Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tidbits Trinkets & Trash - October 10th & October 11th #BBOTT

On Monday, there was tension in the house, as there is on every day that a Power of Veto competition is played.  Earlier in the day, they learned that Monte had been nominated by America.

Monte: I knew it. I told y'all.  I knew it. I told y'all.  I knew it. I told y'all.  I knew it. I told y'all.

Monte is also feeling the pain from being a Have Not, the special gift that was also bestowed on him by America.  He's feeling weak from not enough nutrition, and not enough rest.  Monte has made these Have Not Observations over, and over, and over, usually hitting the Reset button every time a new person enters the room.

I've noticed that Monte's conversations are really just speeches about himself---his strength, his fitness routines, his nutrition, his advice about everybody else's fitness routines and nutrition, etc.  I am trying to recall even one question that I've heard him ask about someone else's life.  I can't think of one interesting conversation Monte took part in as a participating conversationalist.

Monte and Justin have squashed their beef in a polite, official manner, easing the tension in their group settings.  But privately, their feelings don't seem to have changed.  I have heard Monte go on and on about how Justin is the one who is a homophobe, because he announced he didn't want to sleep with a man.

Monte:  I'm almost gay because I said I enjoyed sleeping with Shane that first night!

And Monte is definitely not racist.

Monte:  I worked out with Neeley on the first day in here, so that proves I'm not racist!

You can't argue with (stupid) logic like that, so why even try?  The house guests have now spent several weeks living the "10 AM to 10 PM" schedule required by Production, however the late night crew has been staying awake until midnight most nights, fueled by the now-nightly Coffee Bombs.

Justin says he would like to be sponsored by Ralph Lauren Polo because he already spends so much money on their clothes.

Justin: I spent $500 on these sandals!

Kryssie:  Your sandals are worth more than my car!