Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 18th #BBOTT

In the wee hours of the morning, Scott approached Jason when they were alone in the backyard with a secret deal to form a group to work together going forward.  The group would include Scott, Jason, Alex and Justin.  I think Neeley is involved with the idea, too, but Jason said it would be a difficult job to reel her in, since she seems to be so committed to Kryssie.

Justin walked outside during the conversation and agreed to the plan.  In my opinion, he's in the best spot because no one expects Justin to do any real campaigning or game talk.  He can just bop around and vote with the group, sliding all the way to the finale.

Jason was alone for a few minutes later, and told the cameras that he hates to turn on people, but he refused to do that in BB17, and went home before jury.  He wants to win the money this time.

And let's face it, he doesn't need Jury votes this time in the end to win.  Which is why I think Alex and Scott will evict him before he gets to the Finale.  Neither of them are stupid.

On his way to bed Jason stopped to fold his clothes that he took out of the dryer.  Justin said he'd be happy to help.

Justin:  I might not fold your drawers, though. Are these your pants?  Damn.  I can't even fit an arm into one of the legs!

Jason:  This laundry makes me want to smoke another cigarette.

Justin: I'm sorry I keep smoking your cigarettes.

Jason: It's okay.  Once they're gone, I'm quitting.  They gonna give me nicotine patches to help me, and I can't afford that at home, so it's good.

(I'm trying to imagine Jason not smoking in the BB house, and maybe spending time inside the house.  On Tuesday afternoon (today) he opened the last pack of the third carton of cigarettes he brought with him.  He has one more carton left, which would have lasted another 10 days, but now that he's going to share with Scott, with probable donations to Justin and maybe Shane if he stays this week, I'm thinking Jason will be out of smokes by next Tuesday.)

Big Brother had to repeat the wake up message several times this morning.  No one seemed that excited about getting up this morning.

Shane came in to brush his teeth and didn't say a word to the girls, that I could see.  He's not exactly Mr. Personality in there.  He knows he might go on the block, so I think this would be a great time for him to exchange pleasantries.  Shane needs to learn to fake it, if he doesn't feel it.  We all have to do that sometimes, don't we?

This is Neeley swishing the Scope around her mouth, while Justin takes a hit off the bottle.