Sunday, November 6, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - A Bunch of Days in November #BBOTT

Once again, I got behind on posting, but the live feeds have been fun to watch this week.  Everyone is either playing the game, or worried about others playing the game.  And then there is Justin, of course, who seems to be just kind of hanging out, entertaining everybody. But his shtick may be wearing thin, for some fans of the game.

Hi Alex. Some of the other house guests have been saying for weeks that Alex has no social game, that she never wants to talk about her life.  I suspect some of that is her trying to be very careful not to reveal any information that might give away The Sister Twist.  But I think some of it is an attitude of superiority on her part.

Last week Morgan got nominated  for eviction by Danielle, blindsiding her. We can tell that Morgan was hit by surprise here, because she didn't have Hair And Makeup for the event, and was even wearing Alex's ugly pleather hat, which Alex claimed to have purchased in a boutique in Texas.

Morgan was very upset about the nomination and was visibly upset, but only tried to show it in the presence of the other Ball Smashers.

In the early days of this season, Morgan told everyone that she was from a tiny town in Texas called Grand View (or something like that).  I don't know if the two of them planned who could say what, but I've heard Alex complain a few times now that she can't tell people certain stories because Morgan already claimed their home town.

So maybe The Sister Twist did limit the anecdotes that Alex can tell, and this is surpressing an otherwise sparkling personality.

Shelby tried to lift Morgan's spirits, but I have to say that tiny cracks in the Ball Smashers alliance have started to form.  Little pressure cracks that are showing the strain of increased competition in the game, like Shelby telling people that she trusts Morgan more than Alex, and the whole Whitney situation....did Whitney flip on the Ball Smashers or not?  I've seen Alex, Morgan and Shelby tell each other that Whitney already flipped, and it's so obvious, but then when Whitney comes in the room they act like nothing is wrong.

It was rather telling, though, that when Morgan was nominated, Whitney didn't immediately cluster together with them...I think she sat with Kryssie and Justin for awhile instead.  So she must feel she needs to prioritize some of her butt-kissing.