Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - November 7th - PoV Competition #BBOTT

I don't know how this picture ended up on top of the whole stack.  Sorry Danielle.

Although you look great, to maybe you should be thanking me, Danielle, for putting your booty on blast like this.  You're not just a pretty face, Danielle.

Kryssie has been keeping a pretty low profile in the house, staying relatively quiet, with no major outbursts that I can recall.  Is she doing it on purpose?  Or is she just comfortable with the way things are going?

At the time I took these pictures on Monday, everyone was just laying around, waiting to find out who America's Nomination would be.  Certain corners of the BB Fandom certainly put a lot of energy into the whole idea of Kryssie being America's Nomination.  They were very LOUD about it.  But what they don't understand is that not every BB fan and voter participates in all of that.  Many of the BB fans don't even participate in the constant polls that are out there to gauge our voting plans.

And it's not that the people who DIDN'T vote for Kryssie DON'T want her to be nominated.  We just wanted SOMEONE ELSE to be nominated instead.  It had little to do with Kryssie, actually.  But I can only speak for me, of course.

Jason was worried about who would be nominated by America.  He told Kryssie that if America nominated someone from their group, one of them would likely go home.

Jason:  And then I would have won the Care Package for nothing.  And I'd be going into the Double Eviction without being able to play for HoH.

These two house guests have one of the most entertaining and effective relationships in the house.

Danielle is no joke, even though some people would like to think she is a joke.  I think Shane leaving was the best thing for her game, actually, because it put her down low, under the radar.  She's been able to reinvent herself in the game, and calm down a little.  People still complain about her long-winded, overly-chatty stories, but sometimes it just seems like an old habit, to complain about Danielle.