Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - Don't Lie to Me While I'm Trying to Lie to You. #BBOTT

Every week, after the PoV Ceremony, the targets for the week are set---Danielle and Jason are on the block for eviction, with Danielle widely assumed (even by Danielle) to be evicted on Wednesday night.  As soon as the PoV Ceremony is over every week, the current HoH's power is over, and the house guests start trying to lay the foundation for the following week.

Just before the PoV Ceremony yesterday, Morgan, for some strange reason, feelt that she needed to confess to Kryssie that Alex is her sister.  The strange reasons include trying to make Kryssie trust her, and also to try and "prove" why she wants Jason out of the game next week.

(UM....I don't think Kryssie needed any proof of that, but whatever.  Let's not get in the way of Morgan's camera time.  She said herself that she didn't want to be considered "a Victoria" in this game, so I think this is her effort to prevent that.)

OK.  Morgan was clearly nervous as she primped in the bathroom mirror. Kryssie was in the shower, and Morgan casually went over and asked if she could speak with her later about "plans for next week".  Kryssie agreed to a meeting, and then Morgan said it was so hard to find time to really talk around there.

(UM.  WHAT?)

Apparently Morgan couldn't wait, so right after Kryssie got dressed out of her shower, Morgan went in for the kill.  She started off talking about how Justin wants to throw HoH to her so she can evict Jason, blah blah blah blah.  Then she said she was really nervous, and that her heart was beating fast.

Morgan stressed several times that she hasn't discussed this topic with ANYBODY yet, but she wanted to build trust with Kryssie, after she lied to her about voting Neeley out.

Morgan:  Alex my sister.

Kryssie just stared at her, still trying to brush the tangles out of her wet hair.  I'm not sure this was the reaction that Morgan expected.  It certainly wasn't the reaction that Shelby gave Alex and Morgan when she learned the news.

Morgan, really chattering now:  And Jason got Alex out, so now you know that I really, really want to get Jason out.

Kryssie just kind of "uh huh'ed" her and the two of them awkwardly continued their morning ablutions.  Morgan started flossing her teeth as she walked around the bathroom, really sawing away at a few of those molars.  Kryssie kept brushing her wet hair, eyeing Morgan warily from across the room.

(What was the point of this again, Morgan?)