Sunday, September 25, 2016

Everybody Wants a Piece of Them. #BB18

Back in the old days, it was rather difficult to find pictures of the post-season parties and festivities.  You couldn't just lurk on Twitter or Instagram for them.  But it's a whole new situation today. I'm still trying to heal and recover from the end of BB18, but as we all know the clock is ticking on that process.

A whole new cast will be revealed on Wednesday for BBOTT, so everyone's 15 minutes as it pertains to BB18 is ticking by quickly....even mine.

So let's go.

Nicole appeared on The Talk the day after she won the season.  I think she did a good job and seemed very relaxed, like she makes these sort of appearances every day.

Nicole says she needs to get a Financial Planner, because she has no idea what to do with all of that money (probably around $365,000 after federal and state taxes are paid).

Nicole: I'm going to take my family on a really nice vacation, because we all deserve it after this summer.  And then I'll save the rest of it for my future.

(That is the correct answer, Nicole.)

The ladies wanted to know if Corey was invited on the vacation.

Nicole:  Oh sure, Corey can go on the vacation.

(That may not be the correct answer, Nicole.)

There was quite a bit of ogling that went on as they all stared at Corey's half-naked body.  Nicole did make it clear that she doesn't necessarily consider Corey to be her boyfriend, but says they are very good friends.  There was also recognition about Nicole being the first female winner in Big Brother history to win over a man in the Finals.