Monday, November 14, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - Life After the Election #BBOTT

Last Thursday everyone gathered in the living room for their weekly chat with Julie Chen.  As usual, Justin was late, so Julie started without him.

Julie: He's already disrespected me by calling me Boo, so...

Shelby thought that was hilarious.  Given that parts of this little Sit Down with Julie Chen went viral on the internet, even featured on the front page of the CNN website, I think Shelby might have gone for a different look today.

The "cold shoulder" top, the choker, but most of all that off-shade lipstick didn't present Shelby in her most-attractive light.  More like Erin Brockovich than Erin Brockovich's lawyer.  Just saying.

Julie brought up the fact that at the time, there was still not a new HoH yet, as Jason and Shelby would be facing off again to compete for HoH.  Julie asked Shelby about losing Alex in the game, which immediately set Shelby off on her trademark tears.  Well, maybe not tears per se, but the traditional sobbing sounds and motions.

Shelby is going to get in trouble with a lot of judges if she can't get control of those emotions.  And no jury will have confidence in her presentations if she falls apart at the slightest hint of bad news.

Kryssie took the time to put her pinup look together.  Julie asked her some question about BB being more than just a game to her.  Absolutely, Kryssie said.  She knows how to turn it on when it's showtime.  

Even if the show is just a web series.  I'm pretty sure that CBS will sell it in other markets somehow though.  They put all of those commercial breaks  and bumper logos (or whatever they're called) into the weekly wrap up episode.  I know they insert commercials into the show on the CBS website, but I still think they have other plans to extract revenue from all of this after-the-fact .

(P.S.  If you have a live feed subscription, you can just watch the nightly and weekly "episodes" directly on the live feeds by flashing back to 10:00 PM BBT on the air date.  No commercials there, but availability of the BBOTT live feeds will surely be limited soon, as soon as a new season starts.  But more on that later, maybe.)