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Meet Dominique Cooper - She'd Like to Have a Couple Thousand Words With You. #BB19

Now it's time for Jeff to meet Dominique Cooper, who is 30 and tells Big Jeff that she grew up in Alabama, but she lives in Washington DC now and is a nuclear engineer.  But Dominique is kind of wordy, so she actually says "the Washington DC metro area".  She's very precise and professional, but also very smiley.

Jeff:  Wow.  That was a mouthful!  But you're a nuclear engineer, so it was easy for you.

Dominique, laughing:  It was a breeze!

OK.  Jeff is already confused, but things are about to get worse.

Jeff:  So, a nuclear engineer.  That's a nice title, but what does that job entail?

Dominique: graduation I entered the New Power industry, but that was a lot of criticality safety calculations, so I went back to school to get my Masters Degree in systems and electrical engineering, and now I work for the government in program management.

Jeff:  Wow.  Your vocabulary is off da charts!

Dominque: HA HA HA.  Well thank you!  I receive that!

Jeff basically apologizes for being a slow dumbass and Dominique laughs it up again.

Jeff:  So, are you a fan of da show?

Dominique:  Yes!  It's addictive!  (sighing)

(Translation:  I've been in sequester with nothing to do but watch some damn DVDs of Big Brother.)

There is kind of a weird moment where Jeff told her not to tell him that, but to tell us, the viewers.  So she turned to us and repeated the statement.

Dominique:  And I'm going to be bringing more addiction for you!  Ha ha ha ha!  My nickname is The Dominator!

Jeff is clearly delighted by this, because now he doesn't have to go through the torture of prying hashtag ideas out of Dominique at the end of the interview.

Jeff:  Well, now we know your hashtag!  The Dominator!

Dominique:  YAASSS!

Jeff wonders if she has a strategy, since she's going into the house, "as a fan".

Dominique, taking a deep breath:  Yes!  I'm going to be me!  Because I'm #TheDominator but I'm going to dominate people over time.  I'm going to be real subtle, and I'm definitely going to exercise my social game going in there.  I'm gonna get to know them, because people love to talk about themselves, right?  So I'm gonna let them talk about themselves a lot, and then acquire information about them so I can use it when I need to use it.

(That last part is not unlike Derrick's plan in BB16, but he actually was very subtle about it.  Not sure Dominique can pull the subtle part off, though...)

Now it's time for Jeff to ask if she has any downfalls in her game.

Dominique:  Oh yes!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  I have to be honest!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha.  I'm gonna be honest about it...I'm a human!  It's probably that I wear my emotions on my face.

Jeff:  So, you're very expressive!

Dominique:  Like, WHAT!  You'll know exactly what I'm thinking from the look on my face.  So I've gotta work on that!  I'm working on that.

Jeff wonders if she'll be more of a physical, or a mental player, or maybe a social threat.

Dominique: Um...I'm really good at all of that, but it's probably going to be a combination.  Mentally...I like to challenge myself mentally, so I'm excited about that part.  And physically...did you see these muscles....WHAT?

Jeff:  I know you're in great shape...just pointing out the obvious here.

(I wish we could watch Dominique's facial expressions right now, while we show her Jeff's famous "Technotronics" spelling failure.)

Jeff asked what she will miss most from home, and Dominique absolutely gushes that she LOVES this question.  So IMMEDIATELY my bullshit detector goes into overdrive and I'm all ears.

Dominique:  I am going to miss my phone!  I do EVERYTHING on my phone!  I read, I write, I create content for my YouTube channel, my social media accounts, Facebook, I share with the people that I love, I cell phone is MY LIFE.

OK Dominique.  Well, I LOVE that Big Jeff didn't ask you about your damn YouTube channel.  But now I know why you are here, and how you got involved.  In the old days of Big Brother, you had to move to LA in an attempt to pimp yourself out, but now anybody with a cell phone is trying to grab some coin off YouTube views.

(Ironically, if Jeff and Jordan had started a YouTube Channel right after BB13, when he and Jordan were the topic of the day, they probably would have made MILLIONS.  I know they have "Jeff and Jordan TV" now, but I think they really missed out on some big opportunities. I wonder if that is what Jeff is thinking about now, as Dominique babbles on and on about her damn phone.)

