Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - The Most Important PoV Competition (Until Next Week) #BBOTT

As usual in a lively season of Big Brother, yesterday's PoV was the "most important of the season".  I know I say that every week, but it's true every week. The house guests were hoping for a more traditional PoV competition format, where they all competed together, but that was not the case.

Each house guest pulled their PoV placement from a bag that Shelby carried out from the Diary Room.  To summarize, we are down to the Final Six, and as HoH,  Shelby nominated Jason and Danielle.  America nominated Morgan, so at the time of the PoV Danielle, Jason, and Morgan were on the block for eviction.

The name of the PoV comp was "Domi-Knows", and it combined both mental and physical elements.  The players have to build a trail of dominoes that stretches from he beginning to the end, flowing through three obstacles (or "gates") along the way.  Each obstacle has two choices for the answers to the questions, but only one of them was correct, of course.  Once each house guest was ready, they pushed over their starting domino and nervously watched the trail, hoping to see the final domino fall on the end mark.

Once that happened, their time stopped, but each incorrect answer would add three minutes to their completion time.

Jason went first, and he wanted to win this one.  Or at least make sure Danielle doesn't win it, because Danielle is supposedly the target this week, to eliminate the potential of her winning the final Care Package next week.  Each contestant went over the rules in the DR with Production, as usual, and then read the directions aloud on the live feeds, standing behind a partition.  Once they were ready, they dinged a bell and then started moving.

Jason started running immediately, carrying two of the dominoes at a time.

Jason:  These dominoes are heavy!  And they picked questions that none of us studied for.