Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Meet Christmas Abbott - Christmas is Coming Early This Year. #BB19

***UPDATE***  This house guest intro post was subsequently updated to reflect some juicy new information about Christmas Abbott.   This new information should be easy to find  with a few seconds of scrolling.

It's time to meet Christmas Abbott, who tells Big Jeff that she lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and owns a Crossfit business called "Crossfit Invoke" and that she "likes to do a lot of weird things".

Of course Jeff asks a follow up question about this....what kind of "weird things" is Christmas talking about?

Christmas says she likes to compete in weightlifting and Crossfit championships.  (That's not so weird, Christmas.)  She says she has also written a few books, too, but doesn't pimp them out by name on camera like Dan Gheesling would have done.  (That's kind of weird, Christmas.)

Jeff: Oh...you're an author!

Christmas:  Yes, and I was actually the first female pit crew member at Nascar.

Jeff also comments on her unusual name, and wondered if she's heard "Everybody Loves Christmas" all her life.

Christmas:  Um...no...but I hope America loves Christmas.

Well, it turns out that Corey Brooks still loves Christmas....

Production is really pushing for the social media engagement this season.  If there is any network TV show that should be able to deliver some solid results for management, it should be Big Brother, right?  So Jeff asks Christmas if she wants to create a hashtag for us to use for her.

Christmas:  How about #CreepyChristmas?

Um.....for someone who is splashed all over the internet like Christmas Abbott is, you'd think she'd have some better ideas than that.  I mean, after all, she's a business woman.  Why not #CrossfitChristmas?  Or even #SwoleSanta or something holiday-related, if she wants to be weird?

Because I don't know about you, but #CreepyChristmas immediately brings this Big Brother image to mind, and I'm not happy about it.  I can smell the stale cigarette smoke and flop sweat all the way over here.

Christmas tells Jeff that she "is a fan of the show", and I think we all know what that means.

(Hint:  Christmas was not a fan of the show until contacted by casting.)

Christmas assures Jeff that she indeed has a strategy, and she has some strengths that she hopes can take her through the game.

Christmas:  I mean, obviously they're going to know that I'm fit.....so I'm not gonna try to hide that.  Otherwise I'm just gonna let the loud ones take each other out first.  I'm gonna sit back and observe all the information.  Then I'm gonna start putting people into place.....I'm gonna use that Southern Charm, you know?

(Yes, we know.  But that's a different show, and a different network, Christmas.)

Jeff:  But I think that you might be one of the loud ones.

Christmas picks up on Jeff's flirty banter, and tells him that she has some self control, squeezing in a hair flip and a giggle, to boot.  She actually touches her hair quite a few time during the interview, usually when looking directly at Big Jeff.

It's a reflex. And a tell.

Jeff wonders if she can handle being cooped up with so many annoying people, and she sighs and says she was in Iraq as a contractor for four years, so if she can handle that, she can handle the BB house for three months.

Christmas:  If I can shut my mouth and keep my head down there, I can do anything.

(***more smiling and hair touching***)

If she wins BB, Christmas wants to help her parents build a new cabin.  They live on a farm now in a "micro cabin" and are getting ready to build a larger cabin, so she'd like to pay for that.  Then she will use the rest of her money to expand her business.

Christmas is going to miss her English bulldog Fran.

Christmas:  Fran is like, this big beast at the gym.  She runs 400's with everybody, and she's just snorting, and slobbering...she's shedding all over, and is very aggressive with everybody, like this...

(See photo of Christmas clawing Jeff's arm below, no doubt assessing his deltoid muscle tone.)

Christmas:  She's just a needy, needy dog.  I miss you already Fran!

(See photo below of Christmas blowing a kiss to the needy beast.)

Christmas says Fran is nine, is super-healthy, and is also a bit of a diva.

Christmas:  That apple didn't fall far!

Christmas is single, but she says she wants to win the game.  If the chemistry is there, she says she might consider it, but only if it "increases her game".

