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Meet Jason Dent - This Clown Knows How To Deal With Some Bullsh*t. #BB19

Let's all say Howdy to new house guest Jason, who is just as smiley as he appears in the picture below as he tells Big Jeff that he's Jason Dent from Humeston Iowa and he's a "rodeo clown and an auctioneer".

Jason: ....and I'm glad to be here!

Let me tell you, Big Jeff is THRILLED.  He's chatted with 14 other house guests already and gone through some rough patches with a few people.  (Yes, Cody Nickson....I'm looking at you.)  But Jeff can tell this one is going to be an easy ride, because Jason is grinning like the Cheshire Cat after dropping those two employment bombs on Big Jeff.

Jeff:  Wait...a rodeo clown?  I think that's a first on Big Brother.  I've gotta find out more about that.

Jason:  I like that!  Being first....that's what I'm going for all the time...FIRST.

(Actually, I think Steven Daigle from BB10 called himself a rodeo clown, but who knows if that was really true or not.  It might have just been a casting ploy.  Steven is a porn "star" now, so google that name at your own risk.)

Jeff tells us that before the interview, Jason asked Jeff if this interview meant he was on the show for real.

Jeff:  This is're on da show now!  And we're on da live feeds, and all da fans are watching!

Jason looks legitimately thrilled about this, being officially on da show, and on da live feeds with all da fans watching.

Jason:  Woo woo!  All right!

Jason tells Jeff that the name of his rodeo clown character is "Whistle-Nut", but there isn't really a big story behind the name.

Jason:  The thing is, kids think it's something dirty, so they always laugh at it, and their parents don't reprimand them, so they're like WHISTLE-NUT! WHISTLE-NUT! WHISTLE-NUT!

Jeff is thoroughly engrossed with this house guest story, which is a refreshing change for all of us today, after what we've all seen and heard.

(Note that I looked it up, and apparently Whistle-Nut does use a hyphen.  He may be dumb, but he's not stupid.)

Jason: the kids keep repeating it, and that's good branding for me, but the parents don't really know what to think, so they're like WHISTLE-NUT?

Jeff laughs.

Jason:  See?  It's funny!

(OK.  I know some of you Big City BB Fans think anyone from the middle of the country is a big dumb idiot, but Jason here is an example that it doesn't have to be that way.  Jason has already shown that he is witty and observant, and a good conversationalist.  Plus, who would think a rodeo clown would contemplate branding?  So let's not be so quick to judge.  I mean, we're here to judge, all right, but it's good to remind ourselves that morons can originate anywhere, not just in Iowa.)

I used to date a guy who grew up in Iowa (a scientist), and whenever I brought him to one of my work-related functions he would end up in a corner with one of my co-workers who was from South Dakota.  The two of them would catch a buzz off the free booze and then have fun insulting each other about their respective home states, which appears to be somewhat of a tradition in that part of the country.  Here are a couple of Iowa jokes that I remember.

*  What is the best thing to come out of Iowa?  INTERSTATE 80.

*  What does Iowa stand for?  IDIOTS OUTSIDE WALKING AROUND.

Jeff wonders how he will introduce himself in the house.

Jeff:  Are you gonna go with Jason, or Whistle-Nut?

Jason:  Hmmm.  It's hard to say.  I'll probably just go with Jason at first before breaking out the Whistle-Nut, because you never know.  Some people don't like clowns.

I don't like clowns. But I have a good reason....I was at a parade as a child and a clown who was marching by marched right over to me to present me with a flower.  When I took it from him, it turned out that I was left holding an empty plastic drinking straw, while the stupid clown just turned and walked off with the stupid flower. And everyone laughed.  Plus most clowns are creepy as fuck now.

I would be remiss not to reference "Clownie" here, which was BB15 Aaryn Gries' childhood play toy.  After she got Clownie in her HoH basket, McCrae, Spencer and Andy had fun helping Clownie commit assisted suicide in various parts of the house.  For example, suicide by hanging, and also by suffocation.

But I digress.  AGAIN, I know.

Jeff wondered if Jason is a fan of Big Brother.

Jason:  Oh, I'm a HUGE fan NOW!

