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Meet Josh Martinez - It's Not Us, It's You. #BB19

This brightly-togged man is Josh Martinez, who is shot out of a cannon when he starts speaking with Big Jeff.  In fact, when Jeff starts speaking Josh is marching his knees up and down, kind of like a puppy waiting for you to throw a tennis ball.

He said some Spanish stuff (I think) and then said he was 23 AND FROM MIAMI!


Jeff: This guy is jazzed up!   I love your energy, brother!

Jeff:  So are you a fan of da show?

Josh:  I'm a HUGE fan of the show since season 14 and international...all BB!

***WARNING***  CBS has edited this video since it was recorded live in the DR.  When I watched it live Josh said "I'm a huge fucking fan....." and then immediately apologized to Jeff about it.  He also said the Eff Word again later in the interview so I'm sure they took that one out, too.  If you just watch the edited version it looks like Jeff might have commented on Josh spitting while he spoke or something, but that's not what was actually going on.

I mean, Josh might have been spitting when he spoke, and Jeff might have been skeeved about it, but no one actually discussed that topic.  (I'm just presenting the facts here....)

Josh apologized to Jeff (not for spitting though) and Jeff said not to worry about it.

Josh:  It's the adrenaline, baby.

Jeff:  So are you excited or what?

Josh:  I'm a game player baby, and a business man.  I want to get in there and take shots, make big moves....I'm ready to go!

Jeff:  What's gonna make you a good player in dere?

Josh:  I'm a business person.  I grew up in the business industry and I know how to tell a snake when I see one....I know a great liar and manipulator when I see one, because I'm a great manipulator and also a great liar.  So I'm gonna point 'em out and then sit back...

Jeff: That's gonna be hard!

Josh: I know, because I'm just gonna wanna jump up and scream and start running around the place!  But I need to sit back, build relationships, get to know everybody and then see who I'll work with.

Josh is breathing heavily as soon as he stops speaking.  This is exertion for him, I guess.  Josh is hyped, ya'll.  Or maybe he's a heavy smoker.  Who knows.

(OK though.  Take it from someone who actually IS a business person---there is no such thing as being in the "business industry".  According to his CBS bio, Josh is a salesman in the HAIR CARE industry, but I'm going to try and take a chill pill with Josh so I'm not trying to correct him every time he opens his mouth.)

Jeff wonders if Josh's outgoing personality could work against him this summer.

Josh:  Well, I'm Cuban, and I'm loud, and I'm from Miami, and I'm in your face immediately but once they get to know me they'll love the kid.

Jeff:  I think so, too.

Josh says he's a social person and he's going to bring the fun all summer.  There's a lot of hostility in there, Josh tells Jeff.

Jeff asks Josh what he's willing to do to win the game.

Josh:  I'm winning.  Showmances out the door, alliances out the door....I'm cutting whoever I've got to cut.  I'm ruthless baby.

Jeff:  Ruthless!  Wow.  But what about relationships?

Well now Josh changes his tune and says he wants to find that "one little person" who he can work with, but when the opportunity presents itself, he's "going to cut them".

Josh needs this person to be outgoing like he is, but they also need to be able to calm him down.

Josh:  I'm reactive, I'm impulsive.  I can't have somebody who is parallel like me. I need someone to bring it down a bit, ground me, and maybe hold me back a little.  I think we'll make a good team.

Jeff:  The yin and the yang.

Josh:  Yeah.  Good cop, bad cop, obviously.

If Josh wins the big prize money, he's going to invest it and take care of his family.  He points out a few times that he's a family man, and gives his Mami a Cuban shout out and a big wave.

Josh also says he's an adrenaline junkie who is looking forward to this experience.

Josh:  I'm like a caged monkey ready to get in there and play!

Jeff wonders what Josh's hashtag would be....and it's this:  #TakeNoBullshitBeYourselfAlwaysDoYou.

Jeff: That's a long hashtag!

Josh is a very fast talker and has moved through all of Jeff's usual conversation in half the allotted time, so Jeff delves into his Stoopid Kwestion list on a note card.  I'm not going to insult you by reporting on these questions.

Josh did get bleeped for cursing again, and he also said he's ready to win and then "go straight to All Stars".  Josh did tell Jeff that he's not looking for fame---he is here to play this game and win and Jeff is quite happy to hear that.

Jeff:  I like dat attitude!

Jeff can't even get his Big Question out before Josh jumps in with the somewhat-predicted response.

Josh:  HATE ME!  DESPISE ME!  I don't care. I'm gonna win! You can hate me for who I am, and love me for my game play.


When Josh was live with Jeff in the DR, the chat room people were not happy with him.  The chatter was that his personality was too loud, too big, too annoying.  One chatter said "too much WHOO" and another mocked Josh's thirst to make big moves.  And after coming back to Josh's interview a few days later, it's still a lot to take, and to take in.

This is who Josh's not an act.  He is just chomping at the bit and doesn't give a damn about trying to act cool about it.  We've got to respect that.  But do we have to expect Josh to win BB19?  That certainly would be Expecting the Unexpected, wouldn't it?

In fact, due to the way Josh presents himself initially, I think he may be the one to get the boot on Premiere night, because it certainly sounds like Josh expects everybody to adjust to him, rather than for him to adjust to the 15 other people.  Last year Glenn narrowly lost a competition to Corey, which led to his eviction on Premiere Night.  I don't know if that is how it will work this season, but I can certainly see Josh getting Jodied Out if the house guests have to take it to a vote. Jodie's team actually lost the first competition, so Dan had to choose one of them to be evicted.

Everyone says now "oh, poor Jodie, she needs to play again".  But the reality is that she was only in there for about two hours, and managed to offend with the following, just off the top of my head:

*  She pointed at Jenn City in front of everybody and announced that "there is more than just one gay person here" after Wil Heuser introduced himself as "the gay one".

*  She pointed at someone and said she knew some of their teeth were fake.  (Danielle, I think.)

*  She announced that Frank Eudy was lying about being unemployed because he had name-brand Samsonite luggage.  (What did she expect, Frank to carry a Hefty bag full of clothes?)

So....Jodie earned her spot on the couch at home that summer.  She's an adult and should have known better than to speak about people like that, particularly after first meeting them.  I think Josh has potential to meet the same fate, but for slightly different reasons.

According to Google, there are 241 Josh Martinez's in Miami, so unless he admits to murdering someone there is no way I am going to try and sleuth him, but please review his CBS bio for a moment.

I really don't have much to say about Josh's game prospects this summer, except to say that he doesn't have any, as far as I'm concerned.  Ian Terry said that as soon as Julie announced that someone was going home on BB14 Premiere night, he was terrified it would be him.

If that indeed is what happens on next week's Premiere episode, and the house guests get to somehow choose who is evicted, I think the other house guests will breathe a sigh of relief that someone is available that they can all agree on.  Josh will be the low hanging fruit in the BB19 as long as he's there, I predict.

Also he looks like a very loud snorer, and he will likely eat more than his share of food.  If I was sitting at that round table trying to eat while Josh was hollering at me and spraying saliva all over my plate, I'd probably scream and hit the EXIT button on my way out.


  1. If he makes it past premiere night he won't make it to Jury. He is a bit much. Geez do you remember all that stuff about Jodie? All I remember is the bed competition and her getting the boot.


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