Saturday, October 1, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 1st #BBOTT

Monte is the HoH, but few people seem to be cheering about that outside the house.  How should I say this.....Monte is a dick, y'all.   That's a pretty good way to describe it.  He has described himself as the Alpha Male several times since being named HoH, and has a Final Two deal with Shane. He also tells everyone that his HoH title "just fell into his lap".

He looks a little like Caleb, right?

Anyway, I was hoping that the "Safety Ceremony" would involve us voting to award safety to someone.  (JASON)  But it turns out that instead of having a nomination ceremony this season, Monte will at times have to announce a few house guests who are safe from nominations.  Which is kind of brilliant, since at some point we should see some extreme acting out as the nominees become clear.  Maybe not this week, but it will happen, the clutching and the clawing.

Kryssie:  They want us to start side eyeing each other and getting paranoid.

Monte has said his target this week is Jason, since he's a veteran. And his group is agreeing with him.  Shelby is making some sort of little hat by sewing two coffee filters together with dental floss.

The two sisters, Alex and Morgan, met in the storage room and immediately started talking.  They knew they didn't have much time to talk, so they had to hurry.