Friday, June 30, 2017

Live Feed Kick-Off - The Kids Are Not Alright. #BB19

The feeds went live last night, just after the West Coast airing of the 2nd Premiere episode of BB19.  And there are some problems, people.  I'll just get right to it, and try to get us all caught up on the action.

I don't want to bury the lede.  And let me confess, I prepared the following insert to explain to you people what that means, but in the process I learned that it's "lede", rather than "lead".  All these years, I was wrong.  

It's a humbling way to start telling you about this big mess.  And it's A MESS, all right.

OK.  So here's the damn lede.


I was already asleep here on the East Coast when the feeds went live, but much to my dog's dismay, I left the TV on, and on mute so that I could remember to watch some BBAD in the middle of the night when I inevitably woke up.  Which happened, of course.  As BBAD began, we saw Alex and Jillian in the Lounge, talking in low tones about something that required them to whisper.  Angrily.

Late yesterday, someone on Reddit actually reported that Megan left, but no one believed them at the time.  But now all the Redditors are kissing this person's ass, in hopes of getting some more juicy BB scoop.  I'm guessing this person has some sort of ancillary position, unrelated to Production.  Like perhaps the shuttle or studio golf cart driver.  Or maybe even the desk clerk at the Sheraton, where Megan is likely being held for observation.

I'm not surprised that Josh tried to leave, too, because he is clearly INSANE and clearly won't be able to coexist peaceably with anyone.  You can't argue with crazy. 

And as usual, the first minute or so of the live feeds doesn't seem to be archived in CBS All Access---it seems to be an annual issue where the first minute or so is lopped off for technical reasons, maybe.  So I'm scrolling back now on last night's BBAD show to find the nugget of info that I want to report.  But surely there will be some additional items of note, as well.

OK, this is the actual beginning of the live feeds on this camera view, and the beginning of BBAD.  It is Jillian and Alex in the lounge, and they don't think the feeds are live yet.  This happens every summer, too.  You can see that the dude who maintains the BBAD update scroll hasn't clocked in yet, either.  Ha ha ha.  But let's give that dude a break, because they are always SAVAGE with their info and phrasing when things crank up.  

Alex says when the feeds go live, they need to break down what happened so the live feeders can help them.

Alex:  I mean, we're literally on the block here.

(So I was like, they haven't played for PoV yet, so why isn't Megan on the block with Jillian?  Hmmmm)

They discussed Josh's obvious instability.  (I mean, DUH.)  Jillian pointed out that Josh is due for another outburst soon.

Jillian: And I'm not going to lie, we need that.  It might help us.

They also discussed that someone got an advantage, and someone got some sort of punishment (i.e. a consequence).  Alex thinks Paul or Kevin may have received the advantage, but no one is talking about it.

(From other chatter I've heard so far, I think the house guests had to "look in the eyes of the snake" and if they saw "green eyes" then they won the prize, which might be the vote that was held by America this week.)

Alex wants to re-enact her conversation with Cody (I keep wanting to type "Monte" instead of Cody's name....) once the live feeds are on, so the feeders can understand what happened, so we can help them.  I'm guessing the conversation involved Cody putting Alex on the block in Megan's place.  But then Alex decided to address us, anyway, even though she's not sure we're watching yet.

Alex:  Honestly America, we're not going to show our tits and shower together just to get votes.  We're real people.  We're not skanks.  We're not whores.

Alex addresses "DR Matt" (not BB Matt, who is in the game) and says she hopes he is watching now, so he will "understand her stories now". They see the outline of Jason through the frosted glass door.

Jillian:  His wife is like, gonna freak out when she sees all these hos in here.

Alex:  I need to talk to Holly...

Jillian:  I mean, can you imagine what she's gonna think about them?

Alex:  Dude! That was so inappropriate, what they did to Kevin, when we were upstairs?  Like, dancing up on him...I mean, it's funny...

Jillian:  I have to say, I did it too, as a joke.

Alex:  But you were in front of weren't on him.  (drops to a whisper)  But Raven was' RIDING HIM and CHRISTMAS WASN'T WEARING ANY FRICKIN' PANTIES.

Jillian, shook:  She wasn't?

Alex:  NO!  That's why she got upset when Jason picked her up earlier.

Jillian:  I think Christmas thinks she's young...I mean, when her friends her age see this...

Alex, in a LOUD whisper:  She's insecure.....She used to be a DRUG ADDICT!

Jillian:  Really?

Alex:  Yes. She used to be a DRUG ADDICT!  A REALLY BAD DRUG ADDICT.  

Jillian:  She told you that?

