Monday, October 10, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 8th & October 9th #BBOTT

OK. You've probably heard Justin and Jason say "little round" to each other.  For example, during the HoH competition, when Justin was one of the last four up there, dancing around and singing, this exchange occurred.

Jason, from the sidelines:  Li'l Round!

Justin, holding his sword:  Li'l Round!   Beleee Dat!

And so on. It means what I thought it would mean, but I still checked, just to be sure.  Urban Dictionary never lets me down.

On Saturday, a small group was sitting outside chatting about clothes.  Morgan said that guys don't have to do much to look good. Monte chimes in, of course, saying that he just wears a button down shirt, jeans and cowboy boots and is ready to go.  One of the girls wondered where Justin buys his clothes, mentioning Ralph Lauren (probably because that the label on the waistband of his underwear).  One of the girls asked Monte, "did you just say he steals them?"

Monte:  Yeah, I said that.  Well, he said he'd been arrested 11 times...I just put two and two together.

Danielle had been present at that discussion, so just after the Have Nots were announced via America's Vote, she went over to Justin in the backyard and told him what Monte said.  Justin got HEATED, and was pacing with Jason while he smoked and stewed about it.

Justin: I'm gonna check him.

Jason:  Well, there might be a big argument later, but no checking.  You can't do that.