Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 24th- 25th - PoV Competition #BBOTT

You've probably heard about Justin being afraid of Neele's witch hat.  In New Orleans there are a lot of people who believe in voodoo, or ghosts, and this is perpetuated by some of the tourist spots in the French Quarter, as well as tours of cemeteries, etc.  Because the city is located at or below sea level, all burials have to be above-ground, which seems to add to the overall drama.  (I'm certainly no expert on this topic, but this is what I've seen on TV, so it must be true.)  I also visited one of the famous voodoo stores on Bourbon Street---one of my coworkers refused to go inside with me...he stood outside on the curb.

Anyway, here is a striking picture of Neeley in her Witch Hat, sitting next to Justin.  Justin is really tempted to cross alliance lines this week by voting out Neeley, instead of Scott.  Justin is convinced that Neeley is going to target him soon, but some of these ideas are being inflated by the Ball Smashers, who once again have put together a coordinated effort to get through the week unscathed.

But if Justin does indeed vote out Neeley tomorrow night, the Witch Hat will certainly have something to do with it.  So, I hope wearing the hat is worth it for Neeley.

The sisters keep meeting in the storage room for lengthy conversations.  How long are they going to get away with this?  If nothing else, the other Ball Smashers will think they are sharing secrets, even if they do seem OBLIVIOUS to the fact that minus a few of the surface details, these girls look exactly like sisters who look alike.

And they are so comfortable now, they spend this precious time bickering with each other.

Alex:  I don't know what you're saying, because you keep saying the word "like" in every sentence.

Morgan: I am so damn pissed at you right now, I might vote out Scott just because you don't want me to.

(No, she's not.  This is an empty threat.)