Monday, September 19, 2016

Let's Get Drunk and Tweet. #BB18

Last night the Final Three clustered together in the backyard, talking a bunch of frickin' bullcrap, as usual.

Then suddenly Paul appeared in the backyard clutching a bottle of Merlot and three cans of beer.  Those white blobs are related to glare---I took this picture three times and they showed up every time.  Sorry about that.

Perhaps they are "orbs" that some people feel are evidence of ghosts or spirits.  However I feel it is more likely related to glare from the sliding door.  Who knows.

Nicole:  Is there a Coors?  Is there a can of Coors?  YES, there is a can of Coors.

Nicole:  See, Corey and I had the same favorite beer, we have the same favorite pie, and we've both never seen the movie Titanic.

Paul:  Maybe it's meant to be.

This little exchange kind of ties right in to the Mean Tweet displayed at the bottom of the screen.  That's right, last night was the "Orwell Games" on BBAD.  I recognize the name of this tweeter as the "Night Owl" who won a trip to the BB17 finale last year, so I guess getting your tweets published on the show can pay off.

(If I lived in LA and could go to the Finale, I might try to give the Mean Tweeters a run for their money to win that prize.)

Paul wants to get a tattoo on his throat when he's more "established" and can shave off his beard.  He says his friends told him that area doesn't hurt at all when compared to getting a back tattoo.

James:  But then if you grow the beard back you won't see it.

Paul:  Yeah, but I'd know it's there.  And that's what matters to me.

Paul showed them a tattoo he has on the inside of his lip, near the gum line.  "Now THAT one hurt", he tells them.  He also said that tats in this area don't last long if they are near the lips, where more fat is located.  (Or something like that.)

I find it strange that no one discusses the content of tattoos much anymore.  No one asked him what the throat tattoo would be, and there was no discussion about the lip tattoo.  Nicole did say she wants to get one that says "Love Stinks" and put it in a "private" spot.  (on the hip bone, I think)  Paul suggested "Love Sucks" instead, but Nicole doesn't want to use language like that.  James indicated that he wants to get a tattoo on his arm, but Paul told him he might as well get a full sleeve.