Sunday, October 23, 2016

Guest Post - A Fan Visited J's Seafood Dock Today and had a Delicious Experience, Ya Dig? #BBOTT

Hey there! Here at J's Seafood Dock in the heart of New Orleans checking out the experience. The restaurant is in the French Market section of the the city.

The service is definitely awesome! The "bad motha shucka" in my photo is out here shucking oysters all day long singing songs just like Justin would be. He's singing nonstop to his group of customers in the same tone of voice its remarkable!

The food is definitely great as well. Crawfish is out of season but they were still serving crawfish tails which was average along with the sauce. We also ordered a shrimp boat -- fried shrimp on top of garlic bread. The main attraction for us would definitely be those crawfish beignets! The creamy sauce mixed with the spice of the dough creates some kind of kick that's out of this world.

Overall this was just a good time. And I got a t shirt too! Go team Justin -Zack St.Ours


Here is a picture of the delicious crawfish beignets that Zack devoured today.  Usually beignets are a sweet item, but J's Seafood Dock thinks outside of the box, apparently.

Justin doesn't even need to ask us if we dig, because of course we do.