Alex:  Yes, when we were talking about Cody.

OK, That is the info I was looking for, because after Alex talked about THE DRUGS the BBAD Production team realized the feeds were live, too, and the cameras quickly moved away from these two tea-spillers.  When I was watching this last night, I didn't have the sound on my TV turned up very loudly, out of respect for my dog, so I actually thought they were accusing Megan or Josh of being a drug addict.  So I was surprised (and a little disappointed) to learn that Christmas is who they were referring to.  I'm sure Christmas tells those stories in her "best selling" books, so I don't feel too badly about spilling those beans.

OK, but ABOUT MEGAN:  I later heard Christmas and Raven chatting in the bathroom area about her, saying that she went in the Diary Room about 10:00 am, and stayed in there for about three hours before leaving the premises at 1:00 pm.  It sounds like Production gave them that information, at the very least. 

Christmas:  She apparently already had her mind made up, so I don't know why it took her that long to leave.

I don't think the Reddit Spoiler works for CBS or AGP, because if they were they NEVER would have thought that a 1:00 PM house guest exit would appear on the CBS show scheduled to air later that night.  That episode was likely already approved and locked down for airing a few days ago.  Megan would have had to slit her wrists, or someone else's, in order for them to add breaking news to an episode already approved for air.

***UPDATE***  Since this post was originally written, we've learned that Megan actually left a few days before the live feeds started.  So the Redditor with the hot scoop may have had every reason to believe the event would be disclosed on the Thursday night episode.  But similar to the Evel Dick BB13 departure, they didn't really need to bring it up until the feeds go live, because as of the HoH competition that aired on Thursday, Megan was still a big part of the story line.  

No need to glorify a FUCKING QUITTER like that.  Also, I'm sure Production needed to put some alternative plans in place.  I'm pretty sure Cameron is still being sequestered, based on the interview material I've seen, so I think they plan to have some sort of Battle Back program this season anyway, disguised as a Consequence, most likely.  I don't think they will do anything rash, like bring Cameron back right away, or unleash another returning house guest in the house to retaliate.  If they do though, I think it should be a female like Dani Donato.  (Let's make some lemonade with this mess, right?)

We'll see Production's statement about Megan leaving on the Sunday night episode, I'm sure.  I hope we get to see her fight with Alex, too.  During BB9 there was a house guest who self-evicted the first week, too, (Neal) but I'm not sure if he bolted before the feeds went live or not.  He used the "ill family" excuse, but I suspect he was horrified as a gay man to be paired with the Gay Disaster that was Joshua. (In that season, the house guests were paired with a partner to play the game.  Joshua is remembered as the gay who proudly mocked the fact that another house guest's father committed suicide.)

***YET ANOTHER UPDATE***  Since writing this, I've since learned that Neal's family had been involved in a 2008 mass school shooting, and that is why he left.  (!)  You guys know that I have been following BB for years, and I never heard about that.  I checked the time frame of the tragedy and it would seem to line up.  It's important to note that BB9 aired in February that year for the first (and only) time, due to the TV writers' strike.  For many reasons, I'm sure CBS wishes they had just aired old episodes of Murder, She Wrote.  

I'm very disappointed in Megan, and certainly will not be hiring her to walk my dog.  Megan and Cameron were both my early picks to make it to the end, actually, so apparently my picker is off.  Clearly Megan wasn't an effective interrogator, and has extremely substandard people skills from what we saw on the CBS episodes.  

But could anyone predict or prepare for a SULLEN, UNCOMMUNICATIVE TERRORIST  like Cody?  Or an INSANE LUNATIC like Josh?  It's hard to prepare for unprecedented casting decisions like these.  Although I'm sure Les Moonves is going to discuss Robyn Kass' house guest screening procedures with a small team of advisors very soon.  Casting edgy people is tough, because they need just the right amount of insanity to make the show lively, but not so much that the insurance rates rise.

We may never really know, Vanessa....

***UPDATE***  I just learned in the BB Chat Room that Megan apparently told Alex that Jessica made some sort of insulting racist remark about her.  Alex and Jessica somehow discussed this, and found that Megan LIED about it.  So Alex confronted Megan, which led to the fight, and Megan's eventual breakdown in the DR, where she decided to leave.

So...we might not see that on the CBS show.....OR WILL WE?


After Alex's drug accusations discussed above, the BBAD cameras quickly moved to this view of the HoH room, where another potentially-regrettable conversation was taking place.

Cody:  I like, uh, attempted to watch a live feed once and it was bored out of my was ABSURD.  And I was like....

Yes, that is Jessica in bed with Cody, and Raven draped all over Matt.  Yep.

