Monday, October 17, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 15th-17th #BBOTT

I think this first set of pictures is from Friday night.  Justin was entertaining Kryssie as she ate her sandwich. In his live DR session,  Justin told us that his first loyalties are to Jason, Kryssie, and Neeley, but he's definitely playing both sides of the house.

There are little people made out of aluminum foil that Justin created.  I think someone or something knocked into one of them, injuring it, and it needs to lean over now.  Justin has quite a lot of artistic talent in many areas.

Whitney does a good job of blending in with the other side, and I'm sure she's a nice girl and all, but she's playing the game, too.  She watches Big Brother, she knows how things usually go.  The Plastics, now calling themselves the Ball Crushers, want to vote all of the guys out first.

I saw Whitney's boyfriend Winston on Twitter and he's very cute, and seems very supportive of her. It looks like he is a single dad, but I can't remember Whitney talking about that.  I don't think Winston minds, though.  He seemed pretty open, posting pictures of his daughter front and center.

At midnight the Have Not week was over, and Morgan immediately started eating a piece of pizza with Alex.  It must have been tough to be the only Have Not, after Monte left and Scott won HoH.  And this year it doesn't look like there is going to be any additional Have Not foods every week.

No Baguettes & Beans, or Squirrel Nuts & Seeds. No nothing except slop and the same old condiments and food accessories (like pickles and olives) that are traditionally used by the Have Nots.

Justin made a sandwich for Morgan, putting down three slices of bacon in a pan.  Morgan has been VERY flirty with Justin since Monte left, often greeting him with lingering, full body hugs.  In her live DR session she admitted she was going to start flirting with him to get on his good side. I like that she admits it.  She's kind of the surprise sister to me....I think she might be a more dangerous player than Alex is, because she's stealthy about it.

Morgan's boyfriend is named Conner, and I don't think he signed the release form, because whenever she mentions him the cameras shift.  He plays basketball right now in Japan.  Neelty was talking about how Morgan was hanging on Justin and asked if anyone knew about Conner's ethnicity. I didn't hear a solid response, but I guess Neeley was wondering if Morgan was open to a mixed relationship.

I think Morgan is open to playing the game, and winning.  So good for her.

The sisters have to really be careful when they speak to each other. Their secret seems like it's going to stay that way---they are probably so relaxed about it that it doesn't seem to be an issue anymore.  It must be so hard not to say something that might tip it off, like talking about a shared memory or mentioning their parents or something.

I think their alliance members are going to be angry when they find out.  Julie told Monte right at the end of his interview, so he didn't have a chance to say much about the twist, but I bet he has feelings about it now.  Especially if he's seen the girls make fun of him. And they do that.  A lot.

Morgan's bacon cooks on the stove.  I haven't heard them mention ants this season yet.  Scott told them they they must be doing a good job keeping things clean since there were no ant sightings yet.

But I'm guessing that Production did a big Bug Bomb or something.  You have to kill the queen of the ant bed, I think, to make the ant colony disappear.

That new thing in the pan is an egg that Justin just flipped over.  It was rather disgusting to watch, but it's easy to pretend it's something else now.  It looks like a crabcake, doesn't it?

I don't think Shelby likes the look of it, either.  Shelby's resting face isn't exactly made for TV.  She scrunches up her face constantly and often appears to be scowling or extremely disgusted with what's going on.  But it's just her facial expressions.  I don't think she's even aware of it, because if she was she would try to stop doing it, because not only is she on camera all the time, she's playing a social game.

I don't think she can be a trial lawyer, unless she can control those facial expressions.  Or maybe that would make her a good trial lawyer.  Not sure about that.  I guess it would depend on the situation, but I don't think the judges would look kindly on it.