Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Meet Elena Davies - Heck Yeah She Wants to Win the Money. #BB19

Meet Elena Davies, who reports that she is a 26-year-old radio personality hailing from Dallas Texas.  She speaks in a clear, confident voice that does make her sound like some sort of radio talent.

But Elena looks just like Busy Phillips, the actress, to me. In fact, I find the resemblance uncanny.

Elena tells Jeff that she at least she WAS on a radio station, and Jeff takes that to mean that she had to leave that position to be on Big Brother.  Elena just nods when Jeff says that, so I guess that is what happened.

Jeff: So you're used to being "on", right?

Elena:  Yeah, I have to be "on" when I'm "on", I guess.

Jeff tells her that she'll need to be "on" in the house, and Elena agrees that she will need to be "on" 24/7.  Jeff thinks the fans will like that....and they probably will... within reason.

Elena reports that she is a fan of the show, and that her initial strategy relies on her social game.

Elena:  I do want to be charming, and get along with people.  I don't want to be a target right away.  But once the game gets going, I want to align with people who may have strengths that I don't have.

Jeff asks Elena if she's single, but not if she's ready to mingle.  (You can thank the harsh BB17 live feed commenters for that.....Jeff hasn't said the word "mingle" in at least two years.)

Elena, "punching" Jeff:  I knew you were going to ask me that!

Jeff:  Well, it seems like everyone falls in love now on Big Brother.

There was a flash in the video just then, indicating that perhaps something got cut out in the editing. I actually watched Elena's interview live on the feeds, but I don't remember anything that might have been cut.  One contestant did blurt out the Eff Word twice, so when I get to his intro I'll definitely let you know if the curse words were removed in post-production.

Elena says it is hard enough to have a relationship without having cameras and microphones in your face all the time, so maybe she won't try to have a relationship on TV.  But if there is a great guy in the house who challenges her intellectually and makes her laugh a few times......(shrugs)...

Jeff clearly struggles with the intellectual part of that, and asks if that means the guy will have to beat her in chess.

Elena: He'll have to teach me to play chess first, so the odds would be in his favor.  But if there is a great guy in there, I'd definitely be open to the idea of it.

(I get the feeling that Elena was trying to choose her words carefully here....she sounds very rehearsed.)

Elena hopes she doesn't have to just float through the game, but if that is going to get her to the end and win $500,000, then so be it.  But she does want someone to connect with in there.

Elena:  And it wouldn't have to be a guy, but that would be one of the benefits of being in a showmance, because you would have that one person that's gonna be on your side and protect you.

Jeff:  You just said you're gonna be a floater!

Elena:  I DID NOT!

Jeff, obviously personally offended:  You gotta take that back....

Elena pointed out that she actually said she would float if that is what she needs to do to win. but she does hope to make a few friends in there, because there is safety in numbers.

Elena:  That's a proven fact on Big Brother.

Elena doesn't see herself as an emotional person, adding that her friends call her "The Mannequin" because she can look so stoic and unfeeling sometimes.  But Elena knows that being in the BB19 house will be a trying situation, rather than just "watching some viral video to tear up about".

Jeff gets her to admit that she might cry, but it seems like a hollow victory to me.  (I think there might be a better chance for Elena to get emotional in an angry way.....at least, I HOPE SO.)

Elena knows she has a big personality, and knows that it might be a lot for some people when they first meet her.

Elena:  I think I'm equal parts both abrasive and charming.  And I need to make sure they stay equal parts, that the abrasive part doesn't get too high, and the charming part doesn't get too low.

(That's got to be something she learned in radio, right?  Because not much is unplanned or left to chance in that industry anymore.  But it is certainly a shrewd observation.)

Elena:  As long as I don't come on too strong, I think I'll be okay.

(To me, this is usually the person who directs everyone to sit in the living room and volunteers to go first to introduce him or herself to the group.  And probably rehearses what they're going to say, too.)

