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Meet Mark Jansen - Huge Hands, Huge Heart. #BB19

Well, hello there.  This is Mark, who introduces himself to us by saying he is from Buffalo New York and he's a personal trainer.

Mark certainly is a big'un, as they say here in the south.  They probably say that about Mark up north, too. Just a guess.

Jeff is sarcastic about Mark's announcement, but Mark takes it in stride.

Mark:  Yep.  I work out a few times each week.

Jeff:  Yeah, you're pretty big.  But thanks for making me look so small over here.

Mark assures Jeff that he's sexy-looking right now, and not to worry about that, but that he's just gotta try to stay in shape.

Mark tells Jeff that he played football at "UB" for a year, and when he graduated he was a "big boy--about 330 pounds"  Mark knew he wanted to work in the fitness industry, so he started getting in shape and working out and ended up losing about 100 pounds.

Jeff:  Wow.

Mark:  So I got into body building, and then people started asking me how I did it, and then I started helping people, and it just kind of went from there.

And if all of that wasn't enough good news, get ready for this:

Jeff:  And you're a fan of da show?

Mark:  Yes.  I  love Big Brother.  I love the show.  And like I said...seeing you?  I'm starstruck just sitting here next to you.  It's crazy.  Just starstruck like I said.

Jeff:  Well, like I told you, you're the Big Ticket now, man.  It's season 19 and Mark is coming in!

(YASSSSS.  C'mon in, Mark.)

Mark, in a calm friendly tone:  I feel like I'm dreaming right now.  I'm excited.

Mark knows he can't make a big strategy right now, although it's easy to say he's going to get in alliances.  He knows that he needs to see the house first, and learn who is in the house before he can commit to some big plan.

Mark:  I've gotta see who I'll be living with, and who I'll be interacting with every day.

Jeff:  That's what I would say.  Because it all just depends.  You gotta Expect the Unexpected.

Mark:  Yeah.  Expect the Unexpected.  That's right.

Jeff wonders if Mark knows what his potential downfall in the game could be.

Mark, without hesitation:  Girls.  A showmance....

Jeff:  You're girl crazy?

Mark:  Um...a little bit...a little bit.  Because, like I watch the show.  And sometimes there are girls on the show and I'm just like, MAN....so, that could be my downfall.  I'm an honest person, so I think that's the thing.

Jeff: But you're a big guy...are you really a softie?

Mark:  Yeah, I'm like a big teddy bear.  But I tell people not to say that though...I like the tough guy persona.

Jeff:  But it's transparent.  I can tell you're a nice guy.

Mark thinks this could help him, because people won't want to talk to someone who is intimidating.

Mark:  But I guess it could hurt me....I guess people could walk all over me...I don't know.

Jeff:  What if you're getting played though?

Mark: I dunno....Jeff, I dunno.....I'm worried about that Jeff.

Jeff wondered how far Mark will go to win the game. Mark says that he'll do whatever it takes to win the money.  If he wins the money, it's hard to say what exactly he'll do with it.

Mark:  It's hard, because you want to buy some fun things, but at the same time, I was raised by a single mother.  My dad passed away at a young age, and then my mom passed away when I was 17.

Jeff, getting real:  Oh.  I'm sorry to hear that, man.

Mark:  I've talked to people, and I know it's hard to be a single mom.  I was fortunate that I was very close with my mom, so I'm lucky, but it's not always like that for people.  So I'd like to do a foundation, to help somehow....to do something to help single moms.  Especially for kids who lost both parents.

(Awww.  Maybe Mark can marry one or two of those single moms...that would help, right?)

Jeff was noticeably relieved to hear that Mark's grandparents are still alive, and that he will be missing them while he's in the BB house.

Mark:  I'll be missing going boating with my grandpa, and talking to my grandma.  I'm gonna miss all of my clients and friends, but especially my grandparents.  They're everything to me right now.

Mark says he used to watch Big Brother with his grandmother, but he's not sure that she really knows what it is.  But he knows his grandparents are going to watch the show.

Jeff:  So, we've got two new fans coming in, then.

Mark:  Oh, I'm excited about them watching.  I know they'll be watching.

Jeff wondered if knowing they are watching will prevent Mark from doing anything in the BB house.

Mark:  Um, not really.  I am who I am...I'm not a tough guy who wants to get in fights with people.  It's just the girls....that's gonna be my weakness.

Jeff:  Well, good luck with that, because there's gonna be some good-looking girls in there this season.

This is Mark playing Jeff's Stoopid Sharade game.  Jeff started asking a bunch of questions, and the process went on a long, long time.

Mark:  Jeff you're not gonna guess it.

It turned out to be a jaguar.

Mark:  High school was a long time ago...eight years....the Rock Canyon Jaguars.

Mark says if the camera frame wasn't an issue he would have been crawling on the floor and Jeff might have guessed it.  (Um, I'm not so sure about that, but it sounds interesting.)

Then Jeff asks Mark the Big Question, and Mark is expecting it.

Mark:  That's so hard...see, I'm on the show to win.  And I don't know too many winners that America hated.  So in order to win, the house guests have to like you, because they're voting.  So if you're that hated, you're not gonna win.  So I'd like to win.....but you'd know better.....

Jeff:  I don't know what it's like to win!

Mark:  But you shoulda, though!

Jeff:  Yeah, but things happen for a reason, though.  You go in there and win one for me!  You're a good guy!

Mark:  Thanks Jeff!  I appreciate that!

Then Jeff said it was gonna be a good summer with Big Matt, but then immediately corrected his mistake.

Jeff:  MARK....it's MARK....

Mark didn't break Jeff's suddenly dainty-looking wrist, but it sure looks like he could have, right?


OK.  Some of you may remember my mentioning my high school sweetheart, who was an offensive lineman who ended up playing college football and a few years of pro football before falling back on a career as an attorney.  Well, due to that part of my past, looking at Big Mark just feels like home.

I find myself incredibly attracted to big guys like Big Mark, particularly the ones who are really big softies.  My boyfriend didn't resemble Mark though---I always say he looked just like Kim Zolciak's husband Kroy Biermann, if Kroy had dark brown hair.  Like this:

But Mark Jansen is obviously very, very cute.  And with that sad family story....you'd have to throw him one, right?  If I was in that house, I would see Mark and know I was going to be in big, big trouble.

(BIG trouble.  Ha ha hah.)

Let's take a look at Mark's CBS profile.

Ohh...he picked Brendon as his favorite BB player, but the reason why sounds a lot like Jeff, too.  I guess the difference is Rachel...she was as big a competitor as Brendon, which made their unbreakable twosome so fierce.

Once again I can't find out very much about Mark from the internet, so kudos to Production for putting someone in charge of that effort this season.  So I'm just going to have to go with my gut here.

The real fans in the BB house are going to see Mark as no real threat to win the game due to his size.  Many of the competitions are going to be geared to smaller body types to give the girls a chance, like endurance competitions or balancing acts.  So they might see Mark as a loyal ally in the game that they can use as a meat shield until he is no longer needed.  So that could help him.

But unfortunately I do see him getting into at least one stupid showmance, perhaps with the female house guests that I already do not like.  But maybe he'll be like Victor, and come to his senses before the feeds go live, and stay single for the rest of the season.  (Victor "dated" and then "dumped" Natalie before the feeds went live last summer.) Or maybe we'll see an unexpected pairing that is impossible to predict, like McCrae Olson hooking up with Amanda Zuckerman.

Maybe, just maybe.  I'll try not to be too salty about it when it happens.  Because it's going to happen....

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  1. I watched this one. I don't think I will be a fan of this guy.


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