Friday, September 30, 2016

Season Kick Off - An Infection Sweeps the House. #BBOTT

OK.  I know I'm late but I've been really busy.  And I kind of enjoyed just watching the live feeds like a casual viewer.  I have been tweeting about the season quite a bit as I watch the live feeds, though, so that's something, right?

And I was wrong about the move in date being taped and then re-broadcast.  The move in happened LIVE, but it was excruciatingly SLOW. Julie Chen taped some bogus footage outside the house that was clearly pre-taped.  We never saw the house guests outside, only when they came through the front door.

Scott was the first one in, which is considered the "cursed" spot, since the first player to walk in the door has never won the game.  (Michelle was that person last season.)  He ambled around and talked to himself, until finally Morgan came in. And then it was the two of them alone for what seemed like an ETERNITY.

Anyway, the pace was slow, but this is what the live feeders have been whining about for years, wanting to see more of the action and all.  It was strange to watch the beginning and feel like there was no one in charge around there.

Cornbread was a big hit in the house, right from the get go.  He just seemed to fit right in, because by the time it was his turn to come in everyone was dying for a some new energy.  I've heard him tell the story of his name quite a few times now.  Something about a man at his first job pointing at him and saying "that boy can handle this, he's corn fed".  And then the nickname stuck.

This is Neeley, the girl who works in the Nordstrom accessory department, and who waltzed into the house all made up, wearing an afro.  But this is Neeley getting ready for bed, with no makeup nor wig.  It's important to note that although Neeley's bio says she is "33", she decided to introduce herself as "28", for some reason.

Does this lady look 28 to you?  She doesn't even look 38 to me.  Neeley has a lot of energy and seems extremely confident.  She says she has lost from 70 to 80 pounds, "depending on the day" and seems to be at a good place now.  She said she brought in a lot of wigs, one for every day, but that seems like an exaggeration to me.

I did hear one of the girls (Kryssie, maybe?) talking about how neat and organized her luggage was before Production searched it.  It sounds like they just shoved everything back in there, but I guess that is their job.  If that was my job, there are several people whose luggage I would be extra diligent with...let's just put if that way.

(Fun Fact:  During BB9, Adam (who won the season and later went to prison) was in the backyard talking to Matt (who also went to prison right along with Adam).  Adam told Matt in whispered tones that he brought some "Oxy's" in the house with him, hidden inside a roll of tube socks.  An immediate outdoor lockdown was called, and Production made those pills, and probably the socks, disappear.)