Monday, October 31, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - Lots to Catch Up On. #BBOTT

I hate posting when I'm so behind.  It's so much easier to post in real time.  This is a tough season because the live feeds never stop....the action just keeps right on going.  And the whole fan situation is TOXIC.  I can't imagine how some of the worst offenders get along in their daily lives, or what type of jobs they have.  Because I don't understand how you can be such a DICK and still get by in life. Even just tweeting live feed updates can be a problem, because people LASH OUT and spew hatred if they don't like the information.

There are people I like in the house, and there are people I don't like, and there are some of each in both alliances.  I don't automatically assume that the system is rigged if things don't happen as I want them to, and I don't fly into a rage if someone is says something negative about someone else.

Sticks and stones, people.  And The Golden Rule, too.  Or didn't your parents teach you about that?

Anyway, this picture was taken a million years ago, last Wednesday, just after Neeley blew the fuck up at Scott, hollering that he should keep her name out of his mouth.  I understood her frustration, but her delivery was way, way WAY too much.  Some of the Ball Smashers were even saying they were "afraid" of Neeley now.

But Scott stayed cool the whole time Neeley was screaming at him, although he talked back to her in an assertive manner, of course.  That's why I say that Scott is breaking the whole BB Nerd Stereotype.  He is confident, caustic, and a little crazy.  And not apologetic about any of that.  

It takes a special kind of creature to be a debt collector...that's got to be even harder than cold-calling someone as a salesperson.  Not only do people NOT want to talk to you, they actually HATE you and aren't afraid to let you know it.  I have a friend who had some issues with an old Discover credit card account she stopped making payments on.  She said she spent WEEKS talking to a debt collector and wanted to know what I thought about the deal the Debt Guy was pitching her....basically to write a check for a portion of it and they would forgive the rest of the balance.  I asked her to get the plan in writing, but the Debt Guy REFUSED to do that, and he also REFUSED to conference me in on the conversation.  And the Debt Guy didn't even give his real seemed so damn shady to me.  But then again, charging a bunch of crap you don't need on a credit card you don't pay for is shady, too.