Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets and Trash - Production Fucked Up, Let Us Count The Ways #BBOTT

Some of these pictures feel like I took them at least four months ago.  But it's been a busy week, hasn't it?  So I'll cut myself a break about it.  I wish I had the time to throw tantrums and sashay around protesting and disrupting traffic, but I have a job to do.  And people depend on me to do it.

Hot Tip:  We only have so much time to work with every day, but we all have exactly the same amount. Every single one of us.  The same exact amount of time.  How well you use that time is what makes you effective as a person.

And let's just say I'm seeing A LOT of people wasting their time.  But of course this ridiculous BB hobby of ours is a HUGE time waster, so I'll admit that.  I'm going to try and move quickly here, since I'm starting with news that is ancient history.

OK. So we begin here with the scene on Monday of this week,  as we approached the Veto Meeting.  Production isn't calling it the "Veto Ceremony" this season, and that bothers Danielle.  It's just a meeting, apparently, and not a ceremony.   I've always known meetings to involve doughnuts and coffee, or perhaps a tray of cookies from the caterer, but maybe that's just an accountant thing.

Alex was feeling good about the Ball Smasher's chances at this point.  In fact, she and her sister whispered about trying to make sure that Shelby didn't try to take the credit for the Big Move, since it was her HoH.

Alex:  She just wanted to go after Whitney!  I'm the one who was pushing for Justin.

Meanwhile Jason got ready for his Big Day, planning to smash the Ball Smashers dreams by making sure both sisters were on the block this week after playing his Veto.  Everyone in the house keeps telling Jason that his skin is really clearing up now that he's quit smoking, but Jason disagrees.  He can't see it himself.

And did Jason really quit smoking?  Or is he just taking a break because he ran out of cigarettes?  I heard him say that he thought his cigarettes would last much, much longer, but he didn't factor in that they wouldn't have many indoor lockdowns.  During regular BB seasons, the house guests are often locked inside for two or three days each week, preventing anybody from smoking anything.  But this season they are outside just about every day.

Jason planned to wear his red pants and hat for the occasion.  He ran out of clean socks because all of his laundry is still at the Fluff and Fold, so Danielle offered to let him wear a pair of hers.  (The HoH gets to send their laundry out, if you don't know.  It comes back neatly folded and wrapped, a real treat for anyone who has ever experienced that.)

Jason also wore Monte's belt for the occasion.  He left it in the house along with at least one of his hoodies.

Jason called everyone to the living room to prepare for the PoV Meeting.  The house has been so divided that the air is always crackling with tension at a time like this.  The groups have been sitting on opposite sides of the couch for weeks now.  Remember that argument between Shelby and Jason WEEKS ago when she said she wanted to sit "on the normal side of the couch?"  That was just before Big Jeff came in the house, which was at least 2 years ago.