Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 7th and October 8th #BBOTT

Yesterday Big Brother called an indoor lockdown that seemed rather sudden.  Based on the timing of recent events, they believe that they will soon know who won the first America's Care Package, since it's been about 24 hours since Julie told them America was voting on it.

Alex is the HoH, of course, and has said she is targeting the showmance of Danielle and Shane.  Alex's team of girls are worried about Danielle's power in the game, since she flipped the vote last week to send Cornbread home.  Danielle had some help with that effort, from Neeley and Kryssie, but she stands out as the big threat due to her connection with Shane.

The Plastics want Shane to come back to their side, but I'm not sure that is possible at this point.  Shane is in deep with Justin now, and seems to identify with The Misfits now.

Jason scurried to finish his cigarette and get inside as quickly as possible.

Alex spent part of the lockdown working out with those muscle bands in the lounge area.  I watched Justin work out with those bands, too, and he said you can get a good burn from them.  Kryssie says if you are a weight lifter, they are much easier to travel with than carrying barbells in your luggage.


It's rather hard to believe that Alex is the older sister, because she seems so much younger than Morgan, who is quite poised and thoughtful when she speaks.  Alex has kind of a frantic way of speaking with hand motions that seems quite genuine, but it also seems rather childish. But more like a thirteen-year-old than a child, I guess.  I can't really put my finger on the problem, but it's been bothering me.

I do appreciate Alex's game play, and the way she often addresses the cameras to tell us that what she just said to someone was a lie. She's letting us in on her game, even as it shifts around.  I like that level of honesty, and it's probably the best way to try and work through America being such a big part of this season.