Sunday, September 18, 2016

Come And Knock on Our Door. Take a Step on Our Floor. #BB18

At this point, the house guests sleep all day long.  Every time I turn on the live feeds, this is the type of thing I see, so you can understand why I'm not anxious to turn on the live feeds during the day.

When the house guests walk outside to the Real World, they are going to feel overwhelmed by all of the activity, much the same as all of us just over a week from now, when we turn on our feeds and see a dozen (or whatever) new BBOTT schemers swarming the place.  They will apparently move in on Sept 28th, and I think we will be able to see it LIVE for a change.  So that part definitely draws me in...watching in real time as they move in and acclimate themselves.

I don't even know what to expect with the casting.  Or Kassting, as the case may be.

And we know that the rumors of the new house were FALSE, because Hamsterwatch told us so.  And we know if anybody knows, they know.

I watched James point out some sort of issues on the floor near the front door yesterday to Paul, saying that the floor would need to be fixed before next season.  At first I thought he meant there were cracks in the concrete or something, but then Paul brought up the leak problem earlier in the season.  He said that over by the sink and window, the floor was all torn up from the water problems they had, so I think they may be referring to the linoleum, or whatever it is.  And whatever it is, it is surely FILTHY right now.

Obviously this exchange was ironic, since a whole new season starts seven days after they leave the house.  The Haz Mat team alone probably needs at least four days to cleanse and sanitize.  So this helpful tweeter pointed out that RHAP reported that there would be a whole new house for BB OTT. I actually posted about that after I heard Rob report it, but then on the next podcast Rob retracted his statement, saying Hamsterwatch said he was wrong.  So I posted about that, too, after I heard the correction.

I've actually been corrected by readers a number of times when I now imply there will be no new house, which shows you how strong a rumor can be.

So I tweeted back with some helpful information in an attempt to dispel the rumor in some small way.

And Hamsterwatch agreed.  There is no new house.  They will be in the same old house, but hopefully with new people, new energy, and some fresh ideas.  And new linoleum (or whatever).