Jeff laughs at Jason's honesty, then clarifies that maybe Jason hasn't watched too many previous seasons.

Jason:  I'm gonna make a mark here, on my character maybe, but....I'VE NEVER SEEN IT.

Jeff:  Oh, so you're goin' in blind?

Jason, taking a deep breath:  Yep, I'm going in blind.

(I wonder if he watched the DVDs in sequester?  Or was he just like, fuck it, it's too late to study for Final Exams the night before Test Day.  I kind of hope it's the latter.  Just to see how TERRIFIED Jason would be to see the Zingbot bump his bulky mess down the hall in there.)

It's not like Big Jeff was some Big Brother expert before he appeared on BB11, so he's interested to hear what Jason's strategy might be, coming in blind and all.

(Jeff went to an open BB11 casting call in Chicago with a girl he may or may not have been dating.  It was her idea, but Jeff is the one who made Da Big Show and the rest is history for Big Jeff.)

Jason isn't sure how to even answer Jeff's strategy question, saying only that he wants to "mastermind the win...that's all".

Jeff: OK.  So how are you gonna do that?

Jason:  Well, I wanna vote all the guys out, and all the girls out.

They both crack up at that.  Jeff wonders why he didn't think of that.

Jeff:  You just want to be the last one!

Jason:  Yep.  The last one.

Jeff:  That's a pretty good strategy.

Jeff:  What are your expectations in there?  Do you expect anything based on what you know?

Jason:  No.

That made me laugh.  And then Jason continued.

Jason:  ....My expectations are that I'm a product of where I'm at right now, meaning that in the house I'm just gonna....

Jeff, trying to help out:  Your social're a fun guy.

Jason:  ...yeah, yeah.  I use all my resources everywhere I go.  I don't worry about where I'm not, and that's what I call focus.  I worry about where I'm at, not where I'm not.  So I can't really delve in and tell you some complete strategy, because that is gonna be changing all the time.

(People are making fun of Jason for this, but he's a clown.  Jason don't care...honesty will set you free, people.)

Jason:  When I was first thinking about all this, I was trying to think up a strategy, and I thought, if they bring in a returning player, I'm gonna buddy up with that sucker real quick....

Big Jeff tries to suppress a big smile.  It's not clear that Jason even knows how Big Jeff got this job, and I think Jeff loves that.

Jason: ...and pick up all of the information that I could, because I knew I didn't know much about the show.  But then I thought if that is my strategy, and there wasn't a returning player, or somehow if that didn't work,  then I'd just be panicking, and obsessed with something that's not gonna work.  So, I don't have a strategy except to use my senses.

Jeff:  I think you'll do fine, because you can think on your feet.  Because if a bull's running at you, you gotta get the hell out of the way.

Jason, laughing:  EXACTLY.

Jeff:  You'll know what to do.

Jason:  Yeah, I figured, I GOT THIS, because I'm in HIGH INTENSIVE PRESSURE SITUATIONS all the time!  I got this.

Jeff tells Jason that it won't happen that fast in the BB house.

Jeff:  That bull is coming by slower....and it's a few months away.

Jason:  Yeah, I figure I'll have time to assess the situation....

Jason:  And you know, just like anybody....I think you're a cool guy, but you probably think I'm a tool...

Jeff::   NO!  I like ya...I like ya!

Jason:  ...and those type of feelings only happen when you're there....with guys or girls or'll get that little trust feeling and then you'll make some type of alliance.

Jeff:  Absolutely.  Are you single?

Jason:  I'm married and I've got a son.

Jeff:  I was gonna ask what you'll miss most, but...(because Big Jeff is married with a son now, too).

Jason:  It's just all perspective, because...this is HUGE.  This is what every rodeo clown wants...this is the biggest arena that you can get into, you know?

Jeff is loving all this new, interesting chatter.

Jason:  So am I gonna miss my son?  YOU BET.  He's two, he's gonna get to watch Dad on TV.  He's awesome.  And his mom, I said, I might have to make a showmance, it's gonna be terrible....(obviously kidding).

Jeff, cracking up: Was she good with that?


And they had a big laugh.  Two dads having a laugh about hooking up with some randoms on TV.  It's a moment, for sure.

