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Meet Cameron Heard - He Doesn't Want to See Your Chewed Up Food. #BB19

This is Cameron Heard, now a proud cast member of BB19.  Cameron is a burst of energy as he begins his interview with Big Jeff.  Unlike a few other house guests, though, Cameron is aware he is not just talking to Big Jeff....he's talking to us, too, and turns toward us frequently.  Nice to meet you, Cameron.

Cameron is 24 and is from Wood Ridge Illinois.  As always Jeff is pleased with the Illinois connection.

Jeff:  Wow.  Illinois!

Cameron reports that he is a microbiologist, and explains that his job is to check the drugs that are injected into patients' veins (cancer patients, etc) to insure they are free from bacteria, mold and viruses.

Cameron:  With the drugs I work with, if bacteria gets injected into someone, they could die.

Jeff:  Oh...thank you for your work.

Cameron:  Yes....I make sure that you don't die.

Jeff:  Yes, it's nice to be alive.

Jeff points out that this is happening....they are live in da Diary Room.

Jeff:  We are live in da Diary Room!

Cameron:  THIS IS CRAZY!

Cameron looks directly at us and says he is a Big Brother Superfan.

Cameron:  I've  been watching the show for years....I watch the live feeds with you guys!  I listen to podcasts like Rob Has a Podcast, I go on the Big Brother Subreddit...I'm a huge fan!

And now Cameron reaches in his shirt pocket for his glasses, but when his pocket is empty, he tells us that "they" wouldn't let him wear the glasses in this interview.

Jeff didn't comment.  I find that interesting, that Cameron just shared that info with us, that Production didn't want Cameron to be presented that way.

Jeff:  Needless to say, you're gonna be one of da smartest guys in da house.

Cameron:  Oh, Jeff I'll be the smartest guy in that house.  MARK MY WORDS, Jeff.

Cameron says he solves Rubik's Cubes for fun, and was ranked 32 worldwide for Halo Wars.  He also plays strategic games like Settlers of Katan and Star Crash.  He thinks these skills will allow him to move easily through the strategy of Big Brother.

His strategy will be like a chess game---every chess game has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Cameron:  In the beginning, you are basically trying not to lose the game, and develop your pieces, so I'll be making friends and getting to know people.  In the middle game, you're trying to move strategically, and to put your pieces in the right spot.  And in the end you just have to execute and win challenges to get to the  end.

Cameron is going to play chess in the house this summer, and maybe flirt with the ladies and play some pool.  He says he's going to do whatever it takes to win the game.  Except hook up with someone, I guess.

Cameron:  No, I'm not single.  I have a girlfriend.  We've been dating for seven years, since high school.  but I'm still going to flirt in there.

Jeff:  So you worked all that out with her beforehand?

Cameron:  Oh yeah.  She's not too excited about it, though.  (***bro laughs fill the air***) But I need to do what I have to do.  There's only one chance for me and I have to make it count.

Cameron lived in a house with seven guys when he was in college, always socializing and having parties.  He thinks this will help his social game in the house, pointing out that his social game is better than Ian's or Steve's.

Jeff:  Whoo.. Whoo.

Cameron:  I'm calling them out!

Cameron wants to have fun with the money if he wins.  He likes to snowboard, and he went on a "really long bike ride" last summer.  Cameron is "looking for experiences, basically".

The last time he cried was in college listening to a song that made him think about his father.  One of his pet peeves is people who chew with their mouth open.  (AMEN Cameron.)

Cameron:  You can see in there and shit falls's disgusting....I mean, stuff comes out of there.

(They were asked not to curse during these interviews, apparently.)

Jeff says there might be some Loud Chewers in there.   What will Cameron do in that case?

Cameron:  Well, hopefully they won't get their slobber all over me......or any of their sh...stuff, either.

Jeff has new Stoopid Kwestions this year, and one involves playing charades to get Jeff to guess their high school mascot.  In the picture below Cameron is imitating an eagle, complete with the "Caw Caw" sound effects.  Jeff guessed it immediately, unlike a few other house guests mascots that left Jeff feeling noticeably confused.

Cameron knew Jeff's Big Question, and answered it before Jeff had to spit it out.

Cameron:  Dude...I don't care what America thinks!  If you're worried about that, you're not here to win this game.  I don't care about America.  I know that if players try to cater to America, the fans hate that.

Jeff has also been asking each house guest to create their own hash tags, and once again Cameron sets himself apart by not creating a fucking HASH SENTENCE.  (A few house guests did not seem to be familiar with the term, 'hash tag'.)

Cameron:  How about #NerdHeard, because my last name is Heard.

Jeff likes it:  Go in there and crush it!

Cameron:  WHOO!


Well, Cameron was an energizing breath of fresh air for me.  A minty blast of plaid from a guy who is obviously both a student and a fan of the game.

I know he looks different when he's wearing his glasses, but without them I was immediately reminded of Jon Cryer.

Cameron and Jon could be brothers, right?

I think Cameron's best chance in there is to play down the SuperFan aspect, but it's going to be hard for him to play dumb with people.  I hope he lets them all know he's a scientist so he can talk about his job this summer.  I love it when the house guests have such a specific job---it makes them more interesting to me.

I love Cameron's confidence and Big Picture pre-season strategy. I'm concerned that Cameron might be a little cocky, though.  It's okay to be the funny guy in the house, and to be able to lob some zingers at people, but he needs to watch his tone to be sure he's playing to the room correctly.   You know, so he doesn't offend anyone or piss them off.

And he will want to be sure that he doesn't come off smarmy, like a Nick Uhas-type.   Unfortunately I think Cameron has potential to be a Know It All, which isn't a good look for anyone...unless it's in the Diary Room.  (And I do predict we will have some sort of live DRs this season, maybe once a week with written questions like we had in BB OTT.  Just a guess, though.)

Let's check out Cameron's CBS bio to see if we can learn any other juicy information.

I find Cameron's bio to be full of insight about both him and his strategy.  I like the fact that he's considered various strategies for dealing with rational BB players, and also for the Gina Marie's of the world.  And I love that Cameron doesn't GAF about calling her out.  (And also Ian and Steve in his interview with Jeff.)

I hate to say it, but I think Cameron has potential to be the guy that Dan Gheesling tweeted about---maybe they have some video game connections?  (If not Cameron, probably the house guest who knows RHAP's Alex Kidwell.)  But Cameron certainly seems like he wouldn't want Dan's advice, right?

I am looking forward to watching Cameron play BB this summer.  I think he will either flame out quickly, or be there for a long, long time.  I do think someone will get the boot during the premiere, and I can't envision Cameron being that unlucky person.  At least, I hope not.


Dr. Will apparently hates it when former players who didn't win comment on the game.  Every year Dr. Will says he's not watching the show, but he's always right there in the middle of the shit every summer.

Is he referring to Michelle and Tiffany's broadcast tonight to discuss the new cast?    Or is it someone else?  The Dr. is so passive-aggressive these days.

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