Jeff asks Elena for her hashtag, but a simple hashtag isn't going to do it for this bossy house guest.

Elena, addressing us:  What I'm going to need you to do is to put my face on a T-shirt and wear it proudly around your towns.

Jeff:  Oh!  You shoot for da stars, huh?

Elena:  Heck yeah!  i feel really strongly about this.  But take a picture....a decent picture...screenshot this and put it on a shirt.

(Um....Elena may have had unapproved access to a crack pipe before her interview.  She might as well have said #BlondeDumbass instead....)

That last exchange actually resulted in the two of them posing for the picture, and then a discussion of whether or not Elena's armpit might or might not smell.

For the record, Jeff said she smelled good, but then retracted that statement to say that she "didn't smell like anything".

Hey former house guests: what does Jeff smell like?  Do you remember?  I always imagine that he smells like Aqua Velva, which is an ancient after shave lotion that everybody's dad used to wear.  Is "after shave lotion" even still a thing?

My dad used to have an Aqua Velva poker chip set, where each of the stacks was a different bottle of after shave with a different woodsy but manly Aqua Velva scent.  It looked just like this---I think it might have been sold by Avon.  I bet I could retire early if I could get my hands on that old thing.

And I think I could still identify each scent by the name (or at least the poker chip color) if I were blindfolded or something.  It's just one of those permanent scent memories, like the smell of the car seats of a Volkswagon Beetle.

Elena seems to struggle with Jeff's Big Question, but then quickly lets us know that she wants to win that money bad.

Elena:  But what would be your answer to that question?

Jeff:  That's why I'm asking the questions...but it's a good one.  But I want people who are gonna fight and go for da gold.  That's what I want.

(ie. Jeff turned out to be the Lovable Loser, even though he wasn't shooting for that result)

Elena:  It's a struggle, because I want that money, but I do want to be liked. I want America to like me...I want to entertain America....but while I'm here trying to win money.  So enjoy me while I'm here....enjoy me.

Jeff tells us to "get dose T-shirts ready" and watch Elena all summer long.

Elena: Heck yeah!


I know that Elena is already a big hit with some of the BB fans, and she was doing well with me until the last half of that interview.  Based on what she said to Big Jeff, I have some concerns about her sincerity and true objectives here.

Red Flags From This Interview

1.  The T-shirt idea, obviously.  I'm sure she knows that the radio station already has some sort of Elena T-shirt in the pipeline.  I think this is known as a "work" in the radio business.  She's working us here, but I think she should save that for the naive CBS audience, not the BB-weathered bitches who counted down to the House Guest Reveal Day like me.  (Her whole appearance on BB19 might be a work, for all we know.)

2.  That little statement about wanting to "entertain America".  Yeah, that's bad.  Because Frankie Grande wanted to "entertain America", too, as did James Huling with all of those "funny" pranks.  Playing the game and the other house guests is the type of entertainment we're looking for, Elena, not you playing up to the damn cameras every other minute.

3.  The "enjoy me" statement.  Yeah, that's a fun and original thing for a house guest to say, but you'll have to let this Very Loud and Large Community decide if we enjoy you or not.  Don't assume that is going to happen, because we all know how it works out with house guests who are just positive that the fans love them. (i.e. Maggie Asburn, Danielle Murphree, probably Clay Honeycut, etc)

It turns out that Elena was a part of the "Kidd Kraddock" show, which just has Z-Morning Zoo written all over it, from the sound of it.  I learned this from a poster on Reddit who was shocked to find her on the cast this season.

Here is some info about that radio show.

She's not listed as one of the "stars" of the show, but once I dug deeper I found her listed in a section for former employees.  Elena is listed at the bottom of this list, but check out who is at the top....Kidd Kraddock!