Jeff:  What are you going to do with the money if you win?

Jason:  I'm gonna make a down payment on a helicopter so I can fly my bull around to the rodeos. (obviously joking)

Jeff:  I want to see this all come to fruition. (Yes, FRUITION, a 50-cent word from Big Jeff.)

Jason:  That would be amazing.

Jeff has just one more question, and it's the Big One, and Jason has never heard that question before, so he listens carefully and then emotes, indicating that it's a tough choice.

Jason, after a moment:  I"m gonna have to choose lose and be loved, because that can open more doors

Jeff grins at us.  He knows all about that.

Jason, grinning too:  BUT, at the same time, it's too early to tell!  I mean, THAT MONEY IS LOOKING PRET-TEE DAMN GOOD.

Jeff:  I think that's fair enough.  This is gonna be a different type of rodeo in there.

Jason:  I cannot wait...I cannot wait!


Well, watching Jason's video again was a pleasant surprise.  After writing up so many other house guest intro posts,  I find Jason's strategy and plan for the summer to be just as good as what anybody else had to say.  And I think Jason seems like one of the most honest and down-to-earth players this season.  And I like his complete answer to Big Jeff's Big Question.  Because he left me thinking he might be willing to do what needs to be done to win this thing.

He certainly might be the most famous of the house guests, going in.  Because Christmas has some fame with the fitness and horny dude crowd, but do little kids run after her for autographs?  Has Christmas turned livestock into a mascot who is beloved by rodeo-goers all over the tri-state area?  (Jason has, which you'll learn about momentarily.)

I found a great video from the local Iowa TV station that was filmed just after Jason was "kidnapped" by Production.  I couldn't find a way to upload the video, but you can easily watch it here.  Jason's wife Holly is a looker, and tells us that someone from Production saw Jason's Facebook page and reached out to meet him.  The TV station also does a little floozy profiling, too, which made me laugh out loud.

His son's name is Gatlin.  Gatlin Dent is a badass name, for sure.

And this must be the Facebook page.  Whistle-Nut is famous, ya'll.  And so is his bull Ole.

In his CBS Bio, Jason says that Ole is his best friend.  It certainly looks like it to me.

That's a big ass bull, right?  I look forward to hearing some great Ole stories this summer on the live feeds.

I found a great newspaper article from 2014 that profiles Jason and Holly Dent when they moved to town.  (You know it's small time newspaper because it's a very long article that a real live local reporter wrote.  Sadly, that doesn't happen much anymore.)

Here is the link to the full article, which includes interesting nuggets such as:

*  His wife Holly was a runway model for wedding dresses.
*  Jason has a degree in Agricultural Management, and used to be a Manager with ConAgra, but he didn't like all of the "corporate bologna" there.
*  Jason used to be a bull rider before becoming a rodeo clown.
*  Jason is 6'4", bitches.
*  A bull stepped on his head once, requiring a Life Flight helicopter ride to the ER.  (Wow.)

Let's take a look at Jason's CBS Bio, which is short, but it does back up everything we've already learned about Jason.  (Unlike a few other suspected poser house guests....)

Yeah, I think Jason's stories are going to be a lot of fun, and being able to entertain his new roommates can be an important skill in this game.  All of the former house guests talk about how boring it gets with nothing to do...that is where Jason can come to the rescue with his ability to weave some good yarns.

(I have a Scottish neighbor  that I ran into walking our dogs earlier today.  He told me that he's been enjoying a "ripping good yarn".  In other words, he's reading a good book.  Ha ha.)

And he's got to have some great athletic abilities, right?  I think everyone might underestimate him in many ways, and that might be the wrong move to make for them.  Being that tall will hurt you in some of the endurance competitions (ie:  The Wall) but surely being able to run from a fire-breathing bull means you know how to fake someone out, and then run like hell.

So let's see what Jason can do in there.  Why shouldn't Whistle-Nut win this thing?

WHY NOT WHISTLE-NUT?  WHY NOT JASON?  I can't think of a good reason. And you know I would proudly tell you so if I could.

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  1. Branding's a hot topic for people who work around livestock isn't it?


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