Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 31st - PoV and Halloween Party #BBOTT

Really, the whole Sister situation is so obvious, if you watch them.  Everyone else must be just looking, but not seeing, because it's right there in front of them.  I know some of these people are smart, so maybe they're just incredibly naive, or unobservant.

Yesterday they got locked down in the backyard in preparation for the PoV competition, and Morgan made a shitty comment to Alex that only a sister would make.

Alex, in her baby voice:  I just wish Big Brother had given us tiny pumpkins this morning, since it's Halloween.

Morgan:  No, because we're not in kindergarten.

Shelby:  Oohhh.  That was harsh!

And then the two of them sat together like this.  It's just so obvious to me, but then again, as Justin would say, "I already know".

Yesterday was Jason's third day without cigarettes.  BB has provided nicotine patches for him, which you can see sometimes on his left bicep.  The patches are clear and must be chockful of the stuff, because on the first day he used them, Jason said he could tell that it was a continuous stream of nicotine in his system, rather than just feeling it as he smoked.

He says he's bored without being able to smoke, and that's the hardest part.  He even did some weight lifting to keep himself occupied, and has been taking up various cleaning projects, as well. I've heard him say before he ran out of smokes that he was excited about quitting, because the nicotine patches are expensive and he wasn't able to afford them at home.  Plus, I think he said his mother and friends all smoke, too, so that makes it extra-hard to even think about quitting.

But now that he's well into his first series of patches, I've heard him "joke" about BB giving them some cigarettes, and say he "can't wait to start hurting himself again" when he's out of the house.  I used to be a "party smoker", and it was VERY difficult to quit.  Some people say that the habit is even harder to kick then heroin, but I'm not sure how reliable that information would be, given the circumstances.

Apparently the patches are used in a series, gradually decreasing the nicotine provided over time.  Scott didn't use the patch, but said he quit smoking at least a week ago.  But I heard Jason say that Scott kept coming over and asking for a hit off one of his lit cigarettes.

Jason:  But his mouth was so slimy...I could see that the filter was wet so I just told him to keep the whole thing.