Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 18th & 19th #BBOTT

The big story of last night's live DR sessions was Shane.  He was a MESS and barely answered even one of the questions, which appear to scroll on a screen in front of them, or maybe there is a typed list of questions...not sure about the format.  If Shane was being interviewed on MTV about his latest album or something, we'd all assume that Shane was high or drunk.  But he wasn't, and he's not, even though he probably wishes he was, right about now.

The live DR questions are all the same for everyone, except for additional questions specifically for the HoH and the nominees.  The first question is the same for everybody----what obstacles have you faced since your last live DR session?

This was the first clue that something was wrong. Shane started off by saying "I have done nothing since then", clarifying that he has had no game conversations because Scott is the HoH, and Shane doesn't like Scott.  He ended up saying that Question #1 was too hard, after admitting that he had "many obstacles", and moved on.  I'm not sure that he answered any of the questions.  He had to stop several times, obviously struggling to contain his emotions, trying not to cry.

It was both fascinating and unwatchable.  I was cringing, watching it.  Shane seemed on the verge of a breakdown the entire time.  When asked what alliances he was a part of, he said the only one was the Jamboree, and his true alliance is to Danielle, his "one and only".  He said that the day had been the worst of the season for him, and finally thanked to his family and friends and just got up and left.  He went to the London Room and sat alone, with his head in his hands, sobbing.

(Yesterday was the PoV meeting where he was put on the block next to Danielle and Neeley.)

He certainly looked down yesterday afternoon, when he admitted that he knew that he and Danielle would be separated by the vote, one of them evicted this week.  In his DR session last night, Shane insisted that he would be the one who stays in the house.  But I think Shane is wrong.   I think that America will vote to evict Danielle, which will result in Scott breaking the tie to evict Shane.

How will Shane react to that?  With rage?  With a torrent of tears?  I'm hoping someone gives him a heads up about it.  This isn't the type of blindside that we're all clamoring for.  At least, not the type that I'd like to see.