Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Poses and Pageantry - The Poolside Photo Shoot. #BBOTT

Every season, the house guests gather for a photo shoot in the backyard. But unlike other seasons, the live feeders got to watch this one....it usually takes place during the week before the feeds go live.   I'm a little surprised that they did the pool poses again----since the season is supposed to be new and exciting I think they could have mixed it up a little, maybe with Halloween costumes or something.

But with all of the hard bodies out there,  I guess they wanted to get their money's worth.  The cast went in the backyard about 9:30 BBT, and Neeley commented that she didn't know how to act with new people out there.

Everyone was asked to take off their mic packs and get ready for the single shoots.

Justin went over and gave this lady in the black cardigan a kiss on the cheek, greeting her.

The photographer is the same guy they worked with for their studio portraits.  He says he hopes he can remember their names, but he's happy to be together with them again.  Let's call him "Bruce", for simplicity.

Bruce:  You all killed it in the studio, and you're going to kill it today.  I need everybody to slick down...put on oil, just spray it on.  You can cheer each other on, make fun of each other...whatever.

While everyone scurried around to secure their stuff and put on sunscreen, you could hear Kryssie giving Bruce an earful about having to wear her cardigan, being upset about her body, having things on her body that she didn't want to show, her tattoos, sun poisoning, and on and on and on.

Bruce:  That's a discussion here. (?)

Bruce:  Ladies and gentlemen.  I need you to be as slick as possible, as long as it's not uncomfortable. Shelby...yes I do remember you.  This is going to be your best bikini poses.

Shelby:  I don't pose in bikinis...I'm not a ho.

Bruce:  You can make it elegant.  It's okay.

(Bruce is on the clock here....he needs to move things along.)