Christmas: I'm not going in there looking for a boyfriend.  I'm going in there to win.  I'm focused.  People say I make honey badgers look like hamsters.

Jeff needs help getting that joke, but with a little more giggling and hair-touching, he finally understands.

(But you might want to read the little section above again, first.)

Christmas is very expressive and communicates with her whole body....I took the following pictures rapidly, to show you how she incorporates the hair touching into her overall messages to Big Jeff.  And to us, of course.

And now, the subtle hair flip.

Then Jeff asked the Stoopid Kwestion about playing charades to show us her high school mascot.  I was immediately distracted by the tattoos on her right arm.

Why, Christmas, why?  Why would you work so hard on your body and your health, only to cover it with ugly ink that just looks dirty from a (short) distance?  I get that she's supposed to be a tough chick and all, but she doesn't need all of the tats to look like a badass.  That's what the muscles are for, Christmas.

So Christmas is punching her arm in the air and bouncing up and down on the couch, really going all out for this Charade.

Jeff:  Oh...like a Paul Revere type guy?  A patriot?

Christmas finally has to tell Jeff that it's a "Cavalier" and he says he never would have guessed that.

Christmas:  I thought that was really good!

OK, well other than an old car made by Chevrolet, a baller from Cleveland, or a bougie spaniel, I had no idea what a Cavalier was.  So I looked it up, but will likely forget the definition by lunchtime.

Christmas tells Jeff she wants to win the game, and has her eye on the prize when Jeff asks her the Big Question.  She left it at that, not mentioning the part about America hating her.  Then she blows us a kiss to seal the deal.

This was the last live interview for Jeff, and he tells us in no uncertain terms that "this is it for this year's cast", so I think we can relax about that part.

Christmas:  You saved the best for last!

Jeff:  I sure did.  Everybody loves Christmas!


OK.  Last night I saw a tweet from Hamsterwatch that immediately grabbed my attention.

So, Christmas LIED TO US.  And LIED TO BIG JEFF.  But did she LIE TO PRODUCTION?

There is indeed the following information on TheKnot.com about Christmas' upcoming wedding to "Geoff".

Yep, that's her all right.  I tried to click on the website tabs that feature "Details", "Photos", and "Registry", but it looks like someone has tried to disable those tabs, because I can't get pull up any details behind a brief listing of a registry location.  (Please let me know if you're able to see more info, though.)

And I didn't mention the "RSVP" tab because I'm sure there is a way for feedsters to wreak havoc with that.  I don't encourage that sort of meddling. (But it will surely happen, anyway.)

But HERE'S THE THING:  As Dingo pointed out, the wedding date is prior to the end of the BB19 season.  So if Christmas is indeed planning on getting married on September 3, 2017, she obviously plans to be out of the house well before the Jury is seated.

DOES PRODUCTION KNOW ABOUT THIS?????   If not, I'm sure they know now. And since the house guests are scheduled to enter the house today (Wednesday), they might even be able to sub Christmas' lying ass out with an alternate.  (It's happened before, many times.)

LOOK:  I like house guests who plan to lie and scheme to win the game.  But to lie and scheme just to be cast on the show?  I think that is probably in violation of her contract.  We all know that Christmas has everything to gain by appearing on BB19---her video and book sales will skyrocket, and she might even be able to open new locations of her gym, but don't do that by PUNKING CBS LIKE A BITCH!!!

Maybe Christmas will play the situation by ear to see how well she does in the game, and maybe This Geoff Person is on notice to reschedule the event based on how well Christmas does in the game.  But if Production didn't know about this until now, I'm pretty sure there have been some knocks on Christmas' door at the Sheraton in the last few hours.  Or where ever she is.

SO:  2017 may indeed be the year that we have to CANCEL CHRISTMAS.




OK.  I feel like Christmas is this year's Vanessa, in that Production cast a strong woman who has built a strong following from doing her job.  She's a tough girl who is making it in a man's world, so to speak, so that can be an inspiration to all of us.