Most of the radio programs that are on terrestrial radio are syndicated now and strive to give each city that plays the show the feel of a local station.  In fact, sometimes it is very difficult to tell whether a radio show is local or not.  I do recognize two of the names listed as radio personalities that were on the air in Atlanta at one point, though.  (Rich Shirtenlieb and Bert Weiss)

I don't know who the guy is in the picture below, but it is definitely not Kidd Kraddock.  I like this picture of Elena, though, because it does make her look like a 26-year old.  Her makeup is way too heavy in the interview with Big Jeff---she looks twenty years older sitting there with Big Jeff.  (And that neckerchief thing isn't helping, either.)

And apparently one of her regular segments was "Tinder Tuesday", which is probably just like it sounds.

I wonder if this picture is a result of one of Elena's Tinder dates?  I think the work would have been funnier if they blurred out the guy's tits, too.

Because as the great Valerie Cherish said, "WE DON'T NEED TO SEE THAT!"

Elena got to meet Joe Jonas, too.  By the way, do you think there is ANY chance that Elena decides not to share her radio employment and background with her new house guests?  I don't.  In fact, I'll bet she will talk about stuff like this all summer long.  It will no doubt be interesting, but I think she needs to be aware of who she's talking to first, and be alert for signals that she's not coming across well.

By the way, isn't Joe Jonas all jacked up now?  Is he the Jonas brother who got really big?  If so, this may be a very old picture.  If Elena is really 26 now, maybe they even dated.  Who knows, right?

Let's take a minute to review Elena's CBS bio.

I like that she is well-aware of being both abrasive and charming.  And I also like napping and tailgating.  But as mentioned in that Reddit post above, Elena did call out James as the house guests that she liked most.  I guess that may be another red flag that she's here for the exposure, and is not necessarily aware of what makes a good BB player.

It's interesting that she got a breast reduction....I'm getting a backache just looking at her chest in the interview pictures, so maybe she could have gone smaller.

So....I do like Elena.  From watching her speak I can tell she is quite intelligent and can think on her feet, both good assets in the BB house.  She seems fun to have around, not like someone who is going to be a nag, bitching and moaning about every little thing.

For some reason, when I watched her interview live, I immediately saw her as the first HoH (or one of pair, if it's a duo).  I can't imagine her being the one to get the boot on the premiere episode, but really, what in the hell do I know?  I don't think she'll be the first to leave, and she might just have the skills to go deep this summer.

I think she's going to be pushy and bossy though, and some of the house guests aren't gong to like that.  Can't you just see her grabbing that HoH camera on Picture Day and not wanting to let anyone else use it?  Unless they are taking pictures of her, of course.  And I think she is going to have an extreme case of HoH-itis if anyone close to her wins HoH.  She might be one of those house guests who bogart the wine in the storage room on the sly, too. Yep. I can see it now.

I guess I can say I'm open to Elena's success this summer, but I'll probably say "I TOLD YOU SO" a few times about her, too.  So I apologize in advance for that.


  1. It's weird Kidd Kraddick has been dead for 4 years. Anyway, I suck at getting a feel for the house guests. I didn't hate her in her interview but I have only been able to watch 3 so far.

    1. OMG what a scoop! He's dead!

    2. I don't know if your serious or not.

    3. I am serious, actually.

      I didn't dig around too much, but the fact that a radio show is still named for someone deceased four years is so weird to me! His estate must have a good contract or something.

    4. I am not in Texas so I was never able to listen to his show but I did watch him on a show called Dish Nation and he has somethings that were nationwide. He has a charity Kidds Kids. Seemed like a fun guy. He passed away in July of 2013 and I would assume they kept the show name out of respect for him and his charity. Not 100% sure on that part though.

    5. Catching up on these "meet the" posts & 2 things come to mind with Elena.
      1. It's clear now where Elena picked up her disdain for the word "floater". Big Jeff's reaction toward the word obviously colored her thinking.
      2. I wonder when she'll appear on Botched? Looking at these old pics, it seems to me that she got the stuff taken out of her breasts stuffed into her lips.


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