(I just saw there is a "Caleb and Ashley TV" channel too.  Yeah, good luck with that,.)

Jeff:  Do you have any hidden talents that we should know about?

And Dominique does.  Of course.

Dominique:  I'm actually a really good singer, but it only sounds good in the shower.  And I'm a spoken word artist, but again, it's kind of when I'm feeling it...and some people have said that I'm a word connoisseur, but I'm not sure...

Jeff:  Yes, you're kinda blowing my mind right now...

Dominique:  Ha ha ha ha ha.  I don't know if it's going to come out on TV, but I kid you not I have a reservoir of words that don't really come out unless I'm HEATED!  Ha ha ha ha ha!

(Oh, you're going to get HEATED Dominique.....guaranteed.)

Dominique did her Stoopid Sharade of her high school mascot for Jeff, and she really poured on the laughter before, during and afterwords.

Jeff:  Your vocabulary is great, but your charade skills need a little work...that's all I'm sayin'..

Dominique:  HA HA HA HA HA. Ha ha ha ha ha.  HA HA HA HA HA!

(It was a Golden Eagle, in case you need to know that.)

Dominque struggles with Jeff's Big Question--does she want to lose and be loved?  Or win and be hated?

Dominique:  Oh, that's a tough one.  Why do I have to choose?  Why can't I do both?

Jeff:  Oh, you can!  I'm just asking..

Dominique:  I think I can do both...Nothing is impossible.  I have a major support group!

Then Jeff asked how far she'll go to win the game, and she had an answer for that, too.

Dominique:  I wouldn't say I'll do ANYTHING...

And then she quoted some "scripture" about being innocent as dove, but shrewd as a snake.  She wants to keep her hands clean, but she's gotta strategize, too.

Jeff: I hope you make it to the end, because I'm gonna work on my vocabulary, and the Dominator comic book is going to be great!

Dominique:  YES!  ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA ha ha ha.

ALSO...We've only had these live Big Jeff interviews for two seasons now.  You might recall that last year there was a horrible terrorist attack just before the live interviews were scheduled (Pulse Nightclub in Orlando), so out of respect the interviews were taped on that day and posted to the CBS website the following day.  But BB17 is the only other season that aired the interviews live.  During that season, I think we had to listen to the loud BB music and we might have had FISH between sessions.

But this season we got an overhead blurry shot of the room when Jeff wasn't conducting an interview. You could see Jeff stand up and stretch, sometimes drinking water or leaving the room.  I also saw various production people come in from time-to-time---the whole operation took at least four hours, from start to finish. (Literally, from Ramses to Christmas.)  At one point, I saw a production person come in and sit on the couch, apparently to show Jeff exactly where the house guests needed to sit during the entire interview.  After that, Jeff started telling them to stay in frame while they performed their Stoopid Sharades.

So I took this picture to show you what the scene looked like, in my quest to document this BB season.  Some house guests sat and chatted with Big Jeff for a few minutes.  I remember that Super Spaz Josh Martinez was jumping up and down and acting like he had ants in his pants before his interview even started.  (Shocker, huh?)  And this is how I checked out Jillian Parker's bod as I analyzed her weight loss announcement.


Big Jeff didn't ask her about her showmance plans.  But I would be shocked if Dominique let something like that happen in there this summer.  For one thing, it's hard to kiss someone when you're talking all of the time.  And Dominique can find a way to stretch a two word sentence like "I QUIT" into a four-page manifesto.

Something just doesn't seem real to me about Dominique.  She is very beautiful, poised, and graceful with her words, but something just isn't right.  When her interview with Jeff first started, I thought she must be a Pageant Patty, because it just didn't feel genuine, but when she didn't mention it, I thought I was wrong.

Well, I was not wrong.  Not only was Dominique a Pageant Patty, she was Miss Black Florida at some point.  Yep.  I didn't watch this whole video, but I'm posting it here so you can see that I have the receipts.  Don't get me wrong---there is nothing wrong about entering pageants, but you'd think it would have come up in conversation, or quickly mentioned in her CBS bio.

