playing with. And he seems like the type to be easily influenced---and easily fooled.  I don't think he has the life experience to match up against some of the other players in there.  But I think he'll have fun, anyway.

I saw this entertaining Twitter exchange between Dan and Janelle.......I wonder who Dan is referring to here?

It seems like it would be Ramses, right?  Since he lives in Michigan and might know someone that Dan knows?  But would Ramses be so disrespectful to his hero?   I don't think so....

Instead, I think Dan might be referring to the male house guest who happens to be acquainted with one of the RHAP live feed correspondents.  More on that later, maybe, when I get to that guy's intro posting.  I'm sure we'll figure it out, sooner or later.  We always do.

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