Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Julie Chen Gives Us a Sneak Peek of the #BB19 Season.

As promised, Julie's pre-season tour of the BB house was released today via TV Guide.  In the past few years, pictures of the house always leaked out ahead of time, but this year Production has managed somehow to plug those pesky leaks.

(Remember last summer when we saw that leaked picture of the sand on the BB18 bathroom floor?  Well that HORRIBLE idea was apparently nixed before move-in date.)

I've been kind of dreading this day out of fear that my beloved "ribs" from last summer's living room decor would be banished.  And indeed the ribs are gone....I've already moved on to the "acceptance" stage of grief, though.  I can't bring the ribs back, but I can publish one more picture before we move on and look at the new BB19 house.  The ribs were so massive and spectacular, I had a hard time finding a picture that featured them in all of their two-story glory, but I guess this will have to do.

I guess this is all they could come up with to replace the awesomeness of the ribs.  Whatever.

Julie tells us that the theme this summer is "Temptation", and I hope you appreciate this picture because I had to try eight times to capture it properly, it flashed by so quickly.

In case you're extremely impaired right now, you will recognize the theme of the serpent and the apple, which certainly references our old friends Adam and Eve.

I also think they might be tipping their caps to Nicole, who won the grand prize last summer. (ie "Snakeole")

In keeping with the theme, this is some sort of Ikea apple tree with some red apples on it.  Instead of Eve sinning with the snake, though, this makes me immediately think of Hi Ho Cherry-O.

You know, the Hi Ho Cherry-O game?  Surely someone out there also made the connection.

By the way, I'm pretty sure if you locked 10 of us in a room with a few joints and a handful of classic children's games, we could create an amazing list of potential BB competitions, right?   Because I'm only on coffee right now and my mind is spinning with ideas, just looking at the Hi Ho Cherry-O game board.

Like how to steal cherries from the other players' baskets, or maybe there a dreaded "rotten cherry" that you don't want to get stuck with.  Or maybe some sort of golden cherry that wins extra prizes.  Or maybe you might need to use your own precious cherries to throw at someone else, to hurt their game. And so on.

And it's fun to say "Hi Ho Cherry-O" of course.  Your welcome, Heath Luman.

Julie proudly walks us through this bedroom, which she says is based on power, and she compares this to a "rich guy's den".

Well, Julie knows more rich guys than I do (unfortunately), but I'm guessing the rich guys would not want to have single beds in their private lairs.  Note the red telephone on the desk, near the red typewriter.  That's not the last time we'll see that phone, I'm sure....

Julie says that there is "$64,000 in fake money" displayed on the walls in there.

Is that a reference to this?

 If so, I'm not sure that the BB SuperFans will reach the intended conclusion about it.  Because it doesn't take too much prodding for the "fans" to conjure up all sorts of conspiracy theories about rigging.  (Remember when Alison Grodner was going to rig the season for Amanda Zuckerman to win because Amanda was her secret realtor? LOL  What a bunch of idiots.)

And then Julie walked us through this bedroom, which she actually referred to as "the Showmance room", because all of the beds are double beds, just the right size for "snuggling and sharing secrets".

If we really feel the need to blame someone for this, it's Dr. Will Kirby, because he's the guy who coined the "showmance" term, I believe.  He and Mike Boogie, who actually got ENGAGED during the live BB2 finale.  LOL.  Another idiotic situation.

You will see that round bed in the back of this picture---they've had that old bed since BB8, I think.  Everyone always comes out of the house and says the beds are extremely uncomfortable, even the HoH bed.

I actually love the red flower wall.  It's beautiful, and I'm sure Production will be snickering all season as they watch a few of the SuperFans try to count how many blossoms are on the wall.

(They haven't had many of those type of competitions lately, have they?)

And here is the communal doesn't look like much in this picture, but on Julie's video it was more striking.  That sink looks so small...and I don't see a lot of storage.  Usually they have drawers or lockers just to the right of the sink that provide enough room to keep the room uncluttered, but right now all I see are towel bars.

Well, maybe everyone can just openly share their toiletries this season, without worrying about who brought in what, and how much it cost.


Julie points out that there is a couch in there this summer, so everyone can cozy up and conspire.

You might remember that last season, instead of a couch they sat on some sort of "dock" that looked quite uncomfortable.

And there are mirrors everywhere on the walls in the bathroom, which is actually a cute decorating idea that I might consider for a small powder room that I plan to redecorate soon.

But the mirrors, mirrors, on the wall automatically make me think of this.

Is that an apple that the old hag is holding?  What a coincidence, huh?

Julie seemed particularly excited to show us the lounge area.  She specifically points out that that blue velvet lumpy thing is designed as a place where the house guests can get comfortable together.  It actually looks like another Ikea mattress with a dead body lumped up in the middle.

Everyone always eats in that room, so that couch is going to be a damn mess before we even get the live feeds.  But the vibe is cool, and the colors are soothing.

And I like the green apples.  I'm sure one of you nerds already counted the green apples, right?

I do enjoy the tartness and crisp bite of a good Granny Smith apple.  I think this would be my spot if I were a BB19 house guest---the dark blue velvet club chair.  I'm picturing the room smelling like a fresh apple orchard, but of course it probably smells like dirty tube socks and wet beach towels when people are living in there.

And here is Julie trudging up the spiral stairs, making her way to the HoH room from the loft.  I'm sure she's trying to stay positive here, but this view is really nothing without the ribs and the "transportation panels" that lined the walkway last year, along with the aviation runway lights.

Julie Chen might as well be walking through an empty coin laundry here, for what the decor looks like.

And this is the BB19 HoH Suite.  Julie tells us the decorating theme is "greed" in this room.   I think it is supposed to bring a Las Vegas high roller's room to mind, but I can't remember if Julie specifically mentioned that.

You can see the fish tank is still there, but I don't think all the fish have all moved in yet at the time of Julie's tour.

Are those stacks of gold cash under the glass-topped coffee table?  Did we get a count on that yet?

And here is another view, from the HoH bathroom.  I guess the hope of having an actual wall for privacy is gone for good, now.  I guess it could be worse---the BBCAN house just had a fucking curtain around the HoH toilet.

Yep, a fucking curtain. No wonder they cancelled that show.

I don't see any big changes to the BB backyard, except for the new blow-up pool toys.  Those red ones are meant to look like cherries apples.

I do like the blue sky backdrop, though, way off in the distance.

The Chenbot is all hyped up about this season, and wants us to join her for a great summer.

Don't worry Julie...we'll be there.


  1. So there is some debate on twitter re the table setting in the kitchen. The table is set for 16, plus 4 at the bar. Last year it was set for 12 or 13 plus 3 or 4 at the bar I guess? So people think 4 more people may be coming in. Any thoughts?

    1. No, actually.

      Jeff clearly said "that's it" at the end of his HG intro session, and with 16 house guests, I believe him.

      I don't really enjoy the Pre Season Rumor Mill anymore, because people started making a joke out of it to gain followers.

      No one else is coming in ---that's my call.

      Now...if the rumors are true about another BBOTT happening this fall, we might see some returnees in there, to boost interest. But god knows I don't want to start worrying about that now...

    2. I liked the format of BBOTT, but I got BB fatigue and the people got super nasty. I don't know if I would watch another BBOTT.


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