Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 5th #BBOTT

Have I mentioned that the house guests have a rule where they can't sleep from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM?  I think that is what might be giving us such good live feeds --these kids have rules to abide by.

Around 1:30 AM today, Jason, Kryssie and Shane were knocking around the kitchen, cleaning up. Jason started going through the refrigerator, pointing out all of the messes in there and purging as he sees fit.  He asked rhetorically what these house guests' parents' taught them, due to the situation he's seeing in the fridge.

(Remember when Victor did this?  Well, Jason is finding a horror show in there after only one week. I'm assuming that the fridge was cleaned after BB18, right?)

Jason: Somebody left the bamboo spoon in here.  It's probably contaminated now, right?

He tossed the whole thing, with a decisive thump in the garbage bin.

Jason: Oh look, someone put their empty cup in there.  An empty cup!

Shane did some dishes, checking his jawline in the reflection.

Jason:  And everybody saying we don't have anything to eat....and here there's turkey, roast beef and ham lunch meat, just sitting here.  How many jars of sweet relish do we need to have open at one time?  One....two...three...

(I swear Victor went through the SAME thing.)

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 3rd & 4th #BBOTT

I know some of this may be old news...SORRY!  I had a plumber in my house all day yesterday (no hot water) and he wouldn't stop trying to talk to me.  And my dog barked for about 3 hours straight.  But here we go, better late than never.

I took this picture yesterday while watching Justin tell a very funny story, but at the moment I forget what the story was about.  He was demonstrating how someone was walking, and it was hilarious.  But Justin tells so many funny stories, I'm confused.  If I remember, I'll come back and update.

On Monday, they were locked in the HoH room for a short while to allow the crew to do a few things downstairs.  In recent seasons we haven't been allowed to watch the HoH lockdowns, but in the early seasons we always watched the entire lock down.

Shane was cold up there, and wrapped himself in a comforter.

They seemed to already know that they would soon learn who America decided to nominate for eviction.  The camera lingered on these two, both of whom have been the subject of fan's online campaigns to put them on the block.

Note Cornbread has his UGA pajamas on.  I have friends who make the round trip every Saturday for Game Day.

Soon after they went downstairs Monte called everyone into the living room to learn who America nominated.  Everyone slowly filed in, silently finding a seat.

There was tension.  People were worried.  It's going to feel strange to watch a traditional Big Brother season next summer, when they cut the feeds for ceremonies like this one.

How quickly we've become spoiled.  We'll be even bigger demanding whiners next year, Allison Grodner. So you can look forward to that.