Friday, October 7, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 5th & 6th #BBOTT

These pictures were taken over the last few days....there is an income tax deadline next week so I'm scrambling to be as productive as possible.  But having said that, the fact that I'm spending any time at all on BBOTT is not something I would have predicted even one month ago.

Here's the Thing:  These live feeds never stop.  And the house guests never seem to stop playing, either. Most of them, anyway.

Watch what you wish for, Fellow Live Feeders.  It can be hard to turn away.  I can't imagine going back to a season where we don't get to watch all the stuff we're watching now.  It brings the live feed addiction to a whole new level.

The first pictures were taken in the hours leading up to the first live "show".  Morgan and Whitney were trying to memorize the count of items in the house to prepare for the HoH comp.  They were counting the red flowers in the flower box here, after reciting the count of just about every other item in the London Room.  I really love the lighted windows and may look into finding one of those to buy for my house.  I have an interior storage room converted to extra office space that could use some trompe l'oeil lighting.

Alex is very popular with the nerd segment of BBOTT live feeders. I mean, we're probably all nerds, but the particular nerds who like Pokemon and other stuff like that.

I do like the hinky vote that Alex cast to evict Danielle.  But only if she can keep it to herself, or maybe just between herself and her sister.  Some house guests immediately knew that it was someone trying to play games with them (i.e. Jason, Shane), but a few others thought the vote to evict Danielle was from America (i.e. Danielle herself), which is the sort of thing Alex intended.

It was a Dastardly Deed.  And I like that.