(Britney Haynes was a Pageant Patty, and discussed often how it impacted her life in a positive way.  It wasn't some secret she was trying to keep from us.  But of course, Britney was a real BB fan and applied to be on the show, so maybe that's the difference.)

Also something feels off to me about her recitation of her education and work history.  The whole soliloquy seemed designed to prevent any further questions. And being a "government program manager" could mean ANYTHING.  We still don't know what she does at work every day, not even in general terms.  (Maybe she does criticality safety calculations of Technotronics.)  It just feels like a front.  Also, we all know people who are very intelligent and also successful, but I don't know any who speak like this, like a caricature of a genius stereotype.  It feels like a Mad TV sketch or something.

You know who she reminded me of?  Tracy Flick from the movie Election.  You know, this Tracy Flick:

If you've never watched Election, then you need to put that on your list.  Seriously.  It is a very clever dark comedy with a stellar cast.

I did look for Dominique's YouTube channel, and I found it. And I found LOTS of other YouTube content of Dominique performing "spoken word" and also pageant stuff.  She certainly has a presence onstage under the spotlights, but from the looks of it all, it isn't a "hidden talent".  I think entertainment is a career goal and that is her not-so-hidden agenda.

She started her YouTube channel about a year ago, with 12 videos currently posted.  You can see she's already getting a Big Brother Bump, with nearly 1,000 views of her latest video, compared to much less on her other videos.

For the sake of comprehensive reporting, I tired to watch her latest video.  I'm no techie, but it had a professional feel and her voice is strong.  But then the sappy inspirational background music started, and little phrases started popping up on the screen.  Then she mentioned God, or Jesus or something like that so I bailed.  But lots and lots of people like religion, so I'm sure there is a market for this sort of inspirational message, but not for me.  Nope.

In fact, the moment someone starts talking about their faith, I automatically tune out.  Just being honest.  I'm sure some of you will think I'm a heathen, but I'm an honest heathen. I respect everyone's right to worship (or not worship) as they please.  I just don't want to hear much about it.  Actually, when I graduated college and went to work for one of the largest accounting firms in the world, one of the first things our orientation class was told was to avoid talking about politics or religion with clients, or with each other, to avoid conflict and to remain neutral.  And that was good advice for me.

Let's give her CBS bio a look-see, shall we?

Well, I  like her three adjectives, and I love every single one of her favorite activities, and many of you will know that I just brought up the pain of all of those people having to use the same bathroom (in one of yesterday's intro videos...not sure which one), so we're in sync about that.

THIS IS FUNNY:  Dominique says she's going to always be watchful in the BB19 house, but "not in a creepy way".

HA HA HA HA HA.  What situation is fucking CREEPIER than Big Brother?  Does she KNOW about us?  Has she ever LOOKED at the BB YouTube videos?  Does she KNOW there are websites dedicated to posting naked pictures of BB house guests?

(Before you ask, I do not have those links but I'm sure you can find them somewhere, maybe on that Dark Net I keep hearing about.  And PLEASE don't try to share any of those links in the comments.  I already have some weirdo who keeps coming here searching for "Devin in his underwear".  And NO to my knowledge I didn't get ANY pictures of that!)

But no mention in her "Fun Facts" about any of this.  In fact, I don't think any of the bullets listed in that section actually qualifies as a "Fun Fact".  But admittedly I've already reached my limit of Dominique for this afternoon.

But she can make it up to me with some good drama this summer.  I think she's probably safe from eviction for the next few weeks, but she can't keep up The Act forever.  That curtain is going to come down at some point, and who knows what we will find then?

I'm not even going to discuss her chances of winning.  If she's still in the house in mid-August though, I'll be happy to talk about that.

Or as Dominique would say:  If at some point in the mid-to-late portion of the eighth month of this year Dominique finds herself still ensconced in the BB soundstage located on the Radford lot of the CBS studios without having been asked to leave by a majority of her peers, then we can schedule a time to converse about the possibility of her rising to the late stages of the elimination contest, potentially taking home the prize.

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  1. Devin in his underwear....that is top of my list of things I NEVER WANT TO SEE. I too am a fellow heathen. Nice to meet you. I am glad you do this. I can not sit through all those videos they are painful to watch. I would just rather read your blog.


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