They discuss how many cameras will be on the live feeds, and no one confesses to watching them.

Then Jessica tells Cody that he might have been more interested in the live feeds if "some of this" was going on, as she pantomimes giving Cody a hand job under the covers.

Jessica: ....No, that was my last one...(indicating now that the feeds are live she will not engage in that sort of thing anymore.)

Cody snapped his head around to look at her when she said that.

OK, well I'm going to remind you that in my Jessica house guest intro post, I compared her conduct towards Big Jeff to BB15's Amanda Zuckerman's pre-season conduct.  And not to brag, but look where Jessica landed in the BB19 house.  Right in the HoH bed.  Yep.

I'll remind you what I said about Amanda's conduct at the time.....perhaps Jessica can fulfill the mission where Amanda couldn't.  Or wouldn't.    

So with any luck, Jessica is just getting warmed up this season.  


The house guests finally figured out that the feeds were live, resulting in a flurry of shout outs and camera whoring.  Jillian addressed her entire family, saying that she's "on the block for the THIRD time, but she's okay".  (I think it's really only TWICE, but whatever.)

Alex:  We're both on the block!  We need your help, America!  I trusted TWO SKEEZY people, and now I'm on the block.

Then Josh interrupted them, with a special message for America.


And also a bunch of Spanish stuff that could not have been much different.

You can see the crowd scatter as Josh keeps going.  Even Whistle-Nut didn't want to talk to his folks back home if it meant having to stand next to Josh.

Then Alex and Jillian were able to resume their pleas for help.  These two girls are actually really cute together.  They are both actual fans of the show, so they do have some idea of what is and is not appropriate.

And Kevin is showing a fair expanse of very sunburned chest action, but trust that he seems to be having a great time in there.  He is obviously well-liked by everyone and a key part of the action.  And apart from what Alex described above (ie. Raven "riding" Kevin), everyone seems to be showing Kevin respect, so we should all be happy for that.

Then we see Christmas frantically looking through cabinets for "face lotion", while Paul shares his feelings about Josh.

Paul:  I just can't take it anymore.  I don't think I can take him.  I just had to leave the room when he starts...

Paul: I mean, if he tells me he has a good heart and is a good person one more time.......if you have to keep saying that, then...

Then Paul introduces us to Christmas, saying that her full name is Christmas Joy.

Christmas:  It's not a stage name, either...

And the two of them have messages they'd like to relate to America, too, as Christmas did some sort of strange dance moves that may also serve as an upper thigh workout across the room and back.  Paul related a special message about how we need to let "Little Burrito" know that Paul loves and misses him or her.  Probably a her, but I hope she doesn't mind being referred to like that.

After Paul left the room, Christmas had her own private messages to relate, giving thanks to a host of people, including Jenny, her "ops manager".  She'd like Jenny to listen carefully, and send her the loose-fitting black and white sundresses.  She also had a message for her bulldog Fran, but when she started naming her books, the cameras swung to the side.  I did not hear her greet Geoff, who may or may not be her fiance at this time.

But as I wrap up this first post, let's take a look back at Paul's behavior last season when the feeds went live for the first time.  How quickly we forget Paul.


You can read that whole post here, if you feel you need more BB18 information.   But perhaps we should turn to the sage advice of Jason Roy, who has been there and done all of this, twice.


  1. Megan's dog skills probably clued her into the fact that Cody is really a terminator and she decided it was best to flee for her life.

  2. Could she have ptsd? They would've caught that right?

    1. I heard a rumour about that. I am the last person who will judge another PTSDer, having it myself, but I am also self aware enough to know that applying for BBCan right now is not in my best interest. I need to get my head in order, get my mental, emotional and physical health in much better shape, and the first thing I'm doing when I feel I have achieved that is having a baby lol I don't think going into a social experiment, knowing it might trigger things and be in a choatic environment, was the best idea for Megan if it is true that she has PTSD. Unless she realised that, having previously thought she was going to be fine, and then chose to remove herself from it all. But it's a shame she didn't realise that before going on the show.

    2. I heard BBCAN is now on indefinite hiatus. We'll trade you Julie Chen for Arisa Cox!

    3. hehe Arisa reqlly has come into her own as a BB host. Gotta love her!

  3. Hey. Megan herself gives her reasons for leaving. She does have PTSD stemming from a rape in Norfolk, VA and when Jason, especially, started screaming at her and other guys screaming at her & attacking her (verbally?) her anxiety kicked in & she became physically ill. In the diary room she had a panic attack that became so bad she had to go to the hospital. This was in an interview on (I didn't want to post the link as is requested.)


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