And she's hot, too, so there's that.  But right away, I noticed a little discrepancy in Christmas' info.  Her CBS bio says she is 33, but the information below reports that Christmas is 35.  So we'll see what number Christmas uses with the other house guests.  It''s only two year's difference, but why have a difference at all?

(Does Christmas know about US?  And how WE work?  If not, she's certainly going to learn about us soon.)

I'm guessing her name comes from the week of her birth---she was the Christmas gift to her parents that year.

This is the Crossfit gym that Christmas owns, but I don't see her specifically called out on the website.  Other than this picture, of course.  I think that's her with the yellow highlighter tank top below.  No sign of Fran on the website, either, at first glance.

And there are THOUSANDS of pictures out there of Christmas Abbott.  You can go look for yourself.  She is all over the place out there, showing us that we can get ripped just like she is.  I can't even imagine what she eats to have those abs.

Is Christmas going to nag everybody in the house about what they eat?  Or don't eat?

I think she's going to bro down with the guys, obviously.  One of the male house guests already told Jeff that if he sees a "strong woman" in the house, he's going to team up with her. (Mark Janson)  I think a few of the women are going to want to work with her, too.

I wouldn't want to work against her, that's for sure.

Let's take a look at Christmas' CBS bio.

Well, if she likes to spend time alone, that might be a problem for Christmas.  The other house guests will probably get on her last nerve in there, particularly in the early weeks.  Even if one person is indeed booted out on Premiere night, there will still be 15 people in line to use the bathroom downstairs.  Even after the HoH room is open for business, there is still a wait to pee or sometimes to just use the damn mirror.

(And previous house guests have said that the bathroom and shower are absolutely FILTHY.)

I like that Christmas shouted out Helen Kim from BB15.  That tells me that Christmas may indeed have seen Big Brother before, because I seriously doubt that Production would give the BB19 house guests the complete set of BB15 DVDs to watch in sequester.  No way would they want to show that as an example of how to play, unless it's a cautionary warning about how to ruin your reputation and further CBS opportunities.

I think Christmas has potential to go far in the game, if she really can stick to her statement of letting all the loud people target each other first.  Something tells me that Christmas is very conservative politically, based on her military experience, pictures of her shooting guns, and also just being from North Carolina.  That may be a source of conflict, too, at least among the BB fans.  Because god knows you can't express any opinions anymore that might differ from the herd hive.

I'm noticing a sort of pattern with the house guests.....we have a few house guests that have lost a lot of weight (Jillian Parker, Mark Janson), and at least one house guest with some rather extreme medical circumstances (Raven Walton).  And then someone who is renowned for their health and fitness knowledge.  We don't know what the twist is yet, nor the theme of the season, but I'm keeping this stuff in mind as I write up each house guest's introduction.

It strikes me that Christmas would be standard casting fare for Survivor---we've seen a number of female body builders compete on that show, but she is an unusual choice for Big Brother.

I think Christmas is going to be cooking and eating a lot of eggs in there, so I'll just try to deal with that the best I can.  That doesn't mean I won't complain about it, though.  Of course.  Some things never change.


  1. Ahhh BB15 the season of disbelief.

  2. As of June 9 she was still wearing an engagement ring (at least that I could clearly see)!

    1. Do you have a source on that piping hot info?


    2. Her own Instagram. Also I found the Fiancé on Instagram but it's set to private, full name is Geoff Kercher.

  3. Question: what is the name of the site that had big brother updates... what's going on in the house....

    It was something like tvhouse??

  4. Correction - her military experience - no military just contract experience. Just want to call that out :)

  5. Christmas has said she was engaged and was happy to come on BB as a way to not think about the broken engagement. Her and Geoff broke up in early June because she found out he had been cheating on her for 2 years. She acknowledged that while it was his indiscretions that caused the actual break up, he's a good guy and they were having issues for a while. She said this on the feeds but also as a long time follower of her she has been very open about the break up.

    1. Thanks for the intel, Sarah.

      I guess Geoff is eating his heart out this summer, watching her on TV.

    2. after watching the show he is probably glad he didn't marry her just another one of pauls parrots imo


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