Saturday, September 17, 2016

HoH Part #2 Aftermath: This is Adventure Park? #BB18

In a win that should surprise nobody, Nicole won the HoH Part #2 competition that was played last night.  The competition took place in the "BB Adventure Park", apparently, and sounds like it involved running around and putting pictures in frames, likely related to events in the house this summer.

Nicole:  That was the easiest competition I've ever played.

Paul: I don't even want to figure out how to play that competition.

James:  I just got smoked like a cigarette by Nicole.

So it will be Paul and Nicole facing off "on the scale" in the backyard on the Finale, battling it out to be the final HoH, sending someone straight to the Jury.

There is quiet tension in the house as they mill around, figuring out what to eat, and what to say around whoever happens to be in the room.  James was in the storage room with Nicole picking up items to make a pasta dish with, and he didn't say one thing to her about next steps in the game.  Not even a private congratulations....just a discussion about how much dry pasta he planned to cook.

Nicole announces that as a big fan of this game, to know she is playing in the final HoH competition on the live finale is blowing her mind, giving an ode to Corey with her language.

Nicole:  I'm gonna be up there like what's up motherfrickers!

James was grousing about having America see him get killed by Nicole in the comp, but Paul assured him he shouldn't feel that way.

Paul:  It's not like Jozea beat you...Nicole is one of the smartest players in this game.

(Ha ha ha...The Messiah gets hit with shrapnel left and right.)

I want to point out that the jug of orange juice on the table---it has been there since Thursday morning, I think, when they had mimosas for their special Final Three breakfast.

As soon as Paul and Nicole were alone, they had a celebration in the kitchen by hugging and saying "we won Big Brother", since they are supposedly taking each other to the Final Two.  That may be the case, but it might not be.  Who knows.  I know both of them have been talking about how cocky James has been, obviously not really trying to win competitions, and assuming both Nicole and Paul would drag him along to the end with them.

Nicole:  He really tried to win, I think, because he did it in 19 minutes, and it was a lot harder than the BB Comics...he timed out on that one.  But I'm glad he tried, because I legitimately wanted to beat him.

(Nicole finished in 7 minutes, with James finishing in 19 minutes.)

They both said "Final Two" to each other, and Paul warned her that James would not be leaving them alone together, but he assures her that it's a done deal for him.  Nicole says she might even tell James that she's taking Paul, if he asks.

(That may be a big IF, since James was on the block beside Natalie and never even bothered to talk much with Natalie or Corey, who were the deciding voters.)

Paul chuckles over how he tried to mislead James this week, after James told him the competition might feature a crossword puzzle of the  house guests' names.  James was concerned because he couldn't spell some of the names.

Paul, giggling:  I convinced James that Tiffany only had one F, and that Da'Vonne has two V's.

Paul vows that if he wins the final HoH, his speech to evict James will reference that Paul sat on the block 6 times, and out of all of those times he got two votes, and one of them was from James.  He will also point out that Nicole saved his life in the game, and he is thanking her now with his choice.

Nicole: I haven't even thought that far ahead, because I needed to win this comp.  But now I can.  I want to thank Big Brother for that competition.  It was fun, it was refreshing, and I enjoyed it.

So, the Final Two....that's the big suspense at this point...who will take a seat with the Jury live on the stage Wednesday night.  We really can't be sure, although there are certainly lots of opinions about it in the BB community.  And there is quite a bit of suspense about who will win America's Favorite Player, of course.

I did hear a conversation where the three of them said it would be funny if their Ride or Dies in the game were the ones who made it to the end instead of them.

James:  Well, that would put Natalie in here alone all week with Corey and

Nicole:  Yeah.  Wow.

(ha ha ha)