Friday, October 14, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 12th - 15th #BBOTT

Well, I've been watching.  And tweeting a little bit about it.  But I just haven't felt like posting and even deleted a post from earlier in the week that I was working on.  I'm having to force myself now, so please don't expect anything good.

These are pictures from the live HoH competition on Wednesday night.  Alex read the instructions for the competition in her sing-song, semi-screechy baby voice.  I'll admit I was tired, because it was late for me on the East Coast.  But I didn't understand AT ALL what was going on, and neither did anybody else in the CBS chat room.

We were all like, what the hell?  But obviously the bird's eye camera view showed a huge "BB Bar Code".  The house guests were supposed to look for something and then ring in on a buzzer to guess the right answer, but could only do that once during each 15 minute round.  So once you guessed wrong, you had to sit on the sidelines until the next round started.  And there was no clock or timer out there, nor any announcements about how much longer the round would go.

So that made things suspenseful for the house guests.  And there were A LOT of wrong answers.  BB said they could speak to each other, so after the first round the groups started working together, trying to make sense of the competition.

Kryssie seemed to understand the mission, and when she started whispering to her people and working with Neeley, I expected her to have the right answer.  But she didn't.

Shelby was the first one to ring in in the first round.  I expected some sort of brilliance out of her, since she finished law school a year early, but she seemed as confused as anyone else.  You can see she has a little white chain in her hands...each of them was given a chain less than a foot long to "help" measure the distances.  They were also allowed to use their feet to measure, but couldn't use their arms or legs.

That is my volume control you see in the lower left corner.  Sorry about that.

Scott worked alone most of the time out there.  It was largely silent out there, apart from the low whispers and the sound of Alex calling out what she was supposed to call out (i.e. when the house guests could make their guesses, and when they should take their little ring and wait on the sidelines for the next round).

I have to say that the live eviction was also VERY quiet.  You could hear a pin drop when Alex went into the DR to pick up the eviction vote tally from Production.  No one spoke at all. They just sat and waited.

And after it was announced that Kryssie once again had zero votes, the Misfits immediately knew that all of the Plastics had been lying to them about who they were voting for---they had all been saying they were voting for Kryssie, in hopes of getting at least one vote for her from the Misfits which would have sent Danielle out of the door. Justin seemed SHOCKED that Scott lied to him about it, and had seemed so believable.

Jason: Your baby girl Whitney lied to you, too!

Justin: